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Lin Fan's fingers flipped nonstop as he looked at one item after another.

'Infinite Buddha G.o.d Fist: Have you heard of a palm skill that descends from the Heavens? That's right! This is THAT palm skill! All it requires is 10,000 Contribution Points!'

"F*ck! What's with this bullsh*t! Just 10,000 Contribution Points? A single look is enough to tell that it's worthless! Infinite Buddha my a*s! If it's an Infinite Buddha skill, would it only cost a mere 10,000 Contribution Points?"

Lin Fan pursed his lips. These descriptions were really way too unethical. If not for the cheap price that betrayed their purposes, he might have truly been bluffed by their names.

'I've got to continue looking. Today, I must definitely find something that suits me.' Lin Fan thought.

"Seems like the Guarded Ground doesn't have EVERYTHING after all. The strongest treasure was only a Supreme Graded Dao Weapon. Not only that, they were so d.a.m.n expensive! Who in the world can even afford them?" Lin Fan had suddenly found out that the strongest weapons in the Guarded Ground available for exchange were only Supreme Graded Dao Weapons. Not only that, they required 10,000,000 Contribution Points each! No one should be able to exchange for something like this in their entire lifetime, man!

'Blood Devouring Glove: Possesses the mythical effect of robbing off the world and the powers of others. Upper Graded Spirit Weapon. Costs 50,000 Contribution Points.'

'This thingy is quite domineering, isn't it? However, the grade is a little too low. But, if Yours Truly were to modify it properly, some wondrous effect might come out of it.' Lin Fan thought in his mind. That weapon crafting skill of his was heaven defying. No matter what he had, he would be able to craft something out of it.

'Let's buy it then.'

"I've got to buy some Shengyang Pills too. Even though the Mythical Parasol Tree is able to produce up to 300,000 Shengyang Pills daily, that's barely enough to sustain the living beings within the Paradise."

After that, Lin Fan exchanged for 500,000,000 Shengyang Pills and sneakily hid them in his storage.

He couldn't ever let the living beings within his Paradise know of these Shengyang Pills. Otherwise, they would all definitely act pitiful and come begging to him for Shengyang Pills.

"Eh?!" Just at this moment, Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he was attracted by an item.

"Mythical Tree Branch: Possesses an incredible amount of lifeforce. Costs 1,000,000 Contribution Points."

Could this thingy have something to do with the Mythical Parasol Tree?

The Mythical Parasol Tree was the number one Mythical Tree in the entire Ancient Saint World. However, this was a thing of the past. Right now, it was already a damaged item. Although it was gradually getting better with the nurturing care of Lin Fan, it was still far from being the full mature body it once was.

"No matter whether it is or not, I'll buy it first and then figure it out later." The Contribution Points had come way too easily. Right now, Lin Fan was like a mini-tyc.o.o.n as he tossed around his gold like dirt, without feeling pain at all.

After that, Lin Fan checked out a few more items. However, there were some ridiculous items that Lin Fan could not get at all, because they were extremely expensive. Even if Lin Fan was rich now, he still couldn't afford them.

Eventually, he spent another 500,000 Contribution Points on Spirit Herbs and some materials for crafting weapons.

These materials were cheap. Even materials that had a high quality were not too expensive. This gave Lin Fan quite a bit of joy.

To Lin Fan, it had been a long time since he had crafted out something good.

He thought back about that Seven Realms of the past as well as some other nonsensical stuff. How tyrannical were those? How twisted were those? They practically instakilled entire battlefields!

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! All you b*stards of the Ancient race, you had better hope that Yours Truly doesn't come up with something that can instakill you guys! Otherwise, I'm going to have you guys know why roses are so red!"

Lin Fan was prepared to give it his all. After all, materials were so cheap here. If he didn't give it a good shot at experimenting, he would feel uncomfortable in his heart!

Eventually, Lin Fan left this place with 4,000,000 Contribution Points left.

