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"Just what in the world have you done to the Tenth Prince?" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian was the lead of the four Dragon Emperors. Now that the Tenth Prince was serving the other party, he must have been brainwashed for sure.

Given their strength, there was no way they could possibly wake the Tenth Prince up from this. This was something that only the Ancestor Dragon within their race should be able to do.

But, the situation right now was getting a little tricky for them to handle. The Tenth Prince was way too strong for them to even handle right now.

"Your true destiny is to submit to our Master." The Tenth Prince stood beside Lin Fan and remarked indifferently.

"Tenth Prince! You're the Tenth Prince of our Colossal Dragon race! How can you acknowledge a human as your master? Where is your dignity as a Colossal Dragon?" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian shouted in rage.

"The four Dragon Emperors here, you guys should just surrender obediently. Yours Truly can guarantee that your life from this point forth will be really perfect!" Lin Fan chuckled out. At the same time, he was contemplating in his mind if he should go take a tour around the base of the Colossal Dragon race and train up some Colossal Dragons so that he can glorify the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation entirely.

"Impossible!" The four Dragon Emperors roared out together.

The Dragon Slayer Saber had a 100% repressing effect that caused the four Dragon Emperors to feel uncomfortable from head to toe. However, even at this moment, as n.o.bilities of the Colossal Dragon race, how could they possibly bow down to this human being?

This was something that was impermissible in the Colossal Dragon race!

"Since that's the case, then Yours Truly has no choice but to strike." Now that time was pressing, Lin Fan did not want to waste any more of it. Instantly, his body flashed as he appeared into the void. His five fingers took on the shape of a claw and grabbed out at the four Dragon Emperors.


The four of them growled out together as they transformed into their true bodies, swinging that ma.s.sive dragon tail of theirs. It was so strong that the entire world quaked under the might of it. As the four dragon tails landed on the fingertips of Lin Fan, the only thing that appeared was a ripple of vibration.

Lin Fan curled his fingers slightly as four chains made up of energies broke through the void and locked up the four Dragon Emperors.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The mighty chains were akin to heavenly locks that wrapped themselves tightly around the true bodies of these four Dragon Emperors. They squirmed and howled out under the pressure.


"You guys will never be able to break out of it. In the eyes of Yours Truly, you guys are still far too weak." Under the pressure of the Dragon Slayer Saber, Lin Fan could take down the four Dragon Emperors with extreme ease. It didn't take him any effort at all.

The four Dragon Emperors bellowed out. They had realized in shock that the human's methods were even stronger than that of the Tenth Prince! That immense force that he sent out was like an endless abyss which was so deep that one could not make out its depths at all!

"Dragon Emperor's Core, Annihilation of all beings!"

"You want to self-destruct? It's a pity you don't have what it takes." Lin Fan squeezed his fingers, and the bodies of the four Dragon Emperors began to shrink down as though all their bones were being crushed into dust.

Four sources of powers took on the form of thin threads that wrapped themselves around the Universal Elixirs of the four Dragon Emperors. Even a single drop of power wouldn't be able to leak out of those Universal Elixirs.

Taking down four Dragon Emperors in the blink of an eye... For anyone present, such methods were absolutely horrifying.


All of a sudden, a booming voice rang out from the void furiously. At the same time, there was an extremely sharp flash of light that broke through all boundaries of time and slammed out onto the fingertips of Lin Fan.


'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +200,000'

The clanking sounds of metal clashing rang out. Unable to resist this tremendous force, Lin Fan's fingers recoiled back.

"Seems like you guys still have a backup." Lin Fan looked up into the void. Spitting out a mouthful of air, an infinite amount of Sword Wills sliced up into the void.

"Sir, are you bullying the Colossal Dragons under the a.s.sumption that we've got no one capable?" An overbearing woman's voice boomed out from the void. All of a sudden, a woman wearing a heavenly battling G.o.d armor and wielding a long halberd appeared floating gently in the void with a haughty expression.

