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"Saint, how about we hold this off for a little bit. You let me finish cultivating my Universal Elixir first, THEN we go for a good fight later on, eh?"

Lin Fan was thoroughly exasperated right now. This was the most critical moment right now! This was practically taking away his life!

No matter what Lin Fan said, Saint neither bothered nor replied. He just increased the strength within that palm of his. If this palm were to plummet down, given Lin Fan's current situation, he would most likely die with a single hit.

"F*ck! I gave you some face, but you didn't take it! You had better pray that Yours Truly doesn't get a chance to come back! Otherwise, I'll definitely whack you into the sky!"

Lin Fan bellowed out.

"Hurry up! Faster, please!"

The speed at which the Universal Elixir was churning increased rapidly. However, if Lin Fan did not come up with a plan soon, not only would his Universal Elixir not be completed, he might not even get to keep his life!

The pressure was getting intense as the sweat on Lin Fan's forehead dripped down in huge beads.

Did he really have to stop the cultivation of his Universal Elixir right now and just retreat into his Heaven and Earth Smelt?

Lin Fan was hesitant right now. He wasn't willing to accept defeat if it came like this.

Ever since he had ascended into this world, everything had been smooth sailing for him. Since when had he encountered a situation like this?

Lin Fan knew that if he were to successfully cultivate the Universal Elixir, there would not be many powerful beings in this world who would be able to take his life from then on.

"Saint, I'll give it to you this time around! But, mark my words! One day, Yours Truly is going to have you stomped under my feet!" Lin Fan bellowed out, ready to stop everything right now.

He did not know what the consequences of him doing so would be. But, he knew that if he didn't do so, he might very well just lose his life right here.

"Saint, are you really going to attack someone under this old man?"

Just at this moment, a figure tore through the void and appeared right before Lin Fan.

"Revered Master!"

Looking at who it was that had appeared, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. That rock that was pressing down on his heart right now was relieved instantly.

With this old man around, his life would be safe for sure!

"Disciple, just continue cultivating. Your Revered Master shall handle everything here." Feng Qingzi raised his hand and, the palm of the Utmost Being Saint dissipated instantly.

"Saint, this is the disciple of this old man here. Are you trying to wage a war with us?" Feng Qingzi glared at Saint with a hardened tone that was unfazed by the pressure.

Seeing the reverberations caused by his disciple's cultivation of the Universal Elixir, Feng Qingzi was startled as well.

This sort of a phenomenon was practically heaven-defying. To think that the Saint Spirit Qi in a radius of a million miles would be sucked dry instantly!

Even a powerful being of Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state might not be able to achieve something like this!

When Feng Qingzi caught sight of the threads that were on the surface of his disciple's Universal Elixir, he was even more astonished.

To think that his disciple would be able to push these many skills up to the state of Dao! Even if it were a supreme genius of this world, they might not be able to achieve the same feat!

Just this point alone and Feng Qingzi knew that he must keep this lad alive, no matter what.

The reason for the Guarded Ground's existence was to retain seeds of change, so that they could continue fighting against the Ancient race.

As for Feng Qingzi, Lin Fan was his hope.

"Feng Qingzi, are you trying to stop Your Utmost here?" Utmost Being Saint blasted out. Today, he had the heart to kill Lin Fan right here.

Now that the Gleaming Blood Lord had seemingly evaporated from the world, Saint knew that it must have been done by this human here.

"This old man has no intentions of stopping you. However, he is the disciple of this old man. If you want to cause harm to him, this old man wouldn't mind going for a good round with you." Feng Qingzi's expression was stern. Even though the outcome of him going against the Utmost Being was a 50-50 match, the calamity that would ensue from it was definitely unimaginable.

As such, unless there was a dire need to do so, Feng Qingzi was not willing to exchange blows with the Utmost Being.

Many powerful beings had gathered from all directions right now. However, when they caught sight of the Utmost Being, the colors drained from their faces. Some of them ran away instantly in order to safeguard their lives.

"That's the Utmost Being Saint! And that old man there, he seems to be the Guardian of the Guarded Ground!"

"Then, who is that young man over there? To think that he would create such a phenomenon through cultivating his Universal Elixir! This is unimaginable!"

"Hurry up and leave! If they were to fight, we'd definitely suffer from the collateral damage!"

