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Reverend Shakya's expression changed as he stepped out and cast a glance at Lin Fan, grinning slightly. 'At this crucial moment, your poor monk here is the only one who understands you, benefactor.'

Lin Fan shuddered momentarily. That expression from the bald monk earlier on was a little cringy.

"Benefactor, this poor monk feels that the Green Emperor is not worthy of joining our Revolutionary Army as a slave." Reverend Shakya's words were harsh and direct. The moment his words came out, everyone was stumped.

This was a brutal face smack!

What sort of a powerful being is the Green Emperor? This was a Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state being! At the same time, he was the party leader of one of the top three parties of the entire Guarded Ground! Everything aside, if they could train this guy up to be their slave, how much respect would that garner?

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army were stunned as they could not understand the meaning behind the words of their vice party leader. How was this mighty strong Green Emperor not worthy?

"What do you mean?" Lin Fan acted as though he could not understand and asked puzzledly.

"Party leader, what sort of an existence is our Revolutionary Army? We're people who could even suppress the Sovereign King Thunder and shoulder an immense burden with us. Even though the strength of this Green Emperor is pretty decent, from all other aspects, he is simply unqualified." Reverend Shakya elaborated.

The moment the members of the Revolutionary Army heard this, they puffed their chests and arched their heads in pride.

To think that the Green Emperor wasn't even worthy to be a slave at all! Then, being members of the Revolutionary Army, wasn't this the utmost glory?

"Yes, that makes sense as well. Since that's the case, we shall forget it then." Lin Fan nodded his head silently. He then looked over at the Green Emperor, "Count yourself lucky this time around. You're too weak to be deserving of our Revolutionary Army's expectations. You had better open up your eyes wide in future. Know who you can offend and who you can't. Know your place."

"YOU…!" The moment the Green Emperor heard this, he spat out a mouthful of blood. To think that he would be ridiculed by this Revolutionary Army once more!

Lin Fan looked at the surrounding. Everyone else nearby was speechless while their eyes revealed looks of shock. He then waved his hand widely and said, "Let's go."

"B*STARD! LET ME GO!" The Overseer was screaming right now as he was tied up from head to toe by the Guardian Spirit, rendering him motionless. However, there was nothing he could do at all towards this situation right now.

Stomp, stomp, stomp.

Everyone walked out majestically with their chests puffed high. The ma.s.ses made a path for them instantly. The strength of this Revolutionary Army was something they had just witnessed for themselves.

Everyone understood that from this day forth, the Revolutionary Army would become a strong party within the Guarded Ground, one that wasn't to be easily trifled with.

"Even the Green Emperor is defeated! Which other party could hold down the Revolutionary Army?"

"What about the Raging Desolate Party?"

"I doubt that even the Raging Desolate Party can do anything to them. The momentum of the Revolutionary Army is set right now, and is practically unshakable!"

The Green Emperor's eyes were filled with hatred as he tilted his head up into the sky and roared out, venting all the indignance in his heart. In the eyes of everyone present, the Green Emperor was really pitiable. In the blink of an eye, he had completely lost his dignity. How else was he going to reign within the Guarded Ground in the future?

The affairs at the public square of the mission area spread like wildfire in the entire place. Within a short period of time, everyone in the Guarded Ground knew about this Revolutionary Army.

They did not know where this Revolutionary Army spouted out from. However, to think that even the Green Emperor, Berserk Dragon Party, and the Sword G.o.d Party would be defeated by them. For everyone out there, this was some explosive and sensational news.

"Lad, you can't play like that in the future anymore." Feng Qingzi came to look for Lin Fan. Seeing this situation, he was quite exasperated. This disciple of his was truly too good at causing trouble.

However, Feng Qingzi WAS a little surprised over this affair.

The potential of the Green Emperor was decent. But, to think that he would fall under three moves of his disciple. THAT was a little astonishing.

"Old man, you've finally bothered to appear! Without giving me anything at all, can you still be considered a Revered Master?" In his consciousness, Lin Fan was making a stand against Feng Qingzi telepathically. Evidently, he was somewhat displeased.

"Disciple, it's not right from you now. Didn't you say that a master can only show you the way but the cultivation of one depends on oneself? Why are you blaming me now?" Feng Qingzi chuckled out.

"Holy f*ck, old man! And, you're not embarra.s.sed saying that? You tricked me! There was nothing within those two storage rings at all!" Lin Fan said.

Feng Qingzi sn.i.g.g.e.red out, "Had I ever said that there were things within those storage rings?"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan was speechless. This time around, he was really scammed thoroughly by this old man. But never mind! At least, this guy had a conscience and knew to come out and give him some face under those circ.u.mstances.

"Now that you've formed a party, I suppose that you should have a base to yourself. Given your current Contribution Points, there's no way you can possess a base with that. But, since I'm your Revered Master, I would definitely give you some benefits. So, I'm here to gift you a base." Feng Qingzi swept his robes as a stream of light flew out.

"Thank you, Revered Master." Lin Fan chuckled out as he looked at the token in his hands.

"Revered Master, you're not going to give me some treasures or something?" One would be a fool not to take advantage of this. At this moment, Lin Fan had a good mind to earn something out of this.

"Aiyah! Your Master here is feeling a slight headache. I think I've got to head back and rest! Good luck on your own! You don't have to miss Your Master! Ciao!" The moment Feng Qingzi heard this, he clutched at his head and waved his hand before leaving immediately.

"This old man…!" Lin Fan sighed. What a scammer!

"Benefactor, where should we go now?" Reverend Shakya asked.

Lin Fan smiled out calmly and waved the token in his hands, "Let's go to our very own base."

Upon arriving at the base, Lin Fan checked out the state of the surroundings and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Now that Lin Fan was in this Guarded Ground, he would naturally have to do some stuff. The fact that Contribution Points could be used to exchange for items was pretty decent. Therefore, the thing he needed to do right now was to acquire more Contribution Points.

"Have all of the members gathered. We're going to do something big." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes, party leader." Right now, Zhao Xiaomao could be considered as the sidekick disciple of Lin Fan. The moment he heard that they were going to do something big, he was extremely excited.

Public square of the base…

Hundred plus members stood there in an orderly manner. Lin Fan stood on an elevated platform with Reverend Shakya by his side.

Looking at this structured party of his, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

The members of the Revolutionary Army looked at Lin Fan with full focus. This man standing on the platform was the idol of their hearts! And now that they had joined the Revolutionary Army, this was an unparalleled glory for them!

Lin Fan coughed gently, "Now that the Revolutionary Army is formed up, it's time for us to do something big. With Zhao Xiaomao as the lead, you guys shall head to the missions' public square to take on missions. As long as it's Earth Tiered and above, we're going to take them all. Our Revolutionary Army is going to cover all missions, big or small!"

"Yes, party leader!" Everyone hurrahed in a cheer with high spirits.

"Alright, from tomorrow onwards, the Revolutionary Army shall officially set sail! At the same time, you guys can tell people around you that the Revolutionary Army's doors are always open for them! They can join the Revolutionary Army to reach the peak of their lives." Right now, Lin Fan wanted to strengthen the Revolutionary Army. It didn't matter whether they were powerful beings or not. That meant nothing.

So what if they were strong? Could they ever be stronger than he was?

And, even if it were a piece of trash, Lin Fan could easily nurture him into a genius.

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