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The next day…

"Benefactor, where have you been last night?" After Reverend Shakya woke up and stretched a little, he asked curiously.

"I had gone to help others. How's the preparations for our guys going?" Lin Fan chuckled out. He wondered how the situation was like over at the Raging Desolate Party side.

"Eh? Where has everyone gone to?" At this moment, Reverend Shakya suddenly remembered as he turned his head around to look around. There was n.o.body there. Could it be that everyone was way too high last night that they're still deep in slumber right now?

Lin Fan blinked his eyes, evidently exasperated.

This Revolutionary Army of his was way too confident, weren't they? Even though the Raging Desolate Party had just been f*cked by him, they should be showing some respect at their end!

Reverend Shakya went around every room, checking them all out. Indeed, it was as he had suspected. All of them were lying on their beds like dead corpses, as though they had forgotten that they had something to do today.

"All of you better wake up for this poor monk here!" Reverend Shakya dragged his throat and channeled his voice to boom out with his powers.

These members of the Revolutionary Army who were deep in their dreams were shocked awake by the burst of sound. They looked at the sky outside and shrugged their heads. Suddenly, their faces changed.

"Holy f*ck! Aiyo! We're going to fight them today!"

Crash. Boom. Bam.

All sorts of sounds of people waking up in a rush rang out. Before long, the entire Revolutionary Army was gathered at the public square of their base.

"Yes, you guys look good today." Looking at the orderly state of his members, Lin Fan nodded his head in acknowledgment.

"Alright, let us set forth."

Majestic and grand, they headed out towards the main public square.

At the public square, countless of living beings were waiting. They knew that something big was about to happen today.

The Revolutionary Army and the Raging Desolate Party were going to wage war.

This was a huge event in the Guarded Ground. There were countless people who had arrived here extremely early just to reserve seats.

In the eyes of the living beings of the Guarded Ground, the Raging Desolate Party was akin to Heaven, and as for the Revolutionary Army, that was Earth.

However, despite that, this Revolutionary Army was extremely formidable as well. This was especially the case for that inhumane party leader of theirs.

This was a battle that had everyone's curiosities peaking.

"That's weird. Could we have gotten the day wrong? Why hasn't the Revolutionary Army and the Raging Desolate Party arrived yet?"

"Could both parties have forgotten about this?"

"That's right! It's getting late now. I've been waiting here for almost two hours now!"

"Look, guys! The Revolutionary Army is here!"

"Holy f*ck! What has the Revolutionary Army been through last night? Why do they all look so listless?"

"The Revolutionary Army booked all the restaurants last night and ate all sort of delicacies! It was simply scary! I heard that the meal alone cost them a couple hundreds of thousands of Contribution Points!"



As though they had yet to wake up from their slumbers, everyone from the Revolutionary Army were yawning and rolling their eyelids the entire day as they walked around listlessly.

Honestly, they had so much fun and got so high last night that they had forgotten about the time entirely.

"Huh? Where's the Raging Desolate Party?" Reverend Shakya asked perplexedly.

They thought that they had been late enough. To think that the Raging Desolate Party wasn't even here yet!

Lin Fan did not say anything, although he did flip a rollercoaster in his heart. Could it be that Yours Truly's medicinal effects from last night were too strong that they couldn't even get out of bed?

If that was really the case, he should have given them less medicine!

"They're here! The Raging Desolate Party is here!"

All of a sudden, the clouds started rumbling as the winds howled. From a far distance, a killing intent was looming towards them.

Tap, tap.

The footsteps were intermittently present without any bit of momentum to them. Compared to the Raging Desolate Party of the past, this was quite a huge difference.

At this moment, all the audiences let out bewildered looks.

"What's up with this Raging Desolate Party today as well? Why are all of them walking so strangely?"

"That's right! They don't even seem like they have any energy at all! This is weird!"

