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The fourth punch was the most important of them all.

At the same time, the sight of the explosion would definitely be earthshattering.

Taking a ma.s.sive step back, Lin Fan hurled out a punch, causing the surroundings of the Spear Emperor and the Saber Emperor to vibrate intensely. Even though the fists looked extremely normal, the aura was quite unusual. That sudden attack seemed to possess everything within it. This simple looking punch was actually in possession of all the utmost wisdoms of the world.

Bam! Bam!


Lin Fan could feel a substantial amount of force building up within the chest of both men. It was wild like a thunderbolt that had acc.u.mulated for thousands of years and was going to burst out in one go.

"Not good! I've got to retreat further."

Lin Fan's heart palpitated with a bad feeling as though the amount of power caused by that explosion would be enough to rattle the entire world.

"How did it turn out like this?" The Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor let out looks of shock and disbelief.


With a loud explosion, the entire world seemed to be quaking.

A bedazzling gleam of light shone out into the world as the sky started alternating between bright and dark. Lin Fan covered his eyes as the brightness was getting a little glaring.

And, accompanying it was a powerful stream of energy.

The hem of Lin Fan's robe began to flutter while his long hair were gusted up. The aftermath of the explosion was like sharp blades slicing out at his body. If not for the fact that his physical body state was this strong, there was a chance that he could have just died under the might of this tremendous explosion.

"Holy f*ck! The power caused by this explosion is a little way too intense now, isn't it? I wonder if those two old fogeys might have died from it. But, I reckon they should be fine. This explosive force is something that originates from within. It shouldn't be able to harm them much."

After pondering for a moment, that was the logic that Lin Fan could come up with.

By the time the light dissipated, the world returned to normal, and Lin Fan looked into the distance before him fixatedly. When he saw that the old fogeys were still standing there, his heart leaped with joy.

"It's good that they're fine!"

The power generated from this b*obs explosion had way surpa.s.sed Lin Fan's imagination. But thankfully, those two old fogeys hadn't been blasted to death. Otherwise, he would be short of manpower for his next step of the experiment.

However, the tragic cries that were resounding were relentless.

At this moment, the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor stood there dumbfounded. Right afterward, an intense pain surged through their bodies as they could not help but fumble and roll around on the ground.

They had not expected things to turn out like this! This was especially the case for that hollow feeling in their chest! They were practically about to break down right now!

The status of their later life was at stake now! It truly was!

At this moment, both men were wearing tattered clothes with two big holes before their chests. It was evident that the both of them had just been manhandled by some inhumane technique.

"How about now?"

Lin Fan tossed his robes and landed on the ground calmly. He landed before both of them and grabbed their weapons.

"Not bad! Two Lower Graded Dao Weapons... Seems like there are quite a bit of benefit to be gained by working as the Utmost Being's Coolie."

Lin Fan chuckled out. These two Lower Graded Dao Weapons were something that could only be crafted by the Ancient race.

As Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state beings, they could be considered as unparalleled, powerful beings right now. However, to the Utmost Being, Saint, anyone that had not entered the Eternal G.o.d state was equivalent to an ant.

Therefore, in the face of Saint himself, these guys were probably just some bigger sized ants.

However, Lin Fan wasn't afraid at all. Even if his strength wasn't comparable to the other party, he was full of tricks. If his luck was good, he might actually be able to f*ck the opponent to death just like that.

"What's this martial art? How in the world could something like exist in this world?" The Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor howled out. The moment they received that fist, both of them channeled their powers, wanting to suppress it down. However, they realized that no matter how hard they suppressed it, it was useless. Both of them were utterly flabbergasted.

Even the Utmost Being of the Ancient race might not have a power of this level!

"Hehe." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out as he pinched the two Lower Graded Dao Weapons slightly. The Weapon Spirits within started squirming and struggling. In fact, there were even cries for mercy rising out.

However, Lin Fan ignored them and tossed them into his Paradise for his Demon City.

Within the Paradise, the Big Ancient Demon opened his eyes and grabbed out with that colossal arm of his. Instantly, he took the two Lower Graded Dao Weapons and devoured them instantly.


