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Mighty and grand, the members of the Revolutionary Army followed behind their party leader, their faces filled with pride.

In the past, they weren't good enough to be considered by the other parties. However, just like that, they were now members of the Revolutionary Army.

"Let us go hand in the mission! Our Revolutionary Army shall be the first to clear a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission! Are you guys proud?" And just like that, Lin Fan's value had skyrocketed as well.

"Proud!" Every member of the Revolutionary Army rallied.

How could any of them not be proud? They had skyrocketed from people whom n.o.body would bother taking in to members of the first party to clear a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission just like that!

If word of this were to get out, how much pride would this give them?

They would swear their lives by the Revolutionary Army right now.

As for Lin Fan, making a name was all so simple. However, the 10,000 Contribution Points from earlier did stump him quite a little. If not for his luck that he had b.u.mped into the Hundred Battle Party, who knew how long it would take him to earn those 10,000 Contribution Points?

If one wanted to earn a huge number of Contribution Points, they had to do missions.

However, if one were a solo being, all one could take on were some small missions. And at the very most, those missions would give tens or hundreds of Contribution Points. G.o.d knew how long he would have to take missions to acc.u.mulate 10,000 Contribution Points.

The Guarded Ground was a big place that could accommodate 1,000,000 living beings. Compared to the vast population of the Guarded Ground, the members of the Revolutionary Army were but a mere drop of water in the ocean, that was negligible.

However, when one was to gather these people together, their aura was still grandiose. Some of the bypa.s.sers let out bewildered looks, wondering what was going on here.

For most of the living beings in this place, they still did not know of the background of the Revolutionary Army, neither did they know of what had just happened earlier on.

Not long later, Lin Fan and the others arrived at the place to hand in the missions. This area to hand in the missions was in yet another public square.

"Chick, I am here to hand in a mission."

"May I know the name of your party?"

"Revolutionary Army." Lin Fan turned around at his followers and let out a smile.

"I'm sorry, the Revolutionary Army has yet to accept any missions." The chick at the counter replied.

"Party leader, how it works here is that we've got to first take on a mission before we can hand it in. We've got to accept that Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission first." Zhao Xiaomao remarked.

"Oh, so that's the case." Lin Fan was a little embarra.s.sed. Seemed like he had made a blunder carelessly.

Some of the people around who were handing in their missions could not help but chuckle out.

"Just what kind of a party is this Revolutionary Army? How could they not even know of such simple rules?"

"Who knows? Probably some pariah dogsh*t party I suppose."

"A Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission? These guys don't know their places at all!"

Some of these comments were pretty piercing as they made their way into the ears of the members of the Revolutionary Army. Reverend Shakya was feeling a little riled by it, and was about to speak up to refute. However, he was held back by Lin Fan.

"Bald monk, there's no hurry. This is such a good face slapping opportunity. How can we waste it?" Lin Fan said.

Reverend Shakya thought for a brief moment before smiling out, "This poor monk is enlightened. Indeed benefactor, you are one level beyond others."

For Reverend Shakya, acting was more important than anything else. However, what Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya had not expected was that the other members of the party could not bear it in any longer!

"F*ck! Who in the world do you guys think you are? How dare you insult our Revolutionary Army? Are you guys looking to die?"

"Brothers! How dare these fellas insult our Revolutionary Army? Fight them!"

"That's right! We've dared to kick even the nuts of the Sovereign King Thunder! Would we be afraid of you guys?"

All of those who were mocking the Revolutionary Army were instantly stumped. To think that this Revolutionary Army would be this tyrannical! Didn't they just ridicule them a little? Why in the world did they seem as though they were on fire or something?

"Everyone, please quieten down. This is a public area. Please remain orderly and maintain our image." Lin Fan spoke up.

All of a sudden, the members of the Revolutionary Army who were about to strike out came to a silence after hearing the words of their party leader.

All of the bystanders nodded their heads as well. At least, the party leader was someone decent. However, when they heard what he said next, they nearly spat out all their blood.

"The reason why others would insult us is that they don't have foresight. There's no need for us to argue with them. Later on, we'll just give them silent face slaps. Don't you guys think so?"

"Yes!" Everyone from the Revolutionary Army cheered out in agreement.

"Y-you…!" The ma.s.ses looked at Lin Fan and were instantly flushed with anger, as though they were pretty riled up.

"You, what you? Is the Revolutionary Army something that you guys can afford to offend? You guys will end up walking in but end up being carried out of this place!" Lin Fan tossed a side glance.

Right now, his business was booming. Therefore, he had the rights to be brazen.

"Benefactor, image! Image!" Reverend Shakya was still thinking that Benefactor Lin's upbringing was way too polished that he didn't even fight back at all. But, before this idea could even form fully, it was knocked off by the behavior of Lin Fan's speech.

'Image my a*s! This guy was even more overboard than the rest!'

"Hmph! I've just got to see who is the one who's going to get me carried out." At this moment, an enraged voice rang out from the sides.

"Party leader!" When the guy who was threatened by Lin Fan saw who it was that spoke up, his face was filled with joy as he turned back to Lin Fan, "Party leader! He's the one, the guy who doesn't know the rules at all! And yet, he talks about wanting to take on a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission! What a fool who doesn't know his place!"

"That's the party leader of the Berserk Dragon Party, Nie Kuanglong!"

"The Revolutionary Army is in for it this time around! Nie Kuanglong has a reputation for being overbearing! Anyone who goes up against him will definitely end up in a bad state!"

The audience who were just watching the show remarked out.

"It's me." Lin Fan accepted the challenge without any hurry as he smiled in a toying manner.

"Lad, you're really wild, eh? This is the Guarded Ground, not a place where some lowlife such as yourself can be brazen about!"


All of a sudden, a shoe flew out and was smacked on Nie Kuanglong.

"WHO WAS IT? STAND OUT!" Grabbing the shoe in his hands, Nie Kuanglong burst out in anger. His face was flushed red. Evidently, he had not expected that someone would dare to be so audacious before him.

"It's us! All of us!" All of a sudden, everyone from the Revolutionary Army stood up.

"Insolent! Throw it once more if you've got the guts!" Nie Kuanglong was incensed right now.

"Throw? Sure! You'd think I'd be afraid of you!?"

Pshew! Wham! Bam!

All of a sudden, everyone from the Revolutionary Army took down their shoes and threw it at Nie Kuanglong.

These members of the Revolutionary Army had embedded within their hearts the teachings of their party leader. Now that everyone was a big family, they would go through thick and thin together. If this guy wanted a fight, everyone would go at it! Who was afraid of whom?

Even the Sovereign King Thunder wasn't a match for their party leader. What else could they be afraid of?!

"Good, good! While the Guarded Ground forbids private duels, you can do what you want as long as you don't use your skills. You guys think that you've got the advantage in numbers, right? Good. Wait and see!" Nie Kuanglong looked at everyone before him and snorted coldly. He then turned around to leave.

"Party leader, we're going to fight with them later! Even though the Guarded Ground forbids fights to take place, that's only if one is using skills. Between the parties, if they have differences with one another, they'll often settle it with their fists. I'm sure Nie Kuanglong must have gone to seek out reinforcements!" Zhao Xiaomao said.

"Oh, I see." Lin Fan chuckled out. To think that this Guarded Ground would have a rule of this sort.

This meant that if one were to not use their skills, every single punch would be to their faces. By then, it would only depend upon one's personal cultivation states and strength.

However, there was no hurry about it. First up, he was going to submit the mission. Then, he would give them a good round of beating later on.

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