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The Guardian Spirits of the Guarded Ground were created together with the Ground itself. They possessed intellect, but they bore a heavy responsibility.

This holler of Lin Fan had everyone laughing out. This guy was practically r.e.t.a.r.ded!

But all of a sudden, the crowd discovered in shock that the Guardian Spirit was actually letting loose! As though it was a swimming dragon, it floated before Lin Fan.

"How could this be? Why would the Guardian Spirits let him go?" Nie Kuanglong looked at everything before him in shock as he revealed a face of disbelief.

Catching sight of everything before him, Feng Wushuang nearly spat out blood as well. When he saw how this fella was subdued by the Guardian Spirits, despite being hateful in his heart, Feng Wushuang still felt an unusual amount of joy. But, to think that the Guardian Spirits would let this guy go just like that!

"Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE…!" Feng Wushuang's eyes were flushed red right now.

"HAHA!" Lin Fan burst out laughing. So, this was the mother*cking way things worked! Seemed like this old man still had some humanity left in him.

The Overseer could not help but stumble back. His face tensed up, "He has disrupted the order of the Guarded Ground! Guardian Spirits, subdue him!"

The Overseer was granted the authority to activate and make use of the Guardian Spirits should anyone powerful and strong choose to disrupt the laws and harmony of the Guarded Ground.

But at this moment, no matter how the Overseer tried commanding, the Guardian Spirit just floated before Lin Fan's face without moving at all. This was perplexing.

"r.e.t.a.r.d, stop calling out. Who is Yours Truly? Yours Truly is the party leader of the Revolutionary Army, the Motherf*cking Human King! Someone like you and you think you can take down Yours Truly? That's a fool's dream! From now on, who else dares to come forth and go against the Revolutionary Army insolently?"

"Guardian Spirits, let go of everyone from the Revolutionary Army." Lin Fan raised his hand gently and called out calmly.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

"What's going on? How did the party leader do it?"

"To think that the Guardian Spirits would obey our party leader! This is way too incredible!"

"Long live our party leader! Long live the Revolutionary Army!"

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army was abnormally happy right now as they let out excited looks. They had thought that they were going to be cast out of the Guarded Ground. To think that their party leader would be this powerful that even the Guardian Spirits would obey him!

To them, the party leader was the party leader indeed! He was the idol in the hearts of many!

Liu Qiangwei's beautiful eyes darted all around. This man before her was filled with a deep sense of mystery from head to toe. Even till now, she had no idea why the Guardian Spirits would listen to the words of this human being!

"GUARDIAN SPIRITS, SUBDUE HIM!" The Overseer roared out. However, even if he were to destroy his throat with his screams, the Guardian Spirits wouldn't move at all.

"So obedient." Lin Fan stretched out his hand as though he was fondling the head of a three-year-old.

'Guardian Spirit: Connate Spirit of the Guarded Ground. Possess the intellect of a six-year-old and a pure heart. Wishes that someone would take him out on a tour of the Pugilistic World.'

'Ding…Do you wish to conduct an in-depth interaction with the Guardian Spirit?'


At this moment, as though the Guardian Spirit was being fondled by Lin Fan to the point of pleasure, it shuddered momentarily.

The moment everyone saw this, their eyes widened up as though they had just seen a ghost.

As for Lin Fan, he came to a place which was filled with brightness all over. At this place stood a chubby little shota. He stared at the skies as those big sparkly eyes of his were filled with an endless thirst within them.


"Guardian Spirits, subdue this man!"

"Guardian Spirits…!"

The Overseer was about to break down right now. In the past, he could clearly control the Guardian Spirits! To think that they would disobey his orders! He was someone who was gifted the authority by the Guardian himself!

"Stop calling out to the Guardian Spirits…!" Lin Fan had recovered and was sporting a smile on his face. Lin Fan pointed out with his finger, "Guardian Spirit, take down this hypocritical cheap man!"


A bright light flashed out as the Guardian Spirit sprinted forth like a dragon. It then tied up the Overseer instantly, rendering him motionless entirely.

"Ah! Why has it come to this? What's happening!?" The Overseer's face was pale right now. He had not expected to be tied up by the Guardian Spirits himself! This was something that had never ever happened before!

All of the surrounding bystanders let out a look of incredulity. Just what kind of a man was this? How could the Guardian Spirits possibly obey his words?

