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"I heard that the Sovereign King Thunder and Sovereign King Heaven Frost were killed by those accursed beings at the Guarded Ground?"

The Ancient race beings were discussing right now. Naturally, these were the most recent affairs that had happened.

It was a big thing for the ancient race that two of their Sovereign Kings had just died. The Utmost Being, Saint, was even raging and asking for the Ancient race to ma.s.sacre those hidden living beings.

"That Guarded Ground is really going way overboard! However, there's nothing we can do about that at all."


At this moment, Lin Fan appeared from the void.

"One, two…twenty."

Lin Fan counted carefully and nodded his head. This was a decent number of Ancient race beings. Also, their cultivation states weren't all that high. None of them were at the Divine celestial cultivation state. Therefore, they all belonged to the tier of ants.

"A living being! A living being has appeared!" One of the Ancient race beings exclaimed out in shock before going on alert mode. After that, they started laughing out sinisterly one by one.

"This living being is courting death!"

"Let us catch him and eat him up!"

Lin Fan looked at these Ancient race beings. At the same time, he could not help but chuckle out at their words.

Were these Ancient race beings r.e.t.a.r.ded?

However, Lin Fan did not want to say much to them as well. They were nothing but ants.

"World of Purification, Land of Bliss!"

Chanting out some sutras, Lin Fan's body shone with a brilliant shade of gold as a Buddhist light surrounded his body. His face started taking on many different forms: Compa.s.sion, pity, benevolence for the world.


One by one, beams of Buddha lights that possessed a will of their own turned into figures of Purifying Buddhas that controlled the Ancient race beings around them.

All of a sudden, the menacing faces of those ancient race beings underwent a change. They were turning friendly and compa.s.sionate as though they had been benevolent people for their past nine lives. No matter how hideous their features were, a single look at them was enough to have a favorable impression.

This was the sickest part of the Purification skill.

No matter how evil or malicious these beings were, they would all let go of their sins at this very moment.

However, Lin Fan had already understood that this Purification skill was still far too weak compared to his Training.

The Purification skill completely cleansed somebody from within. Once they were purified, they would no longer be the same beings they once were.

But, Training was different. Even though the act of Training taught the soul a lesson, the living being would retain their original characteristics.

However, both skills had their own conveniences.

Purification was an Area of Effect attack. No matter the number of opponents, as long as one's powers were enough, they could be reformed in an instant. This was unlike Training, where they had to be trained one at a time.

"My sins have been grave! From this day forth, I have received guidance and will no longer be the same me of the past!"

One by one, those vile looking Ancient race beings were undergoing a change of heart. If any outsiders were to see this, they would definitely be scared sh*tlesss. This was way too inconceivable!

'Ding…Purification success. Experience Points +100'

'Ding…Purification success. Experience Points +100'

'Ding…Congratulations. Purification has leveled up.'

"Purification: Level 2.'

'Experience Points: 1,000/3,000'

"Indeed, this is really strong. If I can cultivate it up to its strongest state, I wonder what things would be like then."

Now that the Purification skill possessed such miraculous usages given that it was only at Level 2, Lin Fan could not imagine how things would be once it turned into the Great Buddha's Light of Purification.

"Go! Go backstab and f*ck up your fellow Ancient race beings!" Lin Fan couldn't care less about these twenty Ancient race beings before him. Even if he were to kill them, they wouldn't amount to much experience. He might as well set them back loose.

Given their ident.i.ties, it would be easy for them to backstab and kill their fellow Ancient race beings.

"HAHA! Good move! That's a good move indeed! Could this be the famed Purification skill from the Buddha race?"

All of a sudden, the void trembled as a voice boomed out.

"Who's there? Come out in front of Yours Truly! Stop sneaking around!" Lin Fan's face focused up. Where the h.e.l.l did this guy spout out from? To think that he would dare to play the fool before Yours Truly!

Instantly, three figures appeared.

Taking a closer look, Lin Fan was stumped. The three of them did not seem weak at all!

One of them stood upright and tall like a saber that could tear through the void. Even just by standing there, he gave off a hallucination that this was a saber instead of a man standing before them.

Sharp and dazzling, nothing could stand in his way.

The Saber Emperor, Song Tianhang, looked at Lin Fan coldly, "Take a walk with us."