The base was empty, without anyone right now. Lin Fan went into seclusion immediately.

Within the house, he sat down cross-legged and took out the Blood Devouring Glove.

"Well, you shall be the first to be modified!" Lin Fan tossed the Blood Devouring Glove into the Heaven and Earth Smelt straight away and had it stripped down to its core instantly. Starlight of a myriad of colors shone brightly.

These were all the materials and crafting techniques that were used to create the Blood Devouring Glove.

However, to Lin Fan, those methods of crafting were way too crude, and couldn't be shown on big occasions. How could they be compared to his own crafting methods? No matter the sort of item it was, once they were tossed into the Heaven and Earth Smelt, anything that came out depended on luck entirely.

Lin Fan swept his robes as countless materials flew out of his storage.

If these materials were placed within the Xuanhuang World, they would be items that everyone would kill for. However, within the Ancient Saint World, they weren't worth jacksh*t.

Due to the suppression of the Ancient Saint World's Heaven's Will, the beings of the thousands of races had got to be dreaming if they wanted to craft out their own weapons.

As such, this was a sweet deal for Lin Fan. For these materials to be this cheap within the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan had to thank the entire family of the Heaven's Will in here.

If not for their suppression, there was no way these materials would be this cheap.

"Perhaps I'll add some of this."

"Oh, maybe some of that too."

"Yes, these two materials are decent. Even though their properties may clash, they could produce an incredible effect. This will do."

Even though Lin Fan's weapon crafting standards were all raised by the system itself, the combination and matching of the items in this world was something that he had a good comprehension of.

Right now, wasn't it just a matter of mixing and matching some items? How could this trouble Lin Fan at all?

"Based on the current combination, the effects of the Blood Devouring Glove have been enhanced greatly. A single punch with this could truly rob the world!" Lin Fan was filled with confidence towards his skills.

"Come on now, my little darling!"

Lin Fan called out as the Heaven and Earth Smelt responded with a clang.

Once upon a time, Lin Fan was filled with expectations towards weapon crafting. However, the Lin Fan right now was a well-seasoned master who did not have the same sort of excitement any longer.

Given his current level of weapon crafting, any single random weapon crafted by him would be something that everyone would literally kill to get.


A radiant light shone out in all directions resulting in an unusual scenario.

'Ding…Congratulations on crafting success.'

Lin Fan was expressionless now that he was so used to all of it. Of course, it was a success. Could it even fail?

'Ding…Congratulations on crafting Special Item.'


The initially composed face took on a change. THIS was unexpected!

Even though he could come out with all sorts of incredible items from time to time, this was the first time that something had gone so far out of his expectations!

Unable to wait any longer, Lin Fan took out the item from the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Looking at it carefully, his expression changed.

"Holy f*ck! Isn't this just a boxing glove?"

'Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star: Ungraded. Special Item. Every single punch shall hit with their full power and cause blood to burst forth.'

'Legend has it that a long time ago, there existed a brave warrior named the North Star that devastated the entire world with a pair of iron fists. Using absolute power to oppress the living beings of the world, anyone who was ever bashed up was left in an extremely gory state, where their faces were practically disfigured. Ever since his fall, the pair of iron fists were lost in the world. Rumors have it that the wielder of these iron fists would be able to beat down the whole world unrivaled.'

"Holy f*ck! Is this even for real?" The moment Lin Fan read the description of the treasure, he was stunned.

Lin Fan checked it out left and right. Yet, he could not tell anything special about this Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star. He then wore it in his hands. Instantly, Lin Fan bolted up.

"This is way too scary, isn't it?! I can feel my entire body surging with energy!" Lin Fan gripped his fists tightly. When he wore the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star, he could feel the treasure fusing with his fist, where one couldn't even tell anything different about his fist.

Lin Fan looked outside. There was no one still. He couldn't even try this out even if he wanted to.

"Big time! I've truly earned big time! Seems like I would have to wait till tomorrow to give it a try!"

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