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The Paradise vibrated as the crystallized walls started pulsating, as though they were made of flesh and blood. Lin Fan's powers transformed into a Colossal Dragon that coiled itself around him.

At this moment, Lin Fan bolted forth from his Paradise as a ma.s.sive surge of energy burst out of his body.

Things would work when the conditions were right. At the moment when his experience points requirement was fulfilled, Lin Fan experienced a change in his body.


The sky was filled with thunderclouds as lightning snakes squirmed around them. Within the Paradise, the thousands and thousands of living beings bellowed out as the vast powers surged within Lin Fan's body.

"Our Master! He's trying to cultivate the Universal Elixir! Everyone, come on out!" The Spirit of Biggra floated out as he looked at the situation outside the Paradise right now.

Pshew! Pshew!

The Big Ancient Demon bolted out from within his Demon City. Within that thick and dense Demonic Qi stood a country of demons whose might threatened the world beneath.

The Thunder Trainer King started chanting Buddhist chants as the aura around him turned even more mystifying. However, at this moment when he pointed out with his finger, an infinite Buddhist light of immense brightness shone out.

"Skill of Reform! Dao of Purification!"

"The Seven Emotions and Six Sensory Pleasures! Dao of the Heart Demon!"

"Doomsday Living Spirit! Dao of Calamity!"

"Destruction Firmament! Dao of Destruction!"

"Rebirth of the Blood Sea! Dao of the Blood Sea!"

At this moment, all sorts of Skill Spirits started howling out as well as an endless light beam shot forth from them. Within this beam was contained everything that had ever existed, as it was so strong that it could almost cleave the world apart.

Lin Fan floated up into the void with a stern expression. Right now, the strange phenomenon was getting way too huge. However, the arrow was nocked on the bow right now. There was no way he could stop firing at this moment.

"Roc's Breath! Devour the world!"

Lin Fan opened his mouth as a bright voice boomed out. The void started quaking furiously as countless black vortices appeared behind his back.

A monstrous suction power formed vigorously as everything within the world started gravitating towards it, as though they no longer had any way to resist at all.

Saint Spirit Qi from a radius of millions of miles started gathering over as well as they formed a gigantic dragon that descended down from the Heavens.

"The disturbance is really way too phenomenal! Just how profound is my foundation? For most normal powerful beings, when they form their Universal Elixir, they would only take in the Saint Spirit Qi of a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, that's all!"

Lin Fan had read intensively by now. This was especially the case after he had read through that Review of Cultivation gifted by Feng Qingzi.

Now that the impact was this big, things were looking a little dangerous.

In all directions in the lands far away…

Countless powerful beings could sense this phenomenal change that was happening.

"The Heaven and Earth are quaking and the Saint Spirit Qi in the air is all gone! Who in the world is cultivating their Universal Elixir?"

"Tyrannical! This is really tyrannical! To think that he could suck dry every single last drop of Saint Spirit Qi within the void! This is practically a pillage!"

The faces of countless hidden powerful beings changed all of a sudden as they could sense this tremendous change in their hearts.

Countless Ancient race beings were moving out in armies as well after sensing the change that was going on right now.

Guarded Ground…

Feng Qingzi was chatting merrily with the elderly figure. However, all of a sudden, his face changed as he looked over into the distance.

"This is bad. The lad's cultivating his Universal Elixir! However, why would there be such a huge disturbance?! Isn't he just looking for death!?"

Feng Qingzi did not dare to think more or hesitate as he immediately delved into the void in Lin Fan's direction.

At this moment, Lin Fan's body was expanding rapidly as though it could explode at any moment. However, he suppressed it back and returned to normal once more.

"This Saint Spirit Qi here is really way too much! If not for the suppression from the system, I would have long exploded from it!"

Right now, Lin Fan still had no idea about the troubles that he might have to face from here on forth. However, he knew that now that he had started on cultivating the Universal Elixir, there was no way of stopping things at this point.

