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At the foot of the Saint Devil Sect mountain, in the dawn forest…

The Yan Emperor stood among the crowd, looking at those nine mountains which used to be invincible and out of reach for him back in the days. Now they were right in front of him, almost in his grasp. This feeling made him excited.

There were many ancestors who tried to get the Great Yan Dynasty out of the control of the Saint Devil Sect. However, none of them were successful. But now, the Yan Emperor was going to lead the Great Yan Dynasty out of the shame. That was indeed an outstanding achievement in history.

When he looked at those other sects’ people, his eyes flashed briefly.

"Who would have thought that the Saint Devil Sect knew of our plan. Clearly, one of us leaked that information." A man in a black cloak said with his deep and raucous voice.

"Black cloak king, this does not matter. Now we, the nine sects, are rallying at the foot of Saint Devil Sect mountain. Do you think they can defeat us?" An old lady who stood next to the black cloak king said. The old lady had a humpback. She held a Phoenix head walking stick, made from unknown materials. Her eyes were squinting, with occasional scary lights flashing by them.

The Yan Emperor was the emperor of the Great Yan Dynasty, but in front of these grand masters, he still was a small figure.

There were both evil and good forces among the nine sects. They used to fight when met each other. But now, they had reached an agreement. They would take the Saint Devil Sect down together. What happened next could be decided later.

When they heard that the Saint Devil grand master acquired G.o.d blood from an ancient ruin, that was the time they began to have this thought.

G.o.d blood, the super rare item in the world, it was the core of powerful ancient fighters.

The Greater celestial level was not permanent, and it surely wasn’t the end. They all had to get the G.o.d blood to see the prosperity from the ancient times and understand the unknown.

Comparing each individual sect with the Saint Devil Sect, no sect could really match them. The Saint Devil grand master had achieved his name in the world a long time ago, and no one dared to challenge him.

Now, every sect united together in order to get the G.o.d blood. How they divided it after taking it would be decided later.

"Wipe out the Saint Devild Sect..." Each grand master looked far into the distance. They then ordered all pericelestial disciples to charge into the Saint Devil Sect.

In the Saint Devil Sect…

Those outer sect disciples who wanted to leave but were unable to do so saw the dark clouds coming towards them and gave up fighting. This time, they did not think they could survive. They all felt that they were going to die.

Lin Fan felt the horrifying pressure coming from them. His serious facial expression reflected the danger that was coming their way.

Soon, Lin Fan saw crowds of people floating in the sky.

"Saint Devil grand master, if you do not want your sect to be ruined, then you will turn in the G.o.d blood." At this time, the black cloak king stepped up. He was afraid to fight the Saint Devil grand master alone, because he was weaker than the Saint Devil grand master.

But now, things were different. All nine sects were there. The Saint Devil grand master was strong, but it did not matter anymore.

Facing those enemies who could kill them by just using their pressure, those outer sect disciples lost all power to resist.

Lin Fan stood in the crowd of outer disciples and was seeing all that was happening, getting very nervous.

Level one Greater Celestial

Level two Greater Celestial

Level three Greater Celestial


These grand masters from the nine sects were weak compared to the Saint Devil grand master individually. However, these people were now working together, and they were extremely experienced. If they started to fight, they would probably tire out the Saint Devil grand master.

At this point, people came out of the ninth mountain.

The grand master led all the elders from the Saint Devil Sect to the front of the crowd which Lin Fan stood in. They faced the other grand masters from the nine sects.

"Black cloak king, Blue sea old lady, universe grand master...." Saint Devil grand master looked at these grand masters from the nine sects, then stopped at the Yan Emperor.

"You actually betrayed the Saint Devil Sect." The Saint Devil grand master said calmly to the Yan Emperor.

"Grand master, the Great Yan Dynasty relied on the Saint Devil Sect for thousands of years. This is unacceptable for any dynasty. Therefore, this is not betrayal… This is transformation." The Yan Emperor said indifferently.

"Hand over the G.o.d blood… or die." Grand masters from the nine sects shouted together, readying themselves for the upcoming slaughter.

This time, they were confident. Although the Saint Devil Sect was strong, that was still not going to be enough.

"The Saint Devil Sect has lasted thousands of years. We will never bow down to any power. Even if you wipe us out today, you will pay a great price. Disciples from the Saint Devil Sect, listen up… Defend our sect." The Saint Devil grand master roared.

"Defend the sect at all cost."

"Defend the sect at all cost."


Inner sect disciples were ready to fight. If they died today, they would die with the sect.

"I do not want to die, please spare me." At this time, an outer sect disciple cried for mercy. He really did not want to die. There was no way of surviving when the nine sects attacked.

"Junior brother Li, what are you doing? Are you a disciple from the Saint Devil Sect?" Some disciples said angrily. They had never thought that an outer sect disciple would beg for mercy. This was very embarra.s.sing.

Lin Fan was standing in the crowd and seeing everything. He sighed, as he knew this situation was unstoppable.

n.o.body wanted to die. However, right now was not about wanting to die or not. It was about personalities.

Just running away and surviving without dignity, how could one face one’s consciousness.

Weak, useless, coward...

Lin Fan never looked down on people, because everyone has something to be respected. However, these kind of people were ones even Lin Fan couldn’t help but look down upon.

"Haha..." People from nine sects laughed out loud.

"Saint Devil grand master, these are your disciples. Fine, let me see, what you did for your sect." Blue sea old lady said with kind smile, but with a voice full of sarcasm.

"Disciples of the Saint Devil Sect, if you do not want to die, you will crawl over here right now. I, the blue sea old lady, can guarantee your safety. The nine sects here can take you as our disciples, or you can die with your grand master."

"I only give you the time for ten breaths."

"Now you can begin."


The old lady’s statement gave hope to many Saint Devil disciples.

"Blue sea old lady, how dare you trick our disciples!" An elder shouted angrily.

"There are seven breaths left."


At this time, disciples from the Saint Devil Sect started to talk and look at each other. Their hearts and minds had been indeed moved. They knew there was no hope to survive the attack. However, the old lady gave them hope to live. This was surely the last chance.

Lin Fan looked at those disciples. He knew that the Saint Devil Sect was over, there was no hope left anymore.

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