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Lin Fan’s hate had exceeded the limits. If he could, he would kill everyone instantly right here, right now. However, killing everyone was too much for Lin Fan with his current cultivation level. It was nearly impossible.

Weak, too weak

Lin Fan found for the first time how weak he was in the face of absolute power.

The Saint Devil Sect had lasted for thousands of years. Its power was beyond many other sects. However, it did not matter how strong one was while facing a pack of wolves. When the nine sect united together, the Saint Devil Sect was like a piece of paper, that was crushed instantly.

The spell that used to protect the sect was useless, as it had been sabotaged by someone from the inside. This made Lin Fan realize that spies were planted in way before.

That Mu Chenyu, that so-called Heaven Queen…

Heaven Queen was the junior sister who Lin Fan helped before in the dining hall. But he just did not pay enough attention to her at that time to notice anything being off.

"This is your Dragon King Hegemony... But, this power is much stronger. What is going on?" The nine grand masters looked at the Yan Emperor. It seemed that they were asking how that man knew his core martial skill, clearly suspecting some foul play.

The Yan Emperor was very angry now. He had started to realize that this brat was the one who made he and his queen suffer that day.

Lin Fan laughed with no emotions. His pale skin turned red, and blood started leaking out. It was like he would be covered with a blood mist in no time.

After receiving the deadly hit from the Heaven Queen, the Saint Devil grand master raised his head and looked at the last disciple of his that was left. Even with his experience, the current situation seemed unbelievable and beyond his comprehension. What was happen to him?

His power was way beyond the pericelestial level, and it was raising as if it was limitless.

"Today, I will die in the sect… I regret nothing." Lin Fan’s face looked horrifying, enduring that unbearable pain.


A light cracking sound was heard, as the long and pale arm of his got bigger and bigger like a balloon. The tendons and vessels covering his arm were like dragons wrapping around his arm, as black flames started coming out of his arm.

He looked like a devil coming out of h.e.l.l.

‘Ding, used Flame heaven Rhino blood, berserk mode on… Gain Flame heaven Rhino’s flame, the black h.e.l.l fire.’

By now, Lin Fan had started to lose consciousness. Darkness had blurred his mind.

"Not enough..." Lin Fan shouted with all his might, as his body kept enlarging. His clothes shredded while black fire covered his body, making him look like a dragon made of flame.

"Used, the last drop of Flame Heaven Rhino blood."

"Ding, second time used the Flame Heaven Rhino blood, berserk mode on, side effects unknown."

Lin Fan killed the Flame Heaven Rhino and got this blood. He had not intended to use them because of the unknown side effect.

But now, he had decided to stop holding back.

‘Either you die or I die.’

"That is the blood of Flame Heaven Rhino! It cannot be consumed, is he crazy?" The nine grand masters saw this and were shocked speechless. The blood of monsters was rare. However, it was like poison for fighters. Even the grand masters did not dare to use it, because there was heritage content for the monsters within the blood.

Although it could boost one’s power for a short time, there was endless violence, cruelty, darkness and bloodthirsty, negative emotions in it.

It could even get into one’s own blood, and change a human into a monster.

In the past, a fighter consumed a monster’s blood which was not processed. Although his power increased dramatically, he could not endure the brutal power within it eventually and pa.s.sed away.

Now, this guy dared consume the blood of Flame Heaven Rhino. The Rhino was one of the most brutal monsters on the list, and no man could possibly endure the side effects of its blood.

On the other side, Lin Fan’s face looked terrifying right now. His power was out of control, roaring like a flood inside his body.

Heaven Queen looked at Lin Fan, who seemed like a devil, and frowned, "He can endure the blood of Flame Heaven Rhino… Is this the almighty pill’s doing?"

"Does consuming the Almighty pill have other effects?" Heaven Queen was now confused.

When she gave Lin Fan an Almighty Pill secretly, it was just an experiment pill. The method to use the pill was written down, but he chose to consume it directly. Heaven Queen had at that time found that to be a pity.

However, what was happening now was shocking.

‘Does not make sense...It does not make sense.’

The nine grand masters looked at what was happening in shock mixed. Although they are nervous, they were not scared. Based on the current situation, he was still weak and easy to be put down.

The Greater celestial level could not be compared with someone who consumed the blood of monsters.

Level one Lesser celestial.

Relying on the boost from Dragon King Hegemony and two drops of Flame Heaven Rhino’s blood, Lin Fan’s berserk mode had reached Lesser celestial level.

"Haha...Saint Devil grand master, look at your last disciple. He will be a half man and half monster… He will end up dead eventually as well, albeit even more pitifully. Do you want to enjoy the last disciple’s ending, or you want us to end his life quickly."

"Level one lesser celestial, good, very good… But this is not enough..." Black cloak king laughed viciously. Even if Lin Fan used his life, an ant was still an ant.

Lesser celestial level warriors could still be put down easily.

Lin Fan’s power scared the disciples from the nine sects. This violent and b.l.o.o.d.y power was hard to bear. However, it did not matter how strong he was. The grand masters were here, so there was nothing he could do.

By now, Lin Fan’s arms were gone. They looked like the claws of the devil. Scales covered his arms, and dark h.e.l.lfire seemed to be roaring on the tips of his fingers.

"Not enough, not enough… I want to be stronger." Lin Fan shouted hoa.r.s.ely. He seemed to have gone mad and used everything. He raised his head, his eyes dark like h.e.l.l. Anyone who looked at his eyes could feel being sucked into endless darkness.

"The fate is not on my side. I let you down. So many great disciples are dead in my hands." Th Saint Devil grand master could only cry while pitifully lying on the side, unable to do anything but watch.

Even if the disciple got a little strong, it had no use. The nine grand masters and Heaven Queen were here and there was no hope.

Lin Fan felt the power within his body, and stared at the people in the air once, before lightly speaking in his mind.

"Use t.i.tle."

"Ding. Confirm use one-time use t.i.tle ‘Fight no matter what.’ Level increases dramatically, one level up… Time duration thirty minutes."

While the people from the nine sect were treating Lin Fan as an ant, the sky changed its color. Clouds covered the sky, and thunderstorm started approaching.

The world had changed, as if the end was coming.

With Lin Fan at the center, a dark storm covered him. Within it, endless lightning and thunder could be felt. Disciples from the nine sect looked at the storm and felt their bodies shaking because of the fear.

What was happening?

The nine grand masters were shocked and terrified as well this time.

It actually felt like danger.

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