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"Chick, I'm going to take on that Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission for suppressing the Sovereign King Thunder." Lin Fan knocked on the counter and said.

"Huh?" The chick raised her head and let out a bewildered expression, "Could you say that again please?"

This chick knew that the mission to suppress the Sovereign King Thunder was a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission that had powerful parties attempting it in the past, only to end up in failure. Therefore, there was no one else who had dared to accept it after.

"The Revolutionary Army wants to take on that Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission of suppressing the Sovereign King Thunder." Lin Fan said it out word by word.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, hurry up." Lin Fan replied impatiently.

"Due to the fact that it's a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission, we will require 50,000 Contribution Points as a deposit." The chick replied.

"What?! Contribution Points for deposit?!" The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was speechless. Which mother*cker was the one who had set these rules? b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! To think that one would even need to put down Contribution Points before one could take on difficult missions. Was that mother*cker going insane over Contribution Points?

"Yes, if you do not have 50,000 Contribution Points, you will not be able to accept this Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission." The chick replied patiently.

At this moment, Lin Fan cast his sights at the members of his Revolutionary Army. Eventually, he sighed. All of these were people whom no one else was willing to accept, how could they possibly have any Contribution Points?

"I've got 100 Contribution Points!"

"I've got 300 Contribution Points!"

"All my Contribution Points have been used to buy pills!"

At this moment, the surrounding observers were jeering in their hearts. Was this Revolutionary Army here to create some entertainment for them? To think that they would try to take on the Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission without 50,000 Contribution Points. What a joke!

"A bunch of clowns."

At this moment, a piercing voice rang out from nowhere. Somewhere in the distance, a man draped in white with a head of long, flowing hair walked over, carrying a longsword on his back. His aura was extraordinary, and a single look was enough to tell that he was no normal living being.

"That's the White Sword Saint, Feng Wushuang!"

"He's the genius of the Sword race who could escape from the grasp of Sovereign King Thunder!"

"He's the vice party leader of the Sword G.o.d Party, and is even stronger than that Nie Kuanglong from earlier on! If this Revolutionary Army even knew of his strength, they would not offend him at all!"

"Sissy boy, who did you say were like clowns?" Lin Fan was p.i.s.sed at this moment. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Why the f*ck was he getting mother*cking insulted wherever he went?

This was intolerable! Seemed like it wouldn't do if he didn't show his authority.

"What did you say?!" The moment Feng Wushuang heard this person before him calling him a sissy boy, he couldn't take it any longer. He had exquisitely beautiful features. If he didn't explicitly say it out, he DID look like a beautiful woman. Therefore, the thing he hated the most was people calling him a sissy boy.

"Sissy boy, sissy boy." Lin Fan said.

"You…!!!" Feng Wushuang's eyes shone with a killing intent as he brandished his Sword Will. As though he had suddenly thought of something, he kept back his Sword Will and said out, "You're trying to seek death."

"Yes. I can officially tell you right here and now that I'm seeking death. However, there's nothing you can do about this. Come, please kill me with one slice of your sword. Pretty please." Lin Fan called out wantonly.

"Benefactor, this is the first time we're here at this place, and our party is newly formed. We've got to keep a low profile!" Reverend Shakya could feel his gooseb.u.mps standing up. The feeling that this Feng Wushuang before him was giving off was terrifying. Furthermore, they had already offended so many people in such a short amount of time. Even if one had a really c.o.c.ky face, this shouldn't be the way to go about things!

"Bald monk, we're the Revolutionary Army. We do not need a low profile." Lin Fan waved his hand off.

"Oi! Are you guys still accepting the mission?" The chick asked a little impatiently.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he looked back at Feng Wushuang, "Smelly sissy boy! What are you looking at? If you're unhappy, go and get more reinforcements! We'll have a big fight later on! I'll guarantee that you'll cry with your guts. Don't you guys think so?"

"Yes!" Everyone from the Revolutionary Army cheered out. They could feel their blood rumbling right now. This was the type of life they had craved for!

Perhaps they might end up getting beaten up all swollen with bruises later on. But even then, if their party leader weren't afraid, what did they have to be afraid of?

