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"Dragon Empress, what's wrong with you! Your G.o.d Battling Halberd has fallen!"

"d.a.m.ned human! What have you done to our Dragon Empress Shen Wu?!"

The four Dragon Emperors shouted out. The sight of their Dragon Empress Shen Wu going insane like a madman was causing them to explode.

She was all fine just moments earlier on! How had things turned like this!?

"Hais! There's one thing that Yours Truly has neglected to tell you guys. Well, the thing is, your Dragon Empress Shen Wu has been completely subdued by the charm of Yours Truly." Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly as though it was a troubling issue that he had such charisma.

The faces of the four Dragon Emperors were flushed red as their eyes shone with a fiery fire. However, there was nothing they could do about this.

Lin Fan had been wary of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu all this while.

After she was consumed by the Spirit of Biggra, the power that was bursting forth from the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was even stronger than normal.

If she wanted to force herself on him, she wanted to force herself on him. There was no other way about it.

"Dragon Empress Shen Wu, it seems like you're unbelievably intent on forcing yourself on Yours Truly. However, Yours Truly isn't something that's so casual about such stuff. I'm not going to let you get your way! So, you had better give up on it!" Lin Fan opened his hands and his eyes were suddenly focused. Evidently, he was going to unleash a big move now.

"How could it be like this?!"

The heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was roaring right now. However, she had no control over her body. She wanted to suppress the surging feeling, yet there was nothing she could do at all.

This feeling was simply way too sinister!

As a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being, her heart was as firm and resolute as a rock! How could she be affected by something as such?

'B*STARD!' While this was what the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was screaming out at Lin Fan in her mind, what came out of her mouth at this moment was, "I'm going to force myself on you!"

The moment the four Dragon Emperors heard this, they were stumped. To think that such words would come from the mouth of their Dragon Empress Shen Wu!

How could this be?

"The chance is now."

Looking at the situation before him, Lin Fan was elated. Right now, the defenses of Dragon Empress Shen Wu were as good as non-existent.

"Your chest is so huge. However, Yours Truly shall be a good person all the way till the end. Time to help you turn into the Number One Chest of the entire Ancient Saint World.

Instantly, Lin Fan's eyes sparkled as his hands pushed forth like twin dragons. This pair of hands that were filled with evil were reaching out for unexplored grounds right now.

"I'll use my hands to fulfill your destiny!" Lin Fan's face was serious and saintly right now as he sacrificed himself for the sake of others.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart!"

All of a sudden, the heavens changed colors and the clouds started rumbling while thunder crackled. All sorts of weird phenomenon appeared as though something big was about to happen.



All of a sudden, a tremendous surge of energy burst forth as Lin Fan's face changed. His powers churned and gathered all around his body.


"What's going on? Just what in the world is going on? How in the world is this Dragon Empress Shen Wu managing to retaliate?"

Lin Fan was stunned as he looked at his chest. That single burst of power had caused Lin Fan's blood to rumble forth. If not for the fact that his physical body state was strong, he might have been in for it!


All of a sudden, a roar filled with an endless amount of rage filled the entire world. At the same time, it was filled with an equal amount of endless pain.

Lin Fan raised his head over, but he was completely flabbergasted.


To Lin Fan's shock, the gigantic chest of Dragon Empress Shen Wu had exploded! At the moment it exploded, the Spirit of Biggra was dispersed out as well!

Evidently, that was how strong the explosion from earlier on was!

'Ding…Congratulations. Black Tiger Steals Heart has leveled up.'

'Ding…Black Tiger Steals Heart has evolved into B*obs Bursting Fist.'

"Holy f*ck! This mother*cking thing is toying with me, right?!"

The moment Lin Fan heard the system announce that the Black Tiger Steals Heart had evolved, he was still momentarily happy. After all, this was the first time Black Tiger Steals Heart was evolving.

But, when he heard the new name, he was completely dumbfounded. This mother*cker was toying with him!

Now that he had caused those t.i.tties to explode, it was called the B*obs Bursting Fist. If he had caused some b.a.l.l.s to explode, wouldn't it have been called b.a.l.l.s Bursting Fist?!

'B*obs Bursting Fist: Three punches to enlarge, Four punches to invoke a sure-blow explosion!'

The four Dragon Emperors who were now sitting down on the ground crippled did not know what to do any longer as they sat there frozen. They seemed as though they had just seen a ghost. To think that that part of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu would have exploded!




At this moment, Lin Fan was feeling a little awkward now. This wasn't the mother*cking way he had intended for things to turn out!

Looking at the state of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu right now, Lin Fan felt a little guilty. This was quite the sin.

Initially, he had wanted to do a good thing for her. To think that things would end up like this! However, Lin Fan knew that this Dragon Empress Shen Wu would be sure to bite him to the death at this point.

"Chick, I didn't mean it at all! Do you want me to give you another fist? Who knows, it might turn bigger!" Lin Fan said.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu screamed out. However, just as she was about to stand up, an irresistible amount of pain surged up into her.


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu collapsed to a kneel onto the ground while clutching her chest. That breathtaking face of hers was now extremely menacing looking. She raised her head and glared at Lin Fan in utmost hatred.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment. This Dragon Empress Shen Wu couldn't be spared. He had to train her up.

However, there was something Lin Fan was upset about. This Big D*ck Chick was now going to turn into a Big D*ck Flat Chested Chick.

This sudden difference in quality was hard for Lin Fan to accept in a moment's notice.

Even Reverend Shakya might not be able to accept something like this.

It was hard to say that this wasn't a sin of its own.

"Hais! Dragon Empress Shen Wu, this is how the cookie crumbles. At times when you cannot deny fate, I think the best way would be for you to come to terms with it." Lin Fan opened up his hand and grabbed out at that Dragon Empress Shen Wu, who was unable to defend against it now.

The four shocked Dragon Emperors were grabbed over by Lin Fan at this instant as well.

"LIN FAN! YOUR EMPRESS WILL SURELY KILL YOU!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu roared out. When she saw that humongous palm strike coming at her, she couldn't move despite wanting to block it.


Lin Fan focused his attention as his body moved instantly. In the blink of an eye, he was thousands of miles away.


A gigantic dragon claw crashed down at the spot where Lin Fan was at moments earlier and exploded instantly. That initially flat ground suddenly turned into a pitch black abyss-like trench.

"This is..." The moment Lin Fan saw this dragon's claw, his brows furrowed as though this was something familiar.

However, the astonishing thing was that the destructive power of this dragon's claw was way too strong!

"F*ck! She's coming at it for real!" The moment Lin Fan saw that dragon's claw extending, he felt hurried instantly. He sprinted off immediately without the intent of fighting with the other party.

After G.o.d knew how long he had run, Lin Fan turned his head back and saw that dragon's claw grabbing the Dragon Empress Shen Wu into the void and disappearing.

"What a pity! To think that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu would be rescued. Seems like there's going to be yet another enemy from now on." Lin Fan lamented.

However, the dragon's claw seemed suspiciously similar to that gigantic hand that descended from the skies the first time he met Chicky.

Lin Fan went silent for a moment as all sorts of thoughts went through his mind. If it were truly the same gigantic hand as back then, that meat that he was able to descend into the Xuanhuang World. Didn't that also mean that there was some way to head down to the Lower World?

Seemed like if there were a chance, he should head over to the Colossal Dragon race base to take a look.

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