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All of a sudden, the scene right now was extremely grandiose. In the eyes of everyone present, the Revolutionary Army was going to be swept away without any chance of coming back at all.

Nie Kuanglong roared out. Even if one were forbidden to use their powers, he was still incomparably strong. As he slammed out with a punch, there was an explosive sound that accompanied it. If it were any normal person who had to endure this punch, they would definitely puke out at least three liters of blood.

And, Nie Kuanglong's target right now was Lin Fan. He wanted to trample that guy beneath his feet harshly and let him know the consequences of messing with someone like him.

To Nie Kuanglong, anyone else from the Revolutionary Army wouldn't be able to endure even a single blow. At the very most, three breaths were all it would take to crumble this entire party.

The members of the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party were numerous. Even if they didn't have to use their powers, it wasn't something that these trashes could compete against.




Suddenly, a series of shrieks rang out.

The moment Nie Kuanglong heard these shrieks, he smirked. This was the best feeling ever. But, what was up with this despicable stuff?

Nie Kuanglong did not know what was going on. The only thing on his mind right now was to crush this fella before him harshly.


Lin Fan did not budge at all as he received that punch from Nie Kuanglong. Nie Kuanglong smiled coldly. He was filled with confidence towards his fist.

But at that moment, his face took on a stark change. To think that this fella before him didn't even move, as though there was nothing wrong about it!

"True Origins Crushing Kick."

Lin Fan smiled indifferently as that earthshattering kick was sent out.

To Nie Kuanglong, this kick was way too horrifying. It seemed as though a gigantic tornado was rampaging as thousands of arrows tore through his heart. Even though he wanted to dodge it, he couldn't.


All of a sudden, Nie Kuanglong's face changed. A sense of bewilderment he had never once experienced in his life bubbled in his heart.


Nie Kuanglong shouted out involuntarily. However, the moment he shouted out, that pain engulfed his entire body like a volcano that had just erupted.


That scream of anguish could topple the Heavens and Earth. Nie Kuanglong could not hold it back as he collapsed into a kneel.

"Just someone like you and you think you can go against my Revolutionary Army? Know your place." Lin Fan stomped on Nie Kuanglong's face and burst out laughing, "Surrender to Yours Truly or Yours Truly shall bust your nuts!"

But, as for Nie Kuanglong, he couldn't even speak right now. That wave of pain was tormenting him into insanity right now.

Zhao Xiaomao's strength wasn't all that great. Right now, he was facing up against a being of the Giant race from the Berserk Dragon Party.

"Little b.u.g.g.e.r, I'll slap you to death!" The being from the Giant race laughed coldly as he slapped out towards Zhao Xiaomao.

Even though Zhao Xiaomao received the two ultimate skills from his party leader, he could not help but shudder in fear before the sight of this bulked figure. His legs were starting to tremble right now.


Zhao Xiaomao shut his eyes. He could sense a tremendous force befalling him. However, he suddenly opened his eyes. All of a sudden, he realized that the force had dissipated.

"Y-You…!" The Giant looked at everything before him and raised his head in disbelief as though he had just seen a ghost.

"Eh?" Zhao Xiaomao did not know what had just happened. All of a sudden, he found a barrier of light surrounding him.

"What's this?"

Zhao Xiaomao realized that there was a layer of protection around him all of a sudden. A membrane with a slight tinge of red, blue, and white emanated out of his body, covering it entirely like a skin. Even his eyes were covered by this thing that was akin to the size of a duck's egg.

"Spirit Weapon's protection! How could you possibly have a Spirit Weapon?" The Giant was completely stumped as though he had just witnessed something frightening.

"This is the official costume of the Revolutionary Army! It represents justice! Zhao Xiaomao, make use of its powers to crush this giant entirely!" Looking at the product that he had created, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Within the Guarded Ground, the materials were easily found. Lin Fan could craft out Spirit weapons effortlessly. And, just as Lin Fan was crafting out these Spirit Weapons, he even held back so that if he could find the suitable materials later on, he could evolve them one more step, turning it into a Dao weapon.

The thought of the entire Revolutionary Army being draped in Dao Weapons or even Utmost Treasure protective gear was something majestic to behold!

"Yes, party leader!" Zhao Xiaomao burst out laughing. Without any fear, he looked at the Giant and leaped up. "Eat my leg!"

b.a.l.l.s Kicking burst forth in a magnificent arc that struck straight at the Giant's crotch.



"Brothers, we have a Spirit Weapon protective gear! Do not fear! Just f*ck them up!" Zhao Xiaomao waved his hands out and attacked yet another person.

Another corner…

A female member of the Sword G.o.d Party has blocked down someone from the Revolutionary Army.

"Hmph! You guys from the Revolutionary Army are truly despicable! To think that you would specialize in kicking that area! But, it's a pity that I'm a girl without that thing there! I'll see how you can deal with me now!" The female member of the Sword G.o.d Party scoffed coldly.

For a moment, this member of the Revolutionary Army did not know what to do and started contemplating deep in thoughts.

But just then, Reverend Shakya floated before this member and patted him on the shoulder.

"The Revolutionary Army is a righteous army. We treat everyone equally, be it men, women, the elderly, or the young. This person standing before you is a lost living being. You have to use both of your hands to bring her to salvation."

This speech by Reverend Shakya was akin to a stabilizing shot being pumped into the heart of this member.

"Yes, vice party leader! I understand!" The party member nodded his head seriously. He then looked at the other party and moved his hands, "I shall use both my hands to salvage you."



This female member of the Sword G.o.d Party had not expected this person from the Revolutionary Army to be this cheap and resort to such an underhanded move!


Looking at everything before him, Reverend Shakya could not help but sigh out. What an inhumane life he was leading now! When could this poor monk ever go back to the normal days?

By now, the entire Revolutionary Army was like a bunch of vigorous tigers while the members of the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party were akin to white rabbits to be manhandled.

"Brothers! Leave this girl to me!"

"No! This girl has already veered off the right path! As a warrior of the Revolutionary Army, I've got to salvage her with my hands!"

At this moment, a woman from the Sword G.o.d Party was being surrounded while a few people argued over the issue.

"Forget it! We're all brothers! We'll go through thick and thin together! Since that's the case, let us all save her together!"

"Yes! I had the same thought!"

"Black Tiger Steals Heart!"

"Twin Dragons Exploration!"

The moment the woman from the Sword G.o.d Party saw this, she was scared silly as she covered her head and screamed out, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

By now, all the observers were already stunned.

"It can't be, right? Just where in the world did this Revolutionary Army hail from? To think that they could even deal with the combined attack of two big parties!"

"How in the world did this Revolutionary Army gain so many protective Spirit Weapons? That's impossible!"

"How vicious! Back then, why didn't I join the Revolutionary Army as well? If I did, I would be able to be as imposing as them right now!"

"Both the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party are as good as paper tigers in the hands of the Revolutionary Army! They can't even deal with a single blow!"

"Such cruel methods! This is way too overbearing!"

Everyone was already thoroughly flabbergasted by the methods of the Revolutionary Army.



These two moves were used to a state of complete proficiency, leaving one unable to defend at all!

Made famous through a single battle!

From this moment, the name of the Revolutionary Army was akin to a typhoon that had coiled itself within the hearts of everyone present.

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