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"Saint Devil grand master, look at your sect. If you do not want it to be ruined, hand over the G.o.d blood and give up your power. Then, we will let your sect live." Black cloak king shouted while laughing viciously.

"The disciples of the Saint Devil Sect died honorably. You guys destroyed my sect today, I will make sure you die with it." The grand master saw his disciples being killed by the nine sects. His heart was bleeding and enraged, as they were all his loyal disciples.

At that moment, Saint Devil grand master’s hair floated in the air. His power level started to increase, so much that even s.p.a.ce seemed to be broken by his power.

"Sky Devouring Demon Blade"

The grand masters from the nine sects saw the Saint Devil grand master take out his ultimate weapon, knowing it was finally getting serious. If they did not kill him now, they would not have stable lives in the future.


The Saint Devil grand master shouted with full might. His blade glowed with a black light. The light covered the sky, went through the clouds, and charged towards the nine grand masters with an unstoppable force.


Lin Fan used his stealth mode to kill level one and two pericelestial enemies. He looked around and found that all the elders were surrounded by other enemy elders, and had all died. Senior brother Meng Yangquan was hurt badly, and could be killed by any pericelestial level person by now.

As Lin Fan continued to kill enemy pericelestial disciples, he suddenly felt a grave danger. A strong being had locked on him. He saw an attack with a powerful energy coming on top of him. His position was locked by a mountain like power, and there was no way to escape.

"Is this the end of me?" Lin Fan shouted and used all his power. If he could not escape, he would fight it.

"Junior brother, look out."

At this time, a man suddenly showed up and pushed him away. Lin Fan was shocked, but when he saw the man who pushed him away, he couldn’t help but scream

"Senior brother Ni..."

Lin Fan did not think senior brother Ni would take the hit for him. That hit should have been on him, but instead, blasted Senior brother Ni away. Lin Fan went on to look at the enemy floating in the air.

"Level eight pericelestial"

Lin Fan immediately went to senior brother Ni, who was covered with blood. That attack was brutal, something Lin Fan could not have endured, neither could senior brother Ni.

"Senior brother Ni, why..." Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang, his eyes turning red.

"Junior brother, do not worry. Senior brothers should protect junior brothers. Take care."

"Senior brother..." Lin Fan shouted out with pain. He stood up and stared at the enemy floating in the sky. That enemy looked at them with disdain. These two were just ants to him.


At this time, a loud noise took place on the battlefield.

"d.a.m.n. Looks like we underestimated Saint Devil grand master. He is going all out." In midair, Saint Devil grand master was covered with wounds, blood coming out continuously. But, his power was getting stronger.

Taking a look at the nine grand masters, one could see that everyone had blood on them, especially the blue sea old lady, who had lost an arm.

"You destroy my sect, I will make you die for it." Saint Devil grand master shouted with red eyes, clearly going crazy with rage at the loss of all the elders and disciples. This time, grand masters from the nine sects started getting nervous. The Saint Devil grand master’s power was getting stronger and stronger. It was like ocean waves covering the whole world.

"Saint Devil grand master, your time has come… admit it." Suddenly, a light flashed by and got behind the grand master. A sneak attack with enormous power hit his back intensely.

"It is her..." Lin Fan saw everything clearly. The person who sneakily attacked the grand master was the junior sister he had saved during the early days.

"Protect the grand master."

Those disciples who were in battle quickly surrounded the grand master when they saw him getting hit. The Saint Devil grand master’s face looked pale, and he had lost all his previous power. He spoke to the people floating in the air.

"Heaven queen, who would have thought you snuck into my sect."

"Saint Devil grand master, hand over the G.o.d blood and I can guarantee the continuance of your sect." Heaven queen shook a little, her Saint Devil outfit changing into a white dress with golden decoration.

She suddenly became elegant and s.e.xy, with a pair of bright eyes showing her heavenly power.

"I lost..." The Saint Devil grand master looked like a very old man by now. His black hair had turned white, and his soft skin was like tree bark now, withering and crumpled.

"Senior brother." Lin Fan looked at Meng Yangquan, who was covered with wounds. He was depressed beyond limits, knowing that the Saint Devil Sect was over.

"G.o.d blood, I will not give it to you even if I die." Saint Devil grand master closed his eyes. Although he had lost, he still would not let the enemies have their way.

Thousands of years of existence was eventually over.

This master has let you down.

"Refuse to hand it over… Then die..." Heaven queen cried softly as she readied up a fatal move.