Looking at the state of the Raging Desolate Party right now, Hong Jingtian frowned. What in the world was going on right now? These members of his who were matchless in every single battle ever, why had they all turned into such a state?

When Hong Jingtian asked them what happened, all of them shook their heads and denied that anything was wrong. Due to the trust between him and his members, Hong Jingtian did not probe any further.

Within the crowd…

"Big Brother Xiang, my legs are wobbly!" Within the party, one of the girls was trembling with drooping eyelids, as though she could fall asleep at any moment.

"Fu'er, me too! I'm sorry! It's all my fault! I was too domineering last night!" Big Brother Xiang had finally experienced what it felt like to be a true man last night.

However, the price for it was that when he woke up, it felt as though his entire body had been sucked dry. Furthermore, that little donger between his groin seemed as though it had been dealt a severe blow, and was limping from over exhaustion.

As for the other party members, they had their personal woes.

Not only had they experienced an entire night of diarrhea, they had farted the entire night as well. Their a.n.u.ses were hurting beyond anything else right now. A slight movement had them feeling as though there was a fiery burn that was raging into their hearts. The pain was utterly intolerable!

Now that they were on the battlefield, everyone from the Raging Desolate Party tried their best to cover up the fatigue in their bodies. A single jerk and their expressions turned resolute. Instantly, that ferocious aura from before was exuded from them once more.

Looking at the recovery of his party members, Hong Jingtian nodded his head in approval.

"Revolutionary Army! As you had wished, we shall go have a bout with you guys today." Hong Jingtian looked at Lin Fan and remarked calmly.

He wasn't bothered about the Revolutionary Army in the least bit. To him, there were only two men with capabilities.

One was the bald monk, and the other was Lin Fan.

As for the other people? They were nothing but trash in the eyes of Hong Jingtian.

There were many geniuses within the Guarded Ground. However, for the sake of survival, there were even more who were just hiding here.

Under some miraculous encounter, they had gotten a chance to enter this Guarded Ground, which was safe from the attacks of the Ancient race beings. However, at the same time, they did not want to head back out to that world that was filled with danger once more.

Some of them turned into workers while others turned into waiters at the restaurants, living by with their meager amount of Contribution Points as salary.

"Hong Jingtian! Today, the Revolutionary Army shall teach you what it's like to have some humanity! From this day forth, the position of the top party in the Guarded Ground shall have to give way!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Looking at the state of everyone within the Raging Desolate Party right now, Lin Fan was gleeful in his heart.

With the way things were right now, how would he still lose to them?

Today, the Revolutionary Army would employ an oppression technique and crush the Raging Desolate Party entirely!

"Big words."

At this moment, some of the parties who were watching at the sides were gripping their fists tightly. They wanted the Raging Desolate Party to win so that they could deflate the ego of this overly flamboyant Revolutionary Army.

"Good luck!"

"Brothers, crush them!" Lin Fan waved his arm and instantly activated the party BUFF.

"Party Halo: Under the unparalleled guidance and leadership of the party leader, it shall bring forth a boundless amount of power for the party members!"

"Unity Halo: Un.o.bstructed vision of all the surroundings. This mutual compatibility will ensure that even two versus four will be of no issue!"

These two halos were gifts that were provided by the system when the party was formed.

The moment Lin Fan activated the halo, the members of the Revolutionary Army found themselves filled with a boundless amount of energy. That initially lethargic feeling they had earlier on was now gone. And, the most astonishing thing as that all of a sudden, the members felt that they had gained a telepathic connection with everyone else in the party!

"Go on! F*ck the Raging Desolate Party to death!"

The moment Hong Jingtian looked at everything before him, he let out a cold smile. These were eggs that were trying to crush a rock here. They will fall just by themselves!

He waved out his hand, and his party answered to this a.s.sault.

Each of the members of the Raging Desolate Party were beings who had been through countless of battles and were hardened by them. A single wave of their hands was more than enough to have all of these ants laying sprawled before them.

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