"Good. Very good." Feng Wushuang looked at Lin Fan coldly before leaving the place with a face full of rage.

At this moment, Lin Fan was feeling a little troubled. How in the mother*cking world was he going to go look for 50,000 Contribution Points?!

And just at this moment, Lin Fan saw someone familiar.

"You hold on." Lin Fan said to the chick. He then ran over and said, "Liu Qiangwei, can you do me a favor? Lend me 50,000 Contribution Points. I'll return you later."

Liu Qiangwei looked at Lin Fan and did not ponder at all, "Sure."

"Good going!" Receiving the 50,000 Contribution Points, Lin Fan replied cheerily. He then returned to the chick's area.

"Here are 50,000 Contribution Points here. Hand the mission over."

The chick at the counter had not expected the other party to obtain his 50,000 Contribution Points this quickly. She then wrote the mission under the name of the Revolutionary Army.

"It's done. The mission is stated under your Revolutionary Army now. You have a limit of two days. Good luck." The chick did not bear any expectations towards this Revolutionary Army.

"Sure. I'm here to hand in the mission." The moment he received the mission, Lin Fan replied.

"Eh?" The chick was stunned. Her expression then turned frosty, "Are you messing with me?"

"Why would I mess with you? Bald monk, drag that Sovereign King Thunder over here!" Lin Fan ordered.

Without hesitating, Reverend Shakya dragged that Sovereign King Thunder, who was akin to a dead dog, right over.

All of the observers surrounding them had been looking at this f*cked up party from the very beginning. The moment they heard that they were going to hand in the mission, they could not contain their giggles.

Was this Revolutionary Army r.e.t.a.r.ded?

But, the moment Reverend Shakya dragged an Ancient race being over, everyone froze up. They could not help but raise their heads to look at the missions list and found the piece of information regarding the Sovereign King Thunder.

"Holy f*ck! Is that really the Sovereign King Thunder?"

"It seems like! They look exactly the same!"

"I've just heard a piece of news! They said that the Sovereign King Thunder had been suppressed by people from the Guarded Ground! They're called the Revolutionary Army!"

"That can't be, right? Don't tell me that it's them!?"

At this moment, everyone was dumbstruck with disbelief.

"Chick, check the goods. However, when I was suppressing this fella here, the reaction was overwhelming. So, I accidentally bust his nuts. I don't reckon that should be an issue, right?" Lin Fan was truly afraid that the other party would not accept these defected goods.

Reverend Shakya could not help but roll his eyes. Accident his a*s! Weren't these nuggets busted by the ma.s.ses?

The chick looked at the Sovereign King Thunder and then at the information of the mission. She then turned to look at Lin Fan in shock, unable to snap back to her senses for a long time.

At this moment, the chick received a telepathic message. Her expression gradually changed while her voice was still startled.

"H-heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission completed. Here are 200,000 Contribution Points. And, your 50,000 Contribution Points are refunded as well."

"Efficient." Lin Fan grinned and kept the 200,000 Contribution Points. He then came before Liu Qiangwei and returned her the 50,000 Contribution Points, "Many thanks!"

Liu Qiangwei opened her mouth, wanting to say something. But, she decided against it and closed it.

With 200,000 Contribution Points at his side, Lin Fan could stand up straight and tall right now.

"Zhao Xiaomao, here are 50,000 COnitrbution Points. Go buy some materials for me." Lin Fan handed 50,000 COnitrbution Points to the wide-eyed Zhao Xiaomao.

At this moment, Zhao Xiaomao was so touched that he was about to cry out. To think that the party leader would trust him this much to hand him such a big amount of Contribution Points just like that!

"Hurry up. It's urgent. As many as you can, and as quickly as you can." Lin Fan said.

"Yes, party leader! I guarantee that I'll complete this mission as quickly as I can!" Zhao Xiaomao swore from the bottom of his heart. He couldn't let his party leader down! Therefore, he sprinted off immediately.

At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes shone with a glint. Gang fight? Sure! It was time to have some fun with those guys.

A storm was being raised up in the Guarded Ground. Nie Kuanglong and Feng Wushuang were both riled up by this darned Revolutionary Army. They were bent on having this Revolutionary Army pay the price.

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