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Even though it was night time right now, the scenery of the Guarded Ground was still ever so beautiful.

"Good going, brother…!"

"I'm not drunk! Let's go for one more round!"

"Today is simply the greatest! Right now, my tummy is so full I could even die! To think that I could ever afford to have a taste of the Sea h.e.l.l Water Dragon's meat in my lifetime!"

"Everyone's had a good time, right? Let us head back for a good rest. Tomorrow will be the day we'll fight with the Raging Desolate Party! We've got to let them know of the power of our Revolutionary Army!"

"That's right! What Raging Desolate Party and what not! In the face of the Revolutionary Army, they're nothing but limp prawns!"

"You've drunk too much… too much for sure. And to think that you were still worried about it earlier on. Haha…!"

Looking at these bustling and lively members, Reverend Shakya could not help but chuckle out. But for Reverend Shakya, this was a night of continuous sinning.

Drinking, cussing, looking for chicks to talk about life, et cetera... It was everything from the material world that he should have curbed his desires for.

However, for Reverend Shakya, the most important thing was to keep Buddha in his heart at all times. Everything else wouldn't matter as much.

"Eh? Where has benefactor gone to? Has any of you guys seen where the party leader is?" Reverend Shakya came out of Lin Fan's house and asked puzzledly.

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army was flushed red right now from drinking. They then shook their heads, "No idea! We haven't seen the party leader at all!"

"That's right! I wonder where our party leader has gone to!"

"That's weird." Reverend Shakya shrugged his head, wondering where Benefactor Lin had gone off to.

He had wanted to discuss with him about the happenings of tomorrow, yet he was gone like the wind.

At this moment at a base far away…

A figure was acting so furtively even though it had entered Stealth mode.

"Based on the current strength of the Raging Desolate Party, if I don't come up with some plans to deal with them, it's going to be a complete defeat for the Revolutionary Army tomorrow for sure." Lin Fan was deep behind enemy lines right now. For the sake of victory, he was sacrificing way too much.

At this moment, Lin Fan came to a stop beside a house secretively.

For the action this time around, Lin Fan did not intend to alert Hong Jingtian. The battle tomorrow would definitely come down to him against Hong Jingtian. Even without the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star, Lin Fan was confident that he could wallop Hong Jingtian so hard that his parents wouldn't even recognize him anymore.

However, the issue lied with the other members of his Revolutionary Army. They were naturally no match for the other members of the Raging Desolate Party.

"Everything's all prepared. I've already had everyone protecting their crotches and chest area. We would definitely not be hit by the despicable moves of the Revolutionary Army." One of the members said.

"Yes, that's good. Head back to rest." Qin Long replied.

"Yes, vice party leader!"

Lin Fan, who had been eavesdropping from the outside, was startled, "To think that the Raging Desolate Party would be ready for it! Seems like I've got to take action tonight! Otherwise, it'd definitely be a tragedy for the Revolutionary Army tomorrow!"

As the vice party leader of the Raging Desolate Party, Qin Long wasn't really concerned about the fight tomorrow.

He could see everything clearly. The only reason why the Revolutionary Army could be shining so brightly is all due to their party leader, that human, Lin Fan. If not for him, the entire Revolutionary Army was nothing more than a bunch of ants.

However, tomorrow, Lin Fan would be dealt with directly by their party leader. Hence, there was no need to bother about the other members of the Revolutionary Army anymore.

Despite that, he knew that the methods of the Revolutionary Army were underhanded. Therefore, to prevent any unnecessary trouble, he had his party members make the proper preparations.

"Hehe. Not bad, you've got some capabilities. However, since you would dare to go against the Revolutionary Army of Yours Truly, you should be prepared for even more things." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red sinisterly as he flicked out his fingers, sending a shroud of colorless and odorless mist to seep into the house.

This was the latest creation of Lin Fan.

After he had exchanged for so many Spirit Herbs with those Contribution Points, it would be really easy for him to craft out some devious pills.

Qin Long was thinking within the house when he frowned all of a sudden and rubbed his tummy.

"Eh? This is weird."

All of a sudden, he was sensing a discomfort that was rising slowly in his body along with a type of pain.

As time went by, the situation only got worse.


A loud fart splurted out as Qin Long's face changed. His face was in shades of red and green right now.

"Not good. I've got to go to the restroom!"

By right, Divine celestial cultivation state beings would not experience things such as tummy aches and the likes. After all, cultivating to such a state meant that their bodies had long undergone an evolution.

The only exception was if they had consumed some pills that would alter their physical body states. Otherwise, there was no reason for things like these to happen at all.



Each step that Qin Long took had him farting out once with a heaven booming fart.

