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This was a fully prepared gang fight, with a full set of BUFF and decent equipment sets. Each member of the Revolutionary Army had a Spirit Weapon protective gear. Furthermore, he had now crafted the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star. Lin Fan was fully confident of obtaining victory this time around.

With that, the great battle began!

Everyone focused their attention; to them, this was the largest scale that a battle had turned out to reach ever in the Guarded Ground.

The Revolutionary Army had risen really quickly. In a matter of days, the entire Guarded Ground knew about their existence. On the other hand, the Raging Desolate Party was the one that had held the top dog position in the Guarded Ground for a long time now.

Each of their members were geniuses with extremely strong prowess to their names. They were not people any common folks could match up against.

In the eyes of the audience, the side that could obtain victory the easiest was naturally the Raging Desolate Party. Even though the Revolutionary Army was decent, their foundation was still far too weak if it were to be compared with the Raging Desolate Party.

Lin Fan and Hong Jingtian glared at one another, and had yet to take action. This was a sizing up of the opponents that powerful beings would undertake before making any moves.

Hong Jingtian's expression was changing rapidly. It was stern at times and slightly angered at others. It was as though he was trying to kill Lin Fan with just his gaze.

Lin Fan did not fall back either. He twitched his eyelids up and down while smacking his lips from time to time.


All of a sudden, this shriek broke the silence.

Hong Jingtian turned his head to take a look. To his horror, he had not expected that this shriek would originate from his vice party leader, Qin Long!

One of the members of the Revolutionary Army looked at his fist. He then looked at the person he had just knocked down onto the ground with a single hit. Suddenly, he grew excited.

"HAHA! To think that the vice party leader of the Raging Desolate Party would not be a match for me! I'll whack!"

This member of the Revolutionary Army was unusually emotional right now. When he was first targeted by Qin Long, he knew that bad luck had befallen him.

Qin Long was a renowned powerful being. Even if he were to be compared with Hong Jingtian, he would only be that bit weaker!

But now that he had sent Qin Long flying to the ground with a single punch, this member was naturally extremely arrogant right now! In fact, he even stepped forth and rode on the body of Qin Long while raining punches down just like a drizzle!

At this moment, Qin Long was even harboring thoughts of suicide.

"How could this be?" The moment Hong Jingtian caught sight of this, his face changed immediately. However, before he knew it, a punch was hurling out towards him.

Hong Jingtian jerked his head back instinctively.

"Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star!"

In the eyes of Hong Jingtian, this fist was only growing larger by the second. With a loud bam, it landed squarely on his face.

A line of red blood sprayed out from his face and stained the sky.

"Good! Right in the face!" Lin Fan took a step back and gripped his fist before punching it up into the sky a few times.

At this moment, Lin Fan's stance was akin to a boxer in a boxing ring. His legs were moving non-stop as they fluttered left and right like a b.u.t.terfly.

Hong Jingtian felt his face getting wet. Using his hands to rub it, he saw a patch of redness before his eyes.

"Y-you…!" Hong Jingtian had not expected himself to bleed with just a single punch from the opponent. Instantly, his face turned frosty as a burning rage filled his heart.

Everyone else who was watching was completely stumped by this scene right now.

"What's going on?! Why does the Raging Desolate Party look like they're not going to make it?"

"That's right! Hong Jingtian was. .h.i.t by the first punch straightaway! The blood that's on his face right now, that's too frightening, isn't it?"

"Look at that Qin Long! To think that a Divine celestial level 4 state being is riding on him and walloping him while he can't even fight back!"

"This must be a hallucination! It must be! The Raging Desolate Party is so strong! How could they possibly lose to these shrimps?"

"That member of the Revolutionary Army, he used to be the cook for our party!"

"What? The world is changing! The world is really changing!"

"Hong Jingtian, take out your true strength! Yours Truly's fist is dying from hunger! Later on, Yours Truly is going to use a left hook to smack your left cheek! Prepare for it!" Lin Fan hopped left and right while his fists were out into thin air before him right now.