"Grand master, disciple will go first. Junior brother, protect our master." Meng Yangquan looked at the ruin of the sect, then shouted and charged at the heaven queen.

"Die..."Meng Yangquan used his last power like a shooting star, bright yet short.

"Senior brother..." Lin Fan yelled hoa.r.s.ely, his mind on the verge of breaking down seeing his Senior brothers sacrifice themselves one after another.

"Let us fight!" The rest of the disciples followed Meng Yangquan’s lead and charged at the sky, using their last force to protect the sect. Heaven queen looked at all those disciples and raised her hand. A flame Phoenix swooshed out of her palm, pa.s.sing swiftly through the air, followed by miserable screams.

"Master Heaven queen, please let Senior brother Meng go." At this time, a woman ran into the field.

"Mu Chenyu?"

Lin Fan looked at her. He did not think she would come at this point.

"Ah..." Meng Yangquan screamed after being blown to the ground. His body was covered with an inextinguishable fire, eating away his body rapidly.

"No..." Mu Chenyu saw his state and screamed.

"Master Heaven queen, please let him go." Mu Chenyu knelt on the ground and begged while crying. However, the Heaven queen floated in the air and looked at the ground with no emotions. It seemed that nothing could change her mind.

"Junior sister Mu, why did you come back?" Meng Yangquan, who was covered with fire, stood up with a lot of effort and asked.

"Senior brother, I am sorry..." Mu Chenyu looked at the man on fire and cried. She held Senior brother Meng’s body, disregarding the flame that had started to burn her as well.

"Heaven queen, please, let him go."

"Why...why..." Meng Yangquan was dying, but at this point, he started to understand what was going in.


Lin Fan looked at everything until Senior brother Meng and Mu Chenyu both turned into ashes. The Heaven queen did not even move; it seemed that all existences were similar to ants in her eyes. Lin Fan’s heart stopped from all the pain and pressure. The sect was gone. Senior brother Yin was gone. Senior brother Ni was gone.

Lin Fan felt like a lost kid. He looked at the sect which used to be prosperous, but now had turned into h.e.l.l.

‘Grand master..." Lin Fan said with teary eyes, barely croaking out a hoa.r.s.e voice from his parched throat. Saint Devil grand master looked at the only disciple of his that was left. He started laughing madly, going insane with the grief and anger.

Lin Fan lost his mind as he roared in his mind


"I came to this world, and all good things are gone."

"Two important senior brothers are gone, why?"

It was then that Lin Fan shouted, his voice cold and seething with rage "Nine sects, Yan Emperor, Heaven queen, you destroyed my most important friends..."

Everyone looked at the last disciple who had gone mad, and laughed. To them, he was just a crazy fool about to die.

"How did you come back to life?" Heaven queen broke her silence and asked Lin Fan. She had herself seen him die and get buried, without any trace of life at all. But Lin Fan did not bother to respond to her question. He lowered his head, his body shaking, and started to laugh madly

"You kill my favorite senior brothers… I will make you pay with my life."

At this time, the nine grand masters felt something wrong, because the disciple’s power was increasing. The Yan Emperor, who was watching the field and the golden light coming out of the disciple, was shocked beyond words.

‘That is my martial skill, Dragon King Hegemony!’

When a golden dragon’s shadow showed up behind Lin Fan, the facial expression of Yan Emperor turned even worse.

‘So he is the man at that time?’

"Grand master, please acknowledge disciple Lin Fan’s last fight… I will fight to my last breathe. I will not bring shame to the sect." Lin Fan shouted hoa.r.s.ely. His body was covered with golden light that pierced through the cloud. Among those lights, Lin Fan was like a G.o.d coming down from the heaven.

" Dragon King Hegemony "

The Saint Devil grand master looked at the last disciple of the Saint Devil Sect. Suddenly, Lin Fan’s power level started raising.

‘Second level of Dragon King Hegemony, increases twenty percent of the power level… But it is not enough.’

Lin Fan was ready to die, and had lost all hopes of living after this. But no matter what, he needed to make sure he took revenge.


"What is happening to the disciple? How is he getting so strong?" Nine grand masters find it unbelievable. The disciples of the nine sects were confused. That guy was just like an ant to them a few moments ago. But now, he was actually posing a great threat.

Lin Fan’s eyes turn red as he stared at the nine sects and spat out venomously.

"I will sacrifice my life to kill you."

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