Lin Fan realized that every single blood cell within his body had a single Saint Spirit Dragon wrapping around them.


Suddenly, Lin Fan's skin was tearing apart as blood started dripping out of every single pore of his body. In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan was turned into a bloodied man.

"F*ck! Just how much more is there? Every single cell within my body is already at its max capacity! If this were to continue, I would really explode to death!"

Lin Fan's face changed as his powers started churning.

The life force of the Mythical Parasol Tree flushed through his body as, causing his cells to divide on their own.

Within his Inner World…

A small little golden, sparkling Universal Elixir that was about the size of a soybean was revolving furiously, covered by a shroud of mist that resembled a galaxy.

"Master, we're coming!"

All of the many Skill Spirits were standing guard around this Universal Elixir.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"Roc's Descent!"

Lin Fan's body jerked momentarily as a great amount of power ruptured forth. Instantly, an illusory figure of a million feet tall Roc stood behind Lin Fan.

"Universal Elixir, Cultivate!"

Lin Fan shouted out as the endless Saint Spirit Qi that had entered his body went berserk at this moment. The Universal Elixir within his Inner World that had suddenly received such an astronomical amount of Saint Spirit Qi instantly turned stronger.

"All of the infinite Dao… Gather together!"

All of the Skill G.o.ds transformed themselves and fused into that Universal Elixir in a single moment.

Each time a Skill G.o.d entered it, a single thread would form on the surface of that golden shimmering Universal Elixir.

This was the Thread of the Dao.

Right now, all the skills that Lin Fan had learned were already pretty strong to a certain extent. As such, they had already attained the Dao of the skills.

For the Universal Elixir to be formed, everything was in place by now.

The Universal Elixir was where the secrets of the universe lied.

This soybean sized Universal Elixir was getting stronger by the second.

Gradually, it was as big as a Longan.

Next thing Lin Fan knew, it was as big as a pearl.

Lin Fan's aura was getting monstrously huge as well as the void around him was long torn apart by him. The void currents that were leaking out were wrapping around his body like banners.


Just at this moment, a howl like laughter broke out from the void as a gigantic golden arm reached out through all the void currents. It was as huge as the Heavens, and the entire world seemed to be dimming down because of it.

Lin Fan jerked his head up and felt his spirits rattled, "Something big is going to happen!"

Just a single look over and Lin Fan knew that this gigantic arm wasn't something that he could defend against. Especially not now when he was at the most crucial moment of cultivating his Universal Elixir.

Lin Fan's mind went to the Heaven and Earth Smelt instantly. Seemed like he could only hide within that to tide through this at this moment.

But in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan started wondering as well.

If he were to hide within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, then all his efforts that he had spent thus far cultivating this Universal Elixir would be wasted, wouldn't they?

'This is one h.e.l.l of a f*cked up situation!'

At this moment, the boundless power was slamming out at his face. The sheer force of that power was causing Lin Fan's body to shiver unsteadily as the Universal Elixir within his body began to tremble as well.

'For someone to have a power of this level, it should definitely be an Utmost Being of the Ancient race!'

Given Lin Fan's current powers, anything below an Utmost Being would just be f*cked by him anyhow. But, the momentum that was brought forth by this single palm was enough to have Lin Fan feeling jittery inside him. Therefore, this must definitely be an Utmost Being.

'F*ck you! It's not like Yours Truly has murdered your entire family or something! Aren't I just cultivating a Universal Elixir here? Why do you have to come at me like this?'

Lin Fan cussed in his heart.

"To think that you would grow to such an extent. Since this is the case, you must definitely not be allowed to stay alive." The booming voice had a magnitude similar to mountains as it pummelled down towards Lin Fan.

Under the might of this single palm, even the shape of the world was starting to change.

Ever since Lin Fan had entered the Ancient Saint World, he had been extremely audacious, and had slain countless Ancient race beings.

Now that the phenomenon of him cultivating his Universal Elixir was this great, it was sensed by an Utmost Being instantly who was bent on killing him.

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