Being mentally connected with them, the Spear Emperor and Saber Emperor spat out a mouthful of blood instantly.

"How dare you destroy our Dao Weapons?" The Saber Emperor shouted out with a burning fury in his heart.

"I say, you three old fogeys have some sort of a mental issue or something? Yours Truly didn't even do anything to you guys and yet you came knocking. Weren't you guys just courting death?" Lin Fan asked.

"You'll die a horrible death! The Utmost Being, Saint, is not going to let you off!" The Saber Emperor railed out. However, the pain at his chest was tormenting him nonstop. Every single movement he made caused him an immense pain.

"Gosh, enough. That is a sentence that Yours Truly has heard many, many times now. But alas, what a pity that Yours Truly is still standing here dandy and fine all the same." Lin Fan burst out laughing.

There had been countless Ancient race beings who had wanted him dead. But, it was almost regrettable that till this point in time, none of them had succeeded yet.

"Alright, enough of this c.r.a.p! Time to proceed to the next experiment."

Lin Fan swept his robes and tossed the Saber Emperor and Spear Emperor into his Paradise.

"Let me go! LET ME GO!" At this moment, the Elder Immortal Xu was screaming out within the Paradise. However, he was coiled tightly by the Mythical Parasol Tree and couldn't break free at all.

"Saber Emperor! Spear Emperor! Why are you guys here? How is that little degenerate doing?"

The moment Elder Immortal Xu saw the both of them, he asked hurriedly. However, when he caught sight of the state they were in right now, his heart jerked momentarily.

"You guys…!"

A bad omen surged up into his mind. Could it be that the Spear Emperor and the Saber Emperor had been defeated by that little degenerate?

Up till now, even Elder Immortal Xu did not know how he had fainted over. By the time he woke up, he found himself trapped in this place, unable to move at all.

"Good. The three of you are gathered. This can be considered a reunion, can't it?" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

He then looked over at the Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Right now, the Thunder Trainer King had not come out at all. He was all engrossed in that Purification skill.

The sky above the Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy shone with a bright Buddhist light, as though he had cultivated to an extremely proficient state.

"Little buddy, let us go! We were wrong! We were truly in the wrong!" Now that he was at Lin Fan's mercy, Elder Immortal Xu relented.

He had not expected this lad to be this sick. To think that even the Spear Emperor and Saber Emperor would not be a match for him at all!

However, right now, something was puzzling Elder Immortal Xu. What happened to the t.i.tties of Saber Emperor and Spear Emperor? Why did they look so d.a.m.n strange?

"Hais! Yours Truly is a man who shows respect for the elderly and concern for the young. But now, things are difficult to handle. But, don't you guys worry. Yours Truly is not going to kill you guys. I'm just going to play a little game with you guys." Lin Fan said with a troubled face.

"Little buddy, the three of us swear that if you let us go, we'll never cause trouble for you ever again!" Looking at the tragic state the Saber Emperor and Spear Emperor were in right now, Elder Immortal Xu spoke up for everyone immediately.

"There's no hurry. Just wait a little… Haha." Lin Fan poked the air with his finger as a cushy sofa appeared.

He then plopped there comfortably and twirled his finger.


A Buddhist light shone brightly with an extreme dazzle as a weird phenomenon appeared.

"Are you trying to purify us?!"

"No! NO!"

'Ding…Purification failure.'

The moment all three of them saw that Lin Fan was about to purify them, their faces turned frightfully pale. However, they suddenly realized that the skill of Purification of the other party was still weak! Hence, they heaved a sigh of relief.

"Little buddy, please let us go!"

Lin Fan wasn't bothered with their words as he continued trying.

Lin Fan was someone with the system. In his hands, there should be something different about the Purification skill! Who knew what kind of surprise might pop out of it!

'Ding…Purification failure.'

Not convinced! Lin Fan was not going to bow down in defeat just like this!

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Yours Truly refuses to believe that he can't purify these guys!' Since he had nothing on right now, he could just slowly play it out with them!

He just had to see if he could push till it succeeded!

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