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There were four elderlies from the Colossal Dragon race here right now.

Dragon Emperor Tao Tian.

Dragon Emperor Ba Tian.

Dragon Emperor Cang Mang.

Dragon Emperor Ju w.a.n.g.

Within the Colossal Dragon race, anyone whose cultivation state reached Divine celestial level 8 was allowed to address themselves as a Dragon Emperor. Divine celestial level 9 state beings were Dragon G.o.ds. As for Divine celestial level 10 state beings, they were Ancestor Dragons. However, only those who had truly obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat could be called Ancestor Dragons. Within the Colossal Dragon race, it had been dozens of thousands of years since there was an Eternal G.o.d Seat being with the Ancestor Dragon t.i.tle.

Right now, the faces of the four Dragon Emperors were slightly pale as their foreheads were filled with sweat. The weapon that was slung on this man's shoulders was giving them an immense pressure. It was a sort of repression that struck straight into their hearts.

"What's that saber?" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian was around ten feet tall, with eyes as stern as a bull, gleaming with a spark to them. However, at this moment, he was showing a frantic look.

The Dragon Emperor Tao Tian was someone with an unparalleled might, and had conquered over countless beings. To think that this human before him could set his heart palpitating. This was something inconceivable.

"Dragon Slayer Saber." Lin Fan replied indifferently. He then stroked the snow white blade of the saber. "This saber specializes in slaying Colossal Dragons. Ancestor Dragons, Dragon G.o.ds, Dragon Emperors. Who knows how many Colossal Dragons it has slain."

"Do you know fear now? Do you know horror now? Do you know shock now?"

Lin Fan smirked as he looked at the four Dragon Emperors before him.

"Benefactor, we should get this done and over with quickly. We don't have much time left." Reverend Shakya looked at the four Colossal Dragons before him and said calmly.

Even though he might not be a match for the four of them, Benefactor Lin was present! Things like fighting and stuff were things Benefactor Lin would naturally handle.

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army looked at the four Colossal Dragons before them fixatedly. This was an eye-opener for them. To think that they would actually witness one of the Top ten Old Ancient Beasts, the Colossal Dragon race.

Even though they had always heard of this race, they hadn't seen them for themselves yet. This time around, it was truly quite a discovery.

And the real shocker was that their party leader had actually done in the Tenth Prince of the Colossal Dragon race! This was way too imposing for everyone from the Revolutionary Army.

At this moment, everyone from the Revolutionary Army looked at their party leader in awe.

This was the idol in their hearts!

"Don't worry, bald monk. I've got this planned." Lin Fan smiled confidently as though everything was within his control.

Reverend Shakya rolled his eyes. 'Planned my a*s.'

Even though the four Dragon Emperors were currently repressed by the Dragon Slayer Saber, they were still glaring straight at Lin Fan, "Big words. Today, we shall capture you back and let the Ancestor Dragon deal with you."

"Come on then." Lin Fan beckoned with his hands. Seeing these few fellas, Lin Fan wasn't really interested at all.

Even though they were worth a few experience points, 'a few' really was the best way to describe it.

Lin Fan had already thought it through. If he wanted to level up, he would have to kill a minimum of eight more Divine celestial level 8 state beings.

"Human, your sins are grave and the Heavens shall not spare you! You had better go back with us to receive your punishments!" Dragon Emperor Tao Tian roared out as both palms of his began to move. All of a sudden, two dragon claws with ten fingers pounced out from the Heavens, carrying with them a boundless amount of Dragon Qi.

"Take control of all directions and the Heavens and Earth! Do not let this human escape!" Dragon Emperor Cang Mang shouted out. Instantly, he let out a vast aura that resembled swimming dragons as they manifested out into multiple Colossal Dragons and coiled around the world, locking it within.

"Dragon Emperor's Wrath!"

"Invincible Tremendous Force!"

All of a sudden, the Heavens and Earth shook as a tremendous amount of force ruptured out.

The lifespan of the Colossal Dragon race was boundless and their powers were profound. Because of these connate reasons, they oppressed the other living beings. A single move was enough to rattle the world so badly that even G.o.ds and ghosts would wail over it. This was indeed gut smashing.

Under the might of this aura, members of the Revolutionary Army couldn't even stand properly. They were like little boats in the middle of a gigantic tsunami, where they could be drowned at any moment.