"Left hook!"

Instantly, Lin Fan's feet moved as he swung out with his left hand.

"Hmph, courting death!"

Hong Jingtian's face turned into one of rage as he punched out with his fist, wanting to defend against that left hook of Lin Fan.


Hong Jingtian's eyes were opened wide in disbelief.

As though his face was being smashed apart, a ball of fresh blood burst forth from his face.

"Hong Jingtian, you're too naïve! When Yours Truly said left hook, did you really take it to mean left hook?" Lin Fan said while waving his right hand.

Hong Jingtian's wrath was unstoppable as he could no longer tolerate this rage within him anymore. "You... are… courting... DEATH!!!"

Hong Jingtian was completely incensed right now. After roaming the world of martial arts for so many years, since when had he ever been treated as such before?

Back when he was younger, he was someone who had met with all sorts of miraculous encounters and inherited countless legacies. His road to the top had been a smooth sailing. If he met a strong opponent, he killed a strong opponent. At the state where he was right now, even a Sovereign King wasn't someone who could faze him.

And to think that he would be played with by some puny little Revolutionary Army right now?!

"How is Hong Jingtian looking this terrible? Not only was he hit by both punches, his face looks entirely messed up and disfigured right now!"

"Just what sort of a background does this Lin Fan have?! To think that even Hong Jingtian would not be a match for him!"

"Guys, look! Hong Jingtian is practically boiling right now! Seems like this is going to end with someone's life for sure!"

"That's right! Once a powerful being is aggravated, there is bound to be corpses lying around in return! And this Hong Jingtian here is a truly powerful being!"

The moment everyone saw this, their hearts sunk down. They knew what sort of a man Hong Jingtian was. Even though he seemed cold and indifferent usually, once he was enraged, it would be akin to a volcano erupting!

"Huehue... I guess it's time for you to unleash your Raging Desolate powers, eh, Hong Jingtian?" Lin Fan said.

Hong Jingtian was huffing really heavily right now with bloodshot eyes. He could not care about the blood on his face any longer as he hurled out a punch. While it did not possess any additional powers to it, the key to it was its simplicity. Now that he had cultivated to such a state, any single punch of his would possess a monstrous amount of power.

"Hong Jingtian's name is not for show indeed! That single punch is so strong!"

"Legend has it that Hong Jingtian has obtained the legacy of the Patriarch Utmost Fighter, and has thus obtained the true Dao of fighting! Even a simple, ordinary punch would bring forth a myriad of transformations to it. Look at the momentum of that punch! Seems like the rumors weren't bluffing at all!"

"I wonder how Lin Fan is going to defend against that. In my opinion, this is a really dangerous situation right now."

Lin Fan looked at the punch of Hong Jingtian and let out a grin, "Not bad, not bad! This punch is filled with all sorts of transformations to it. There's even the core essence of the way of the martial arts infused within. Hong Jingtian, you are strong indeed. But, it's a pity that you had to b.u.mp into someone like Yours Truly."

"Remember this, eat my left hook!"

"B*stard! How dare you try to trick me once more?"

Hong Jingtian bellowed out. How would he trust Lin Fan once more? He sent a punch out towards Lin Fan's right side immediately.


A fist that punched like a dragon burst forth from Lin Fan's left hook.


It was a crushing defeat for Hong Jingtian as his blood sprayed all over the place. His face was long gone by now.

This Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star was truly tyrannical! Every single punch would strike at the flesh itself! A single punch was enough to have one bursting out with blood!

"Y-YOU…!!!" Hong Jingtian howled out. He did not know what to say any longer.

"Hong Jingtian, are you trying to look down on me? If I say left hook, so naturally I would mean left hook! How can you not trust me?" Lin Fan commented with an anguished look. It was as though he was now in deep turmoil over meeting someone who did not trust him at all.

"If you're a man, you had better stand up so that we can go at it for a good 300 rounds!"

Bystanders, "…"

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