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The next day…

The missions public square was bustling with life. Most of the living beings here were fervently discussing about what had transpired the previous day. Some of the living beings would not have believed this unless they had witnessed it for themselves. However, the way everyone was discussing it so heatedly had them buying into it as the truth eventually as well.

"Look at these guys. They're dressed really weirdly!" When some people at the missions' public square looked up into the distance, they saw a bunch of living beings wearing a skin suit in red, blue, and white. They remarked curiously.

"Isn't that the uniform of the Revolutionary Army?"

"Revolutionary Army? Could that be the strong party that was formed yesterday?"

"That's for sure! I've witnessed the might their party for myself! Not only is their party leader strong, even the members of the Revolutionary Army are extremely powerful! Even the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party were no match for them!"

"Excuse me, the Revolutionary Army is here to take on missions. Any irrelevant individuals, please do us the favor of making way." Zhao Xiaomao's chest was puffed up high right now, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride. Ever since he had joined the Revolutionary Army, he felt as though he was on cloud nine.

No matter where he went, he was the center of attention.

All of those people who had been queueing up at the window and had witnessed the events of yesterday made way immediately and hurriedly. For them, the Revolutionary Army was way too strong. There was no going against them at all!

"Hurry up and make way! The Revolutionary Army is here to collect missions! Let them collect it first!"

"Based on what? This is the Guarded Ground where everyone is equal! So what if the Revolutionary Army is strong? If they were to fight us, even the Overseer would not spare them!"

"Enough with that! Even the Overseer was f*cked by them yesterday! Spare you're a*s!"

"That can't be, right?"


Everyone from the Revolutionary Army came before the missions' counter majestically. Zhao Xiaomao's brows furrowed, "We're here to accept missions."

The chick at the counter in charge of accepting missions took a look at these people with a weird expression. She had received a notification that should the Revolutionary Army wish to take on missions, they would not be charged a deposit fee. For this chick, this was the first time she was coming across such an exception rule that was made in the Guarded Ground.

Once the members of the Revolutionary Army left…

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. To them, the Revolutionary Army was way too scary. However, more than that, they wanted to join the Revolutionary Army personally. That was because the might of the Revolutionary Army was something that they had witnessed for themselves. If they could join the Revolutionary Army, they would have a safeguard for themselves.

But just at this moment, a cry of shock rang out.

"What?! There are no more missions that are Earth Tiered and above!" The living being's face changed in evident disbelief.

"The Revolutionary Army that had just arrived had taken all of them." The chick replied helplessly.

This was the first time something as such had happened. These guys were beasts!

"How could this be the way? Now that there are no more missions, what are we supposed to do?!"

"That's right! The Revolutionary Army may be strong, but they can't possibly just take all the missions, right?"

"Can they even manage all of them?"

"Hais! Seems like we can only take on those missions Earth Tiered and below then. Once the time limit is up for those missions two days later, we'll come and take them later on."

This piece of news spread really quickly into the ears of big and small parties alike.

"This Revolutionary Army is really way too much! Do they really take themselves as G.o.ds?"

"But, what can we even do now? Right now, there's only the Green Emperor Party that's remaining in the Guarded Ground. Even so, the Green Emperor has already been defeated by the Revolutionary Army, and has disappeared to G.o.d knows where. Seems like we can only await the return of the Raging Desolate Party."

"They're just incurring the wrath of the ma.s.ses. d.a.m.n it, Revolutionary Army!"

The moment the Green Emperor heard of the actions of the Revolutionary Army, his eyes shone with a deep hatred as he left this place without a sound.

At the public square, Lin Fan was leading his Revolutionary Army out to go execute the missions.

300 Earth Tiered missions with varying difficulties… However, this was all acceptable for Lin Fan. While most other people would deem it as impossible for any party to complete 300 missions in two days, for Lin Fan, it was nothing more than a possible attempt.

"Benefactor, are we biting off more than we can chew? 300 missions! This is going to be the death of us!" Reverend Shakya commented.

