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Lin Fan hopped left and right with his fists, as light as the wind.

"Ahuehue! Ahuehue!"

This mocking laugh was enough to have Hong Jingtian exploding entirely as a boundless amount of powers burst forth from within him.

"This is bad! Hong Jingtian has gone mad! This is not in line with the rules of the Guarded Ground!

"If he's going to use his inner powers, it's going to be a tragedy for this Lin Fan!"

"What about the Overseer?"

Somewhere in a hidden corner, the Overseer was watching Lin Fan in rage, "That's right, that's the way! Go and kill him! I'll definitely not come out to stop this at all!"

"Hong Jingtian, you're playing dirty!"

"How can you be this despicable!"

Lin Fan yelled out with a face of disbelief.

"Shameless? You're way more shameless than me! Since you dare to treat me as such, I'll definitely have you pay the price!" Hong Jingtian was enraged right now as blood flowed down his face. Every single punch that landed had his blood spraying out as though it was free of charge.

To Lin Fan, this was way too scary.

As for the other members of the Raging Desolate Party, there were completely kneeling down in defeat in the hands of the members of the Revolutionary Army at this moment.

The last night had them suffering all sorts of torments until they were feeble and weak right now. Even punching out with their fists could trigger the nerves at their a.n.u.ses, bringing for them an immense pain that couldn't be described.

They were members of the Raging Desolate Party! Within the Guarded Ground, they were a force not to be reckoned with! To think that they would be whacked kneeling by some Revolutionary Army right now! How could they endure this?



Suddenly, a series of cries rang out from all directions as powers gushed along with them. The aura rushed forth like a wave that was pushing forth.

"They're activating their S.E.E.D mode!"

Everyone from the Raging Desolate Party went into S.E.E.D mode as a boundless amount of powers gushed forth and slammed out on the Revolutionary Army, knocking them back.

"Raging Desolate Party, you guys are playing cheat!"

"That's right! Since you can't beat us, you resort to using your powers! Can't you guys leave some dignity for yourselves!?"

"Lowly! Despicable! Underhanded! The number one party in the Guarded Ground? More like the number one party in shamelessness!"

What these members did not know was that the Revolutionary Army was the true number one party in terms of shamelessness. However, in their eyes, the Revolutionary Army was a party of righteousness that carried a heavy responsibility on their shoulders.

"Revolutionary Army, how dare you guys bully us like this? Time to show you guys what's the meaning of true power!"

Everyone from the Raging Desolate Party were riled up by now. They could not endure being beaten down by a bunch of trashes. As such, they no longer paid any heed to the rules of the Guarded Ground.

"To think that the Revolutionary Army would be this strong that they could push the Raging Desolate Party to this extent!"

"That's right! Right now, the Raging Desolate Party has lost!"

"Hais! To think that the Raging Desolate Party would decide to go against the rules of the Guarded Ground. Once they take action, they would have truly broken the rules."

"Lin Fan, I'll have you learn the hard way!" Hong Jingtian shouted out as he glared at Lin Fan with a death stare.

"What? So, in order to have me teach the hard way, you'll break the rules of the Guarded Ground?" Lin Fan asked.

"Rules? The rules are set by the strong! And I, Hong Jingtian, am the RULE!" Hong Jingtian bellowed out as the aura around his body intensified. It was as though even if a single drop of the aura was to leak out, it would be enough to destroy Lin Fan entirely.

"Hais!" Lin Fan sighed out exasperatedly.

"Hmph! Are you afraid now?" Hong Jingtian hollered sternly.

At the same time, the Revolutionary Army was retreating steadily at this moment. The moment the auras of the Berserk Desolate Party burst forth, they knew that they were going to be in a terrible position.

"Brat, you've had a good time whacking me earlier on, haven't you? It's my turn now!"

"Later, I'll have you know the true meaning of consequences."

The members of the Raging Desolate Party had been enduring all sorts of terrible sufferings from the start. Now that their party leader was paving the way, they naturally could not bear with it any longer as well.