"Thankfully there's no one nearby. Otherwise, this would be one h.e.l.l of an embarra.s.sment!" Qin Long checked out his surroundings and found no one around. With that, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After a period of time…

Qin Long took in a deep breath. Finally, the discomfort and pain from earlier had vanished entirely, and he no longer farted while walking anymore. But, the moment he got back into his house, his face changed once more.

"It can't be, right?! Why is it back again!?"

"But, this can't be! I haven't taken any pills recently! Don't tell me that I've accidentally gone wrong in my cultivation these days or something? No, I can't hold it in anymore! I've got to go let it out!"

To and fro, to and fro. Qin Long was about to break down right now.

At the same time, his house was starting to stink up because of the incessant amount of farts he had been letting out.

Qin Long was embarra.s.sed to let anyone know about something like this. Therefore, he could only sneak around; afraid of being found out by anyone.

After all, he was the vice party leader! If anyone were to find out that their vice party leader was still farting at this point in his life, he would be a laughing stock!

Hidden at a dark corner, Lin Fan pinched his nose and grinned.

"Hehe. Any move of Yours Truly is entirely unimaginable. To think that any pills that I casually craft can create such a tremendous impact. Time to play you guys to death!"

"From night time all the way to morning, I'll have you guys p.o.o.p a few hundred times till your legs go wobbly. Even if your a.n.u.ses are made out of metal, they would start to rust as well!"

Lin Fan snuck away from Qin Long's house and made his way towards the houses of the other party members.

"Mmm! MMM…!!!"

Just at this moment, a disharmonic series of sounds rang into Lin Fan's ears.

Lin Fan's face was startled as he maintained his silence.

"Big Brother Xiang, can we go for longer tonight?" The voice of a dainty maiden sounded out.

"Fu'er, we've got to fight with the Revolutionary Army tomorrow. We've got to reserve our energies!"

"Big Brother Xiang, that Revolutionary Army is really weak! You don't have to put it to your heart. You've always been so hasty all this time. But tonight, I'm really feeling the heat! Can you just satisfy me properly?"

"T-this…! We've got to have a good rest!"

The face of Big Brother Xiang here was really awkward right now. The fact that he couldn't last long was something he was born with. No matter how high his cultivation state was, he couldn't change this fact at all. However, which man would admit to their flaws like this?

In the past, he had always managed to dodge this issue with his smarts. How was he seen through this time around?

"Fu'er, I'm going to have it shoot all out so that we can end earlier tonight and we can teach the Revolutionary Army a good lesson tomorrow. Big Brother Xiang will pleasure you next time, alright?" Big Brother Xiang had to find a good reason right now because he knew he was going to burst soon. If he didn't say this on purpose, he would definitely be looked down upon!

"Big Brother Xiang, can a man control when he wants to shoot out below?"

"That's for sure, Fu'er. Anytime I want to shoot, I can shoot. And now, I'm going to command it to shoot. Let Big Brother Xiang show you how it's done. You count to 5 seconds and I guarantee you that I'll shoot it all." Big Brother Xiang said.

"Ah? Really? Then I'm going to start counting!" The face of the chick was extremely curious right now.

"Aiyoh! Short and incapable at the same time! This is one big blemish in one's life! However, thankfully, you've met with Yours Truly! You can thank your lucky stars for this since Yours Truly will never let you down! Alright, since Yours Truly is so kind, let me help you guys with it!" Without even thinking about it, Lin Fan allowed his Biggra to seep into the room and enter the body of the man.


"Eh? Big Brother Xiang, I don't sense it?" The chick had counted to five only to realize that her man has yet to shoot.

"EH?" Big Brother Xiang had not expected this either. He clearly had the feeling a moment ago! What was happening now?

All of a sudden, Big Brother Xiang felt his entire body being filled with energy as though he could go for a good 300 rounds. His heart thumped momentarily.

"Could this be my third p.u.b.erty spurt down there?!"

"That's right! There's no way other way of explaining this then!"

All of a sudden, Big Brother Xiang looked at the chick with an emotional expression, "Fu'er, I've thought about it once more. Since you're so heated up tonight, how can Big Brother Xiang let you down?"

"Ah, Big Brother Xiang…!" This voice was extremely emotional right now. It was excited and blissful.

"Fu'er, here I come!"

Having helped yet another couple who was having a disharmonious night lifestyle, Lin Fan was filled with a sense of accomplishment. With the boost of Biggra, this couple would have to say bye bye to sleep tonight as well.

Involuntarily, Lin Fan let out a sigh. He was truly a good man who loved helping others.

Then, Lin Fan made his way to the other places and continued with his grand plan.

This was a night that was filled with a series of disharmonious sounds.

The sounds of farting.

The sounds of happiness.

As though they were two parts of the same melodic tune, they intertwined into one beautiful harmonic.

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