"Dragon Empress Shen Wu!" The moment the four Dragon Emperors caught sight of who it was, their expressions turned emotional.

Dragon Empress Shen Wu had a sharp gaze as her long hair seeped into the void, as though they were taking in the essence of the Colossal Dragon at any given moment. Waving the long halberd in her hands gently, a sharp gleam of light caused Lin Fan's infinite amount of Sword Wills to evaporate within the world.

'Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being.'

"Honestly, that figure of hers is the most overbearing of them all."

Lin Fan squinted his eyes and could not help but stern up a little. However, he wasn't afraid in the least bit.

Within the Ancient Saint World, there were only four beings of the thousands of races who had obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat. All the other Divine celestial level 10 state beings did not get it.

He had fought with the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, Cruel, once. No matter what, Cruel was an Eternal G.o.d Seat being. He wasn't someone that this Dragon Empress Shen Wu could compare with.


Reverend Shakya gulped down his saliva and came beside Lin Fan, "Benefactor, should we combine forces?"

To Reverend Shakya, the chest of this Dragon Empress Shen Wu was really way too explosive. This mother*cking thing didn't make any sense at all!

Lin Fan glanced at Reverend Shakya once, "Bald monk, it can't be that you're looking at how overbearing this figure of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu is, and plotting to do something, right?"

"Benefactor, this poor monk is someone of the Buddha race! My six senses are pure! You can't slander me like this!" Reverend Shakya explained hurriedly as though his mind had just been read by Lin Fan.

"Hmph!" The moment the Dragon Empress Shen Wu heard these words, she snorted out as she broke through the void.

Lin Fan pointed out with his fingers, causing the void to erupt. He then looked at the Dragon Empress Shen Wu arrogantly.

"Dragon Empress, the Tenth Prince's mind has been controlled by this human and he has lost his sense of self by now!" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian shouted out.

"Yes, Your Empress knows about it."

Dragon Empress Shen Wu was someone with a respectable position within the Colossal Dragon race, having a cultivation of Divine celestial level 10 state. In theory, she should be an Ancestor Dragon of the Colossal Dragon race. However, because of her gender, she could not take on the t.i.tle of the Ancestor Dragon. Hence, she was conferred the t.i.tle of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

The mother of all dragons... The female pride of the Colossal Dragon race.

For every single female Colossal Dragon, Dragon Empress Shen Wu was the idol in their hearts.

Within the Colossal Dragon race, the female Colossal Dragons only had a single role, to reproduce and breed for future generations. However, making use of her innate potential, Dragon Empress Shen Wu had managed to cultivate up to the highest state of it all and break free from the shackles that bound her, allowing her to reign as a top existence within the Colossal Dragon race.

"Dragon Empress, the Dragon Slayer Saber in the hands of this man brings forth an extremely repressing amount of pressure onto us!" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian's wounds were severe, and he could only slowly heal up right now.

Towards the strength of this man, Dragon Emperor Tao Tian was extremely cautious. To think that even with the combined forces of the four of them, they couldn't even fend against a single blow of his.

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu glared at Lin Fan coldly. Looking at the Dragon Slayer Saber he was slinging over his shoulders, she frowned as well.

To think that there would be a treasure that could bring forth tremendous pressure for the Colossal Dragons. This was something unheard of before.

Even if it were her, she could feel that mounting pressure on her mind that was causing a huge restriction to her powers.

"Human, hand over the Tenth Prince and that Dragon Slayer Saber! Otherwise, Your Empress here is going to kill you!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu commanded fiercely as a boundless killing intent infected the world. It was as limitless as the Heaven's authority itself as it clashed down.

Reverend Shakya could not help but stumble backward, with sweat raining down his forehead. All of a sudden, he could sense an undefeatable force that was coming his way.

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army was taking in deep breaths at this moment as well. The appearance of this Dragon Empress Shen Wu had them shocked silly by now.

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