If these guys were to rush up, there would only be a single outcome. They would definitely die quicker than they could say the word 'die'.

At this moment, Lin Fan took a step forward, "Hong Jingtian, you're really way too audacious. To think that you would dare to disobey the rules in broad daylight! Then, you can't blame Yours Truly for seeking external help now that things have come to this."

"Huh? External help? How can there be anyone who's a match for me, Hong Jingtian, in the entire Guarded Ground?" Hong Jingtian burst out laughing wildly, unbothered with the words of Lin Fan in the least bit.

"Guardian Spirits, someone is trying to act insolently! Come on out!"


Suddenly, the void rippled. In the blink of an eye, the Guardian Spirits floated gently before Lin Fan.

As for the Overseer who had been hiding in the dark all these while, he was stunned.

"Impossible! How could the Guardian Spirits possibly follow his commands?"

At this moment, the Overseer was not the only astonished one. Everyone present was dumbfounded.

"Just what sort of a background does this guy have? Why in the world are the Guardian Spirits obeying his commands?"

"Hong Jingtian, come and strike then." Lin Fan beckoned to Hong Jingtian with his hands.


Hong Jingtian's expression was frozen at this moment. He had not expected this fella here would be able to call out upon the Guardian Spirits! Hong Jingtian was extremely confident about his strength. However, against these Guardian Spirits, even he could not help but quiver.

After all, there had been no one who had managed to break free from the Guardian Spirits at all.

All of the members of the Raging Desolate Party who had been taunting earlier on were now all silent, as though an entire bucket of cold water was splashed over their heads.

This was a thorough dampening of their hopes.

Looking at everything before him, Hong Jingtian pondered for a moment before he remarked, "Who said that I was going to strike? I was just warming up!"

All of a sudden, he retracted his aura. Eventually, he grit his teeth, "Come! Today, I'll fight you down to my last breath!"

At this moment, Lin Fan was convinced. Seemed like there was someone in this world who was even more shameless than him.

Hong Jingtian was practically cursing at Lin Fan's mum within his heart at this moment. This was one h.e.l.l of a sin! To think that his own party members would not be a match for those of the Revolutionary Army! Who in the world would have believed this if it was spread out?

His pain and anguish were beyond words right now.

"Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star!"

Suddenly, two gigantic fists appeared before the eyes of Hong Jingtian.

"Ahuehue. Ahuehue!"

Left hook!

Right hook!

G.o.d Fist of the North Star!

Whoosh! Bam! Wham! Boom!

At this moment, Lin Fan felt as though the G.o.d of Boxing was possessing his body, as every single punch he sent flying received a huge amount of blood spraying into the air in return.

Hong Jingtian felt as though he was about to break down right now. He had no way of dodging the punches at all. Not only that, the infuriating thing was that every single punch that landed had him spurting out blood in all directions. It was a terrible sight to behold.

Hong Jingtian's inner heart was screaming. How could his body possibly be this weak and fragile?

"So cruel!"

"That's right! Could Hong Jingtian even be considered as having a human form right now?"

"Hais! His face is entirely disfigured. From now on forth, which other party would still dare to go against the Revolutionary Army?"

"Seems like the number one party in the Guarded Ground is indisputably the Revolutionary Army!"

A series of tragic cries rang out.

Right now, Lin Fan was brutally bashing up Hong Jingtian. At the same time, all the other members were not letting down either. Using an extremely tyrannical manner, they were completely oppressing the Raging Desolate Party.

"I admit defeat! I do! No more!"

At this moment, Hong Jingtian begged for mercy. He had had enough. His face was swollen extremely badly, and the blood was just painting his face red.

Even by breathing in, he could smell the blood stench from his very own mouth.

The only thing Hong Jingtian knew of was his brains rattling left and right. There was no room for him to fight back at all.

"Are you convinced?"

"Yes, I am."

"Louder! Are you convinced!"

"YES, I AM…!"

Hong Jingtian could no longer hold it in as he howled out towards the Heavens. He was really convinced right now. The only thing he could beg for right now was for the beating on his face to stop. He could barely feel his face right now.

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