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Looking at everything before them, the Saber Emperor and Spear Emperor were immediately taken aback.

"Brat! What have you done?" The Saber Emperor naturally knew of the strength of Elder Immortal Xu. However, that brat had somehow used some unknown dark skill to render Elder Immortal Xu incapable of resistance!

Grabbing onto Elder Immortal Xu, Lin Fan tossed him into his Paradise directly.

The tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree bolted out instantly and tied him up. However, they did not suck the powers within his body.

Lin Fan was waiting for the right moment to settle scores later on.

"Are you guys stupid or what? If you want to catch me, then come on! Cut the c.r.a.p there! If you dare to look down on Yours Truly, this old man here would be reflective of the state of your outcome later on!"

Lin Fan flung the brick in his hands and threw it into his storage.

The faces of the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor were now filled with astonishment. All of a sudden, they were looking at this fella before them in a different light.

They had truly underestimated this brat. Otherwise, there was no way Elder Immortal Xu would have fallen into his hands like that.

"Let go of Elder Immortal Xu!" The voice of the Saber Emperor blared out as a boundless Saber Will burst forth from him.

The Saber Will was earthshattering, as a gigantic saber that could slice through the entire world floated above the head of the Saber Emperor. It was as though it was going to cleave Lin Fan into half the moment he dared to resist.

"Oho? You two old fogeys have got to be dreaming right now."

Lin Fan chuckled, unfazed in the least bit. At the same time, he started plotting within his heart.

The strength of these two old men was pretty decent. However, meeting with Yours Truly would only bring forth a single outcome for them… harsh oppression.

But at this moment, Lin Fan's brows twitched in joy. He had suddenly thought of a good idea.

"Saber Emperor, Spear Emperor, do you guys wish to lose your standings in your old age?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"What do you mean?" Startled, both of them did not know what this guy was trying to say.

"Hehe. You'll find out in a moment."

All of a sudden, like a Roc that was spreading out its wings, Lin Fan leaped up and opened up both his arms as his powers rumbled.

"B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star!"


All of a sudden, countless vortices appeared in the void. These vortices revolved continuously as a tremendous amount of energy was emanated out from them.

"What's this sh*t!?"

The faces of the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor turned stern. This was something they had not expected.

"Forget it! We'll just strike first!"

Even though the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor did not know what was going on, they knew that he who struck first would have the advantage.


With a saber in his hands, the Saber Emperor could rule over the world. That mighty Saber Will of his rumbled furiously like a Colossal Dragon.

Shred! Shred!

Under this relentless Saber Will, the void got torn apart. A single motion was enough to slice the void cleanly into two, just like a piece of paper. This was a sign of one's Saber Will being cultivated to its maximum potency.

With just this Saber Will alone, even Hong Jingtian wouldn't be a match for this old man.

On the side, the Spear Emperor raised his palms as a long, Coiling Dragon Spear appeared in his hands.

This spear was entirely pitch black, and let off a frosty gleam of light. A thick Spear Will roused up the entire world. Even this aura alone was extraordinary, and nothing to be scoffed at.

The moment the tip of the spear arched, the entire world was filled with an illusion of spears as though raindrops were falling down from the sky.

"Brat, you've asked for this."

Suddenly, the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor took action. This single move of theirs caused the entire void to burst out in explosions. It was as though the void itself could not handle the amount of power that was being erupted forth from these two men.


The void was really pitiful indeed. Each time powerful beings started fighting, they would definitely be the first to burst.

If the void had a spirit within, it would definitely go mad over it. This was just downright bullying!

"Saber Spear Fusion!"


An exploding sound boomed out from the world as the void was completely engulfed in a bright light.

The Spear Emperor and the Saber Emperor knew that Lin Fan's powers were extraordinary. Therefore, they did not hold back and were just using their strongest powers.


Lin Fan could feel his body being locked on by all sorts of gleams of light. Even if he were to delve into the void, he would not be able to escape.

However, why in the world would Lin Fan want to escape? Naturally, he was going to fight it out with these two old fogeys.

Back when he was in the territory of the Utmost Being, Cruel, he was being hunted down by Cruel. Now that he was in the territory of Saint, he was being chased down by Saint. This was b.l.o.o.d.y messed up!

Indeed, one would always get bullied if they were weaker than the other.

"B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star!"


At this moment, the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor were realizing in shock that the vortexes that crowded the sky densely had suddenly closed up. One by one, humongous fists hurled out from all directions. No one could defend against this!

"Brazen! Brat, do you think that you can defeat us with something like this?" The Saber Emperor shouted out along with releasing a vast aura. As he slashed out with his Saber, the entire void were cleaved into two.

"HAHA! What's so great about this move of yours? Isn't it gone with just a single slash of mine?" Looking at the vortices being destroyed, the Saber Emperor burst out laughing, "Spear Emperor! Cripple him!"

"You guys are really belittling Yours Truly way too much. Do you know how many people have been knocked down by this B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star of Yours Truly?" Lin Fan laughed out coldly before putting on a straight face.

"I'll tell you... The answer is countless."


As he punched out with both fists, a mysterious amount of power floated gently in the void.

All of a sudden, countless fists burst forth along with an explosive boom.

"Hmph! Now that my attacks are relentless, Yours Truly shall see how you guys defend against them."

Lin Fan could dare to guarantee that these two old fogeys would definitely not be able to tell where this B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star was going to hit.

As long as they hit their spot, it would definitely be a tragedy for them.

The Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor focused their attention and started sensing around.

"Imperishable Saber Body!"



All of a sudden, the Saber Emperor cried out in pain. From out of nowhere, a pair of fists had appeared out and punched him straight in the chest!

The moment they made contact with his chest, the face of the Saber Emperor turned pale. In fact, it was so white that the beard of his was almost melding into his face now.

"Saber Emperor…!" The Spear Emperor caught sight of the state of the Saber Emperor right now and was shocked. Given the strength of the Saber Emperor, how could he be turned into this state with just a single punch from the other party?

"Watch out…!" The Saber Emperor wanted the Spear Emperor to pay attention. However, before he could even finish his sentence, a tragic cry rang out from the Spear Emperor.

"WHAT'S THIS TRICK!? HOW COULD IT BE?" Both of them screamed out in pain, unable to understand what was going on.


The Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor were discovering in fright that their chests were expanding out rapidly.

After cultivating for hundreds of thousands of years, since when had they met with something as weird as this? How in the world could there be such a skill in this universe? Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!

Lin Fan had all sorts of methods of doing these two fellas in. However, the more he thought, the more he felt that he should do it with the B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star.

Lin Fan was well versed with the characteristics of the B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star.

Three punches to expand, and the fourth punch for a confirmed explosion.

"Don't worry! Yours Truly is going to give you guys an emergency treatment! Soon, you guys will be able to experience the most anguishing thing in this world!" Lin Fan yelled out as he as he could not wait any longer and slammed out with his fists once more.

B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star!

Boom! Bam! Wham! Thump!

Well, it wasn't that Lin Fan was someone who was rude to the elderly, but these two old fogeys were way too c.o.c.ky!

From Lin Fan's point of view, these two old fogeys couldn't have been any decent people when they were younger as well. However, as time pa.s.sed, even the baddies would grow older.

But, since they were still so unruly after getting old, they were just courting death, weren't they?

Hadn't they heard of this saying, 'With time, it is inevitable that the old generation will be replaced with the younger ones.'?

And right now, Lin fan was the new generation of baddies!

At this point, Lin Fan's eyes shone with a bright gleam.

"Here comes the fourth fist!"


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