"Saber Emperor, your words are way too direct. You're going to scare our little buddy here." The Spear Emperor chuckled out.

"Spear Emperor, Saber Emperor, you guys had better not be careless. This little doll here isn't simple at all. You guys mustn't underestimate him." Elder Immortal Xu chuckled out.

"Little doll, this old man here is Elder Immortal Xu. Please make a trip with us."

Looking at the three men before him, Lin Fan frowned. Where in the mother*cking world did these guys spout out from?

"Who are you guys? You think that you can get Yours Truly to follow you just because you wish to? That depends on how capable you guys are!"

Lin Fan looked at the three men, who didn't seem like good guys at all. At the same time, he was really anguished over this encounter of his.

He had just come out not too long ago and met with something as such already? Did Yours Truly really have a face that others loved to mock?

Wherever he went, something would happen.

"This little doll has quite the stubborn temperament." Elder Immortal Xu chuckled out once more. In the next instant, he appeared next to Lin Fan.

All of a sudden, he placed his hand on Lin Fan's shoulder, "Little doll, one must always do things the right way and mustn't be too arrogant. Otherwise, one would certainly come to a bad end."

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and channeled his energy into thin needles which pushed this hand away.

"Who are you guys? And who is the one who wants to see me?!" Lin Fan asked warily.

The three old men were Divine celestial level 9 state beings. Their auras were way fiercer than Hong Jingtian's. They were truly unparalleled existences.

The three of them exchanged glances with one another and chuckled out while stepping forth.

"Saber Emperor, Song Tianhang."

"Spear Emperor, Qiang Wuyi."

"Elder Immortal Xu, Xu Zizai."

The smiling faces of the three old men were really compa.s.sionate. However, it all changed in the blink of an eye as that benevolent face of theirs turned into one that was sinister and grim.

"Little doll, you had better follow us obediently. Otherwise, this old man cannot guarantee that you will leave this place without broken limbs."

The aura was chilling straight down to one's spines.

If this were anyone else, just the aura alone would be able to freeze them into ice cubes.

"Broken your mother! Looking at your dispositions, could you guys be lackey dogs of the Ancient race?" Looking at these three old men, Lin Fan knew that they couldn't possibly be up to anything good.

Broken limbs?

They were b.l.o.o.d.y trying to threaten Yours Truly!

"Little doll, your words aren't wrong. But, you've got something wrong. The three of us are distinguished guests of the Utmost Being, Saint. We aren't any dog lackeys." Elder Immortal Xu chuckled out.

"Why are we wasting our breath on him? Let's just break his limbs and seal his powers before bringing him back!" The Saber Emperor's aura was well kept within him. However, the moment he opened his mouth, a boundless amount of Saber Wills slammed forth from him.

The Saber Wills covered the entire world and were prepared to hurt anyone right now.

"Saber Emperor, please hold your cool. The three of us have been famous for a long time now. For this little doll with a hot temper, we've got to talk nicely to him." Elder Immortal Xu floated out towards Lin Fan once more and placed his hand on his shoulder yet again.

Only this time, the strength was increased a thousand folds as it pressed down on Lin Fan's shoulder, as though he was bent on rooting Lin Fan at the spot.

"Are you some f*cking r.e.t.a.r.d?"

At this moment, Lin Fan could no longer hold it in. These three mother*ckers were trying to act tough before Yours Truly! Were they tired of living? Instantly, he sent a palm strike towards the head of the old man.

"Hoho. Small and insignificant tricks. However, this old man isn't going to dodge. Since this little doll refuses to return with this old man, this old man can only have you understand that you're wasting your efforts."

Elder Immortal Xu smiled widely with a set of white teeth that were missing a few here and there.

However, something strange happened.


The Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in Lin Fan's hands and slapped right at the back of his head.

The smile of Elder Immortal Xu was frozen there as though he was locked in time.


"This f*cking b.l.o.o.d.y r.e.t.a.r.d! What are you doing? You know that Yours Truly is not simple and yet you want to try coming at Yours Truly head on? I'd say, does your brain have some f*cking issue or something?"

Lin Fan's brows straightened up. This old man had got to be sick in the head. The moment they met, he had been rambling on nonstop! Couldn't he do something practical?

And not only that, he fainted over by a single knock of Yours Truly's brick. What a weakling which was all talk and nothing else!

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