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"Everyone from the Berserk Dragon Party, gather!" The moment Nie Kuanglong got back to his base, his face was grim as he shouted out. Wherever the voice pa.s.sed by, the place trembled. Everyone gathered, not knowing what was going on.

"Party leader, why are you so mad? Did something big happen?" Looking at how scary the face of their party leader was looking, everyone from the Berserk Dragon Party knew that something must have happened.

"Hmph! Earlier on, there was some party who did not know what's good for them and provoked me! Everyone, make some preparations! We're going to head there and teach them a good lesson! Time to let them know that the Berserk Dragon Party is not to be messed with!" Nie Kuanglong hollered.

"To think that there would be such a tactless team! That's fine as well. It's been some time since I've had a good fight."

"In our hands, that party has only death awaiting them."

"How dare he challenge our Berserk Dragon Party? Even if he's the Almighty Father, I'm going to beat him into submission!"

Now that they heard something like this, no one from the Berserk Dragon Party could endure it at all. All of them were filled with an ominous aura right now. They could not wait to rush over there right now and teach that d.a.m.ned party which didn't know their place a good lesson.

When Feng Wushuang from the Sword G.o.d Party went back, he too gathered his members as they made their way towards the Revolutionary Army grandly.

At this moment, the winds were spinning inside the Guarded Ground as some of the living beings were starting to discover the commotion caused by the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party. They did not know what was happening. However, by the looks of it, this seemed like something serious.

The Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party were famous parties within the Guarded Ground. Every move they made caused the world to tremble along with it. Now that they were going all out entirely, it was evident that something big was going to fall out because of it.

Within the Guarded Ground, any fight that did not involve skills was something that was recognized.

"Party leader, I'm back! I've completed the task perfectly, with 30,000 Contribution Points remaining!" Zhao Xiaomao ran back hurriedly.

"Didn't I ask you to buy everything?"

"Party leader, my storage ring is all full now. I can't fit anything in anymore!" Zhao Xiaomao said with a bitter look. 50,000 Contribution Points was a large sum. Furthermore, within the Guarded Ground, materials were the cheapest things there were. That was because the beings of the thousands of races were unable to craft their own weapons. Even if it were the kidnapped Ancient race weaponsmiths, they only made up a minority. Not only that, those weaponsmiths would only be able to craft out typical Spirit Weapons.

Lin Fan checked out the materials and saw that the storage ring was truly stuffed to the brim. To think that materials would be this cheap here!

"Party leader, on my way back, I came across someone making flags. Therefore, I decided on my own to have a war flag made for us." Zhao Xiaomao took out the war flag and said.

"Yes, that's fine." Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

By now, there were a total of 150 members that were recruited. Within the Guarded Ground, this was a negligible force. Compared to the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party, they were equivalent to an egg smashing itself against a rock. However, Lin Fan wanted to be the hard-boiled egg that could smash a rock.

'Craft weapons! Craft equipment sets!'

'Be armed to the teeth!'

"All of you, sit down cross-legged! Your Party Leader here is going to impart you guys the world famous skill of Your Party Leader!" Lin Fan said to all of his members.

"Yes!" The members of the Revolutionary Army were pumping with adrenaline right now. They knew that a great battle was about to commence soon. This was the first battle of the Revolutionary Army. Even if they were to be walloped into dead dogs, they would fight till the very end!

"This Revolutionary Army is too d.a.m.ned foolish! So what if they had completed a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission? The Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party can suppress them entirely still!"

"It's just a newly formed party that does not know their place at all."

"Once the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party arrives, it's going to be a tragedy for this Revolutionary Army. They're gonna get their a*ses handed to them. The thought of it is pretty tragic already."

"Let us just stand here and watch. This sort of battle without powers involved is something that's really uncommon these days."

Listening to the chatter of the surrounding audience, Liu Qiangwei's face changed. She then stood up to inquire, "Are you guys going to fight against the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party?"

To Liu Qiangwei, this was just committing suicide entirely! The foundation of those two parties was profound, and they had the advantage in numbers as well. Even if they were to not use their powers, they would be enough to wallop the Revolutionary Army into dogs!

And now that there was such strife going on, how was the Revolutionary Army supposed to survive in the Guarded Ground in the future?