Reverend Shakya chanted out a Buddhist chant and a Buddha light encompa.s.sed everyone from the Revolutionary Army. With a fight of this intensity, the members of the Revolutionary Army might may not be able to hold on. Even if it were just a single strain of the momentum that leaked out, it might be enough to mince them to shreds.

"You few Colossal Dragons are getting a little overboard. However, your strength is far too weak for Yours Truly to come at you guys personally. Since that's the case, I shall let your own Tenth Prince teach you guys a lesson."

Lin Fan flicked his finger and his powers churned. Time suddenly came to a standstill.


A series of dragon roars howled out into the Nine Heavens as a Yin Yang Dragon burst forth from Lin Fan's Paradise. To think that this Yin Yang Dragon was the Tenth Prince!

The moment the four Dragon Emperors caught sight of this, their hearts could not help but tighten up as they exclaimed in disbelief.

"Tenth Prince!"

The body of this Yin Yang Dragon was 100,000 feet long, with half of its body hidden within the void. The dragon whiskers alone were thousands of feet long. Each time they swayed, the void would tremble and crack under their might.


The moment the Tenth Prince opened his mouth, the Heavenly Dragon's Music was used instantly. Every single harmonic turned into a single Colossal Dragon that struck out at the four Dragon Emperors.

The Heavenly Dragon's Music was a skill that was exclusive to the Colossal Dragon race, and wasn't pa.s.sed down anywhere else. Other than the Colossal Dragons, no one else would be able to master them to their highest cultivation states. But of course, that was anyone EXCEPT Lin Fan and his BUG of a system.

"The Tenth Prince's cultivated the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation!" The moment the four Dragon Emperors caught sight of the true body of the Tenth Prince, they exclaimed out in shock.

"How could that be? The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation requires a body of Yin and Yang! Within this part of the world, the Qi of Yin and Yang had long been hidden and lost, and could definitely not appear! How in the world could the Tenth Prince cultivate the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation?"

"Not good! The Tenth Prince is way stronger than before now!"

"The might of the Ancestor Dragon is something that can shake the world!"

Dragon Emperor Tao Tian opened his huge mouth and shot out a series of sparkling golden dragon b.a.l.l.s.

There was a series of small Colossal Dragons coiled around each of these dragon b.a.l.l.s. All of a sudden, the dragon b.a.l.l.s erupted forth with an immense might as they defended against the Heavenly Dragon's Music of the Tenth Prince.

"Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, Eighth Floating Image!"

The body of the Tenth Prince shuddered momentarily as the void exploded out. All of a sudden, a dragon image covered the entire world as though it was a world of dragons. The illusory figures of Yin and Yang flashed out as a claw slapped out towards the four Dragon Emperors.



Under this immense might, the bodies of the four Dragon Emperors began to explode out as dragon blood sprayed everywhere. There was nothing that stayed fine from head to toe.

"Good, good. This is crazy! To think that while this Tenth Prince had been forgotten by the side of Yours Truly all this while and without a single peep, he managed to cultivate his Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation to such a state. This is just crazy!"

Even though the cultivation state of the Tenth Prince was a Divine celestial level 8 state right now, the power that was emanated out of him was unparalleled. Even the combined force of the four Dragon Emperors was not his match at all.

"No, I mustn't let these four Dragon Emperors die. I've got to catch them and save them so that they can cultivate the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation for me."

At this moment, Lin Fan had discovered new grounds with this. Once he was done with training up an entire army of Colossal Dragons, who could still be a match for him?

"Tenth Prince! It's us! It's us!" The four Dragon Emperors had not expected the Tenth Prince to be this strong. This was a total and direct oppression to the point they were crying out for it to end.

"I guess you can stop now." Lin Fan waved his hand for the Tenth Prince to back down.

The Tenth Prince, who was ready to kill those four Dragon Emperors, reverted to his human form and stood beside Lin Fan.

"The four of you have offended my Master. You deserve death!" The Tenth Prince railed out coldly. Ever since he had come to the side of this Master, he had discovered the true meaning of his life.

Thinking back about the things he had done in the past, what a waste of time and life those things had been!

"Did you guys see that? Under the nurturing care of Yours Truly, your Tenth Prince here has finally trodden on the right path. Do you guys insist on your wrongdoings? Hurry up and come join the embrace of Yours Truly. Yours Truly will guide you guys properly and have you guys walk on the right path as well." Lin Fan said.

The four Dragon Emperors exchanged a glance as their eyes shone with shock.

"Seems like the Tenth Prince has been completely controlled by this human."

"News of this must be transmitted back!"

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