Reverend Shakya did not know what else to say any longer. This was 300 Earth Tiered missions they were talking about here! Even the simplest one of them all would have them facing up with a powerful being of Divine celestial level 5 state and above!

If it were just one mission, then it wouldn't be anything at all, and could be completed with ease. But to complete 300 in two days? This was just impossible!

"How would we know if we don't give it a shot?" Lin Fan chuckled.


Just at this moment, the light screen at the public square shimmered a little.

"The Raging Desolate Party is back!"

"Seems like the Raging Desolate Party have completed their mission!"

"The Raging Desolate Party took on a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission that concerned the Sovereign King Heaven Frost! Now that they are back, does it mean that the Raging Desolate Party has successfully subdued the Sovereign King Heaven Frost?"

"Haha! We're in for a show now! To think that the Revolutionary Army would b.u.mp into the Raging Desolate Party at this time!"

All of a sudden, the atmosphere at the public square became tense.

At this moment, Lin Fan's footsteps came to a halt, as a a group of people appeared before him.

While they were reining in their auras, Lin Fan could still sense the power that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g from that hidden aura within this group of people.

The party leader of the Raging Desolate Party, Hong Jingtian, was the number one strongest being in the Guarded Ground.

At this moment, Hong Jingtian's cloak was fluttering along with the breeze. His eyes were sharp, with an extraordinary might exuding from him. Every single step he took was akin to a mountain crushing down on anybody standing nearby.

Not only was Hong Jingtian's aura astounding, the auras of all the members were equally extraordinary. The lowest cultivation state amongst them was Divine celestial level 7, All to One state.

Within the Guarded Ground, this could be considered a monstrous existence.

Everyone held their breaths. They did not know what would happen if the Revolutionary Army and the Raging Desolate Party were to b.u.mp into one another.

"Hong Jingtian, let me go!"

An enraged howl boomed out, catching the attention of everyone present.

"That's the Sovereign King Heaven Frost!"

At this moment, the Sovereign King Heaven Frost was in a terrible state. Both of his arms were chopped off, with a thin layer of magic surrounding the wound area. It seemed as though that magic was repressing the Sovereign King Heaven Frost, preventing him from regenerating his limbs.


Hong Jingtian snorted coldly. An imprint with a golden glow burst forth from Hong Jingtian's mouth as it revolved continuously before eventually pushing itself deep into the body of the Sovereign King Heaven Frost.

Bam! Bam!

A series of explosions boomed out from the body of the Sovereign King Heaven Frost."

All of a sudden, the aura of the Sovereign King Heaven Frost withered as though he had just received a terrible blow.

At this point, Hong Jingtian came beside Lin Fan and sized him up calmly.

Lin Fan raised his head and grinned back in return. The two men stared at one another.

All of a sudden, a ma.s.sive aura erupted out from both men. Everyone's faces changed as though they themselves were being pushed back by a boundless force. All of their faces were really terrible right now as they seemed to be suffocating.

"How long do you guys think that fella can last against our party leader?" A charming female member of the Raging Desolate Party asked as she looked at Lin Fan curiously.

"Three breaths I suppose."

"I don't think so."

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes…

The auras of both men grew stronger than ever. Eventually, as though they had agreed on it together, the auras of the both of them began to retract back slowly.

For everyone from the Raging Desolate Party, this was inconceivable. To think that this fella would be dandy and fine as though he wasn't affected by it at all!

"You're that Lin Fan of the Revolutionary Army that the Green Emperor was talking about?" Hong Jingtian's voice was bright and loud, exuding authority without anger in it. As the voice reached Lin Fan's ears, it boomed out like thunder.

"That's right." Lin Fan replied indifferently.

"Your strength is decent, but that's all it amounts to. Our Raging Desolate Party is holding the fort in the Guarded Ground. If you know your place, nothing will happen to you. However, if…" Hong Jingtian warned out in a harsh tone.

The moment everyone heard this, their hearts leaped with joy. Seemed like the Raging Desolate Party was THE party to depend on! Now that the Revolutionary Army had made such a name for themselves, it wouldn't do to not rein them in a little.

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