"Yes." Lin Fan replied indifferently.

"No, you can't do that! This is going to be a severe blow for both you and your party!" Liu Qiangwei tried talking Lin Fan out of this.

"This is not a blow. This is me making a stand. Yours Truly is going to let everyone here know that within the Guarded Ground, the Revolutionary Army is the strongest." Lin Fan was really filled with confidence. Wasn't it just a gang fight? Who was afraid of whom?

Liu Qiangwei looked at Lin Fan, who was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence and did not know what to say for a moment or so.

"Alright, you can just stand one side and look." Lin Fan waved his hand off. He then burst forth with his consciousness and imparted it out to the 150 members under his charge.

True Origins Crushing Kick, Black Tiger Steals Heart.

Even though what they had learned was the most primitive version of it, it was more than enough for a gang fight.

"What's this skill? It's so…vicious!"

"That's right! I feel as though I'm filled with energy from head to toe!"

"Our party leader is the party leader indeed! To think that he would pa.s.s us such important skills!"

"Hmph! Once the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party arrives, we'll be sure to let them know of our prowess!"

Not so far in the distance…

A number of parties were gathered observing, including the Sealing Heavens Party as well!

"This Revolutionary Army is not going to make it big. Brawns and no brains. They're nothing to be fearful about." One glance was all it took for Feng Wudi to lose all his attention as he turned around to leave the place.

Initially, he wanted to check it out after hearing that the party leader of the Revolutionary Army had subdued the Sovereign King Thunder. He wanted to see what sort of a party this powerful being would form. However, now that he was witnessing the sort of brainless brawn that the party leader possessed, Feng Wudi was completely looking down on him.

"Revolutionary Army, prepare to die!"

All of a sudden, an explosion boomed out.

Both the Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword G.o.d Party had met with the same experience. Exchanging glances, they both nodded in sync.

Today, they were going to oppress the other party with sheer numbers and crumble the Revolutionary Army completely!

"The Berserk Dragon Party is here!"

"The Sword G.o.d Party is here too!"

"These two parties are going all out with their full force! It's over for the Revolutionary Army!"

When Nie Kuanglong and Feng Wushuang brought their party members to the scene, they found the Revolutionary Army standing there in an orderly manner without fear.

Lin Fan was holding onto the war flag as his aura burst out. With a mighty thrust, he pierced the war flag into the ground.

"The entire Revolutionary Army, heed my call! Later, we'll have them begging on the ground for mercy!" Lin Fan yelled out.

"Yes, party leader!" Everyone from the Revolutionary Army cheered out in unison. Their spirits were high right now as they were filled with an endless fighting vigor.

At this moment, everyone from the surroundings who was watching started making way. They did not want to get dragged into this mess.

Fists and kicks had no eyes. If they were to get too close and the fight really broke out, it would be a tragedy if they were dragged within.

The members of the Berserk Dragon Party were similar to madmen. Some of the other parties who had once pit themselves against the Berserk Dragon Party were left being picked up like sc.r.a.ps. After those incidents, everyone was well behaved and did not dare to cause trouble with them anymore.

The longsword in Feng Wushuang's hands had already been placed in his storage ring before he walked over to Lin Fan with a haughty expression.

"You had better remember this. You're going to go through h.e.l.l later." Feng Wushuang glared at Lin Fan coldly.

"Huehue." Lin Fan chuckled out. All of a sudden, his eyes sparkled out as he just sent a kick flying towards Feng Wushuang's crotch!

"Cut the c.r.a.p before the great battle! Everyone, go! Go f*ck them up!"

Initially, Feng Wushuang had wanted to give off a few more threats. To think that this fella would start kicking just over a single sentence! Instantly, he felt an unspeakable surge of pain rush itself into his heart.


Feng Wushuang collapsed into a kneeling position, unable to get up.

Before the great battle, the enemy had already lost a general.

"Courting death! F*ck up the Revolutionary Army!" Nie Kuanglong bellowed out as he waved his hand. That gigantic army of his rushed at the Revolutionary Army like rabid dogs. They wanted to make use of absolute quant.i.ty to oppress the enemy side, so that they would know the meaning of cruelty.

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