Now that Feng Qingzi was around, Lin Fan was able to focus every bit of his attention on cultivating his Universal Elixir. However, there was something that was bugging him still. What was up with the system this time around?

Back in the past, breaking through states was something that happened instantaneously. Why did he have to cultivate the Universal Elixir on his own right now? Could it be that the foundation of his powers was way too profound, that even the system was unable to cultivate it for him instantly?

"Hurry up! I've got to hurry it up!" Even Lin Fan was getting anxious at this moment right now.

That glimmering Universal Elixir floated up into the sky gently as a series of tremendous aura burst forth from it. This aura was incredibly strong. Even the Utmost Being Saint frowned on sensing it, showing his surprise towards this.

'This living being must be slain. If I were to let him grow, he might be another being like the Fire Water Empress.' The Utmost Being Saint's mind was fluttering as he secretly made his resolve.

The thought of the Fire Water Empress was one that was troubling for the Ancient race. That was a Female Empress who had reincarnated countless times, an existence that had grown from an ant like being to one that caused even the Ancient race to feel shivers over.

If there were a second being just like her, then it would be a calamity for the Ancient race.

"Feng Qingzi, you are the Guardian of the Guarded Ground. However, right now, you're overstepping your boundaries. Do you really think the Ancient race is one you can just bully over? Fine then. Today, it's time to see if you've improved over the past thousands of years."

The moment the Utmost Being Saint struck, the void currents in all directions began to culminate. Instantly, a long spear was formed from them.

This spear was filled with a strong killing intent. In fact, there was even a Weapon Spirit that was howling within.

With just the flip of his palm, a Lower Graded Utmost Treasure was formed.

A method as such was enough for everyone to feel chills down their spines.

Feng Qingzi did not dare to be careless as well. Even though he was a powerful being who had obtained the Eternal G.o.d Seat, this Utmost Being Saint here was no weaker than him.

In fact, if one were to consider their base foundations, the Utmost Being Saint would even have an edge over Feng Qingzi.

Feng Qingzi's white robes started fluttering without any wind as a Half Mooned Golden Chakram revolved behind his back. The moment this Half Mooned Golden Chakram appeared, day and night exchanged places as the sky turned into a dark one, with stars all over.

An endless power of starlight shone down on this Half Mooned Golden Chakram as it emanated out with a chilling glow.

"Feng Qingzi, that Half Mooned Golden Chakram is something that belongs to the Ancient race. It's a pity that there was a traitor within the Ancient race who gave that to you. But, it doesn't matter. Today, Your Utmost Being is going to take it back from you." The Utmost Being Saint scoffed coldly as he drew out two frosty streaks of light from his eyes. In a jiffy, he tore through the void and appeared before Feng Qingzi.

For a powerful being of that level, any simple move made by them could practically shake the entire world and devastate the universe.

Feng Qingzi wasn't shaken at all as his long white hair danced in the sky. That long white beard of his rose up and penetrated into the void, encompa.s.sing the sky around them instantly.

At this moment, Lin Fan's attention was fully engrossed in cultivating his Universal Elixir, so he did not pay much attention to everything happening around him. However, he knew that the fight between that old man and the Utmost Being Saint must be really intense.

Right now, the entire Ancient Saint World was feeling the tremors.

All the powerful beings could sense two monstrous forces opposing each other and spreading out slowly within the whole Ancient Saint World.

It was rare for something as such to happen within the Ancient Saint World after all.

They did not know what was happening right now.

"Universal Elixir! Unbridled and limitless!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan shouted out, causing a series of gigantic cyclones to form around him. These cyclones were like dragons that sucked in every single bit of Saint Spirit Qi around them.

The Universal Elixir that was glimmering within his Inner World was now more luminous than ever. It was bedazzling like the days and nights of the universe, bringing with it an unrivaled might.


Suddenly, Lin Fan bellowed out as his entire body took on a shade of gold, as though a Heavenly G.o.d had just descended down.



In one billionth of a second, the void behind Lin Fan quaked intensely, as a gigantic hand tore through the void and grabbed out at him.

Lin Fan felt his heart sink down as a chilling feeling shot down his entire spine. A never before feeling of impending doom surged up into his mind. The speed of this gigantic hand was way too fast! As though it had sealed the time of the surrounding s.p.a.ce, there was no chance for anyone to retaliate at all!


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