"How about now? I wonder if you've got any other plans." Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back as he grinned at the Overseer.

"What sort of demonic sorcery have you resorted to?" The Overseer looked at Lin Fan in a deranged manner. He did not know why the Guardian Spirits would not respond to his commands!

"Hoho! Demonic sorcery? Yours Truly is the envoy of justice. Someone who resembles the demons and ghosts such as yourself would naturally find yourself being unable to command the Guardian Spirits." Lin Fan smiled out calmly as he walked over to the Green Emperor.

Coming before the Green Emperor, Lin Fan squatted down and patted that pale face of the Green Emperor, "Oh, my dear Green Emperor, what's with you? Do you need me to call someone over for you?"

The Green Emperor's face was in shock right now as an endless wrath was boiling in his heart. To think that he wasn't a match for this fella at all!

"B*stard! What do you want?" The Green Emperor blared out in rage. As a Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state being, he could naturally heal up his injuries with a single thought of his. However, there was a surge of energy that was wreaking havoc within his body, tearing it apart from within.

And, he knew that this b*stard before him must be the reason for it.

"Naturally, Yours Truly wants to…" Lin Fan was a man of his words. If he said that he was going to kill one's entire family, he was going to kill them all. Now that he said he was going to train up the Green Emperor as his slave, he was going to train up the Green Emperor as his slave. However, at this moment, Lin Fan received a telepathic message in his mind. This was something that no one else would be able to receive.

"My dear obedient disciple, this is enough."

Lin Fan rolled his eyes before nodding in agreement eventually.

He knew that the reason why he could control the Guardian Spirits was all because of that old man, Feng Qingzi. Now that Feng Qingzi had spoken up, what else could he do?

What other choice was there now that he was someone else's disciple? Who could understand the pain of being under someone else?

At this moment, Feng Qingzi was exasperated as well. Did he actually gain a disciple or did he gain a troublemaker? Gosh, the moment this mother*cker came to the Guarded Ground, he caused such tremendous affairs to break out.

This guy was leaving no chance for others at all!

However, there was one plus point that Feng Qingzi saw in this disciple of his. He took in everyone without discriminating at all.

Feng Qingzi was the one who set down the rules of the parties.

He had hoped that the powerful beings would take the weaker ones under their wings and progress together. It was a good idea to have. However, the way it progressed had some disappointing changes.

The weaker beings ended up having no parties to join at all while the stronger ones only took in strong members.

This was something that Feng Qingzi could do nothing about. However, with the appearance of Lin Fan, he was starting to see some hope.

And just at this moment, Feng Qingzi realized that this disciple of his was actually communicating with the Guardian Spirits! Initially, he had wanted to check this out for himself. However, he discovered that the Guardian Spirits had broken free from their restrictions and had isolated out their consciousness. Therefore, he did not know what was going on at all.

However, he didn't think that this would be much of an issue.

The Guardian Spirits were connate spirits with a pure heart. Any nefarious acts by them wouldn't escape from his watch at all. If this disciple of his wanted to subdue those Guardian Spirits under his wings, that would be something impossible.

"Young ones, Your Party Leader here wants to train this guy up as a slave! Do you guys have any suggestions?" Lin Fan stood up and looked at the ma.s.ses.

Naturally, the Revolutionary Army could not know what Lin Fan was planning right now. The moment they heard that he was going to train the Green Emperor as his slave, they were already excited beyond words.

"We've got no suggestions! If we can really train the Green Emperor into our slave, that would be way too domineering!"

"That's right, that's right! Our Revolutionary Army is simply way too strong!"

"The Green Emperor as a slave! This is something I wouldn't have imagined in my entire life!"

Reverend Shakya nodded his head in agreement as well. This was quite the imposing to do after all. However, he suddenly realized the knowing look that was sending a message out from Benefactor Lin. His heart jerked instantly.

'There's something in that gaze. Something must be off.'

Reverend Shakya looked in all directions as he focused his heart. Sensing any fart that was blown out from Benefactor Lin, Reverend Shakya could even tell what he ate with just a single sniff.

"Amitabha! This poor monk thinks not."

At this moment, Reverend Shakya stood out. All of a sudden, everyone's gazes flushed towards Reverend Shakya.

"Bald monk, what not?" Lin Fan was gleeful in his heart. Seemed like this bald monk knew him the best.

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