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Second Level of Guarded Ground... Base of Sealing Heavens Party…

"Revolutionary Army?" Feng Wudi's reputation within the Guarded Ground was pretty stellar, along with his strength that was formidable. However, there was always someone stronger than oneself in the world. Even though the Sealing Heavens Party was strong, there were a number of parties who weren't weaker than them as well.

But, the sudden rise of the Revolutionary Army did attract the attention of Feng Wudi.

"For both of them to rescue both the Rose Party and Hundred Battle Party, they do have some capabilities to them." Feng Wudi chuckled out. As for the surrounding Sealing Heavens Party members, they followed the chuckles. However, they weren't bothered with this new party at all.

All of a sudden, a single member of theirs came rushing in hurriedly.

"Party leader, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Lin Fan, has brought back the Sovereign King Thunder!" This member's face was astonished as he proclaimed in disbelief.

"How can that be?" A bulked man who was carrying a huge axe on his back stood nearby and chuckled out, unconvinced.

"It's really true! Right now, the Sovereign King Thunder is tied up there and being ridiculed by the people of the Revolutionary Army!" The member continued.

This member who had returned to report the news of the Revolutionary Army at the start was in disbelief as well. Initially when he was there, he had not seen the Sovereign King Thunder for himself. However, now that he was hearing these claims, he could not help but let out a look of incredulity.

Zhan Wudi's brows furrowed. He then stood up and looked into the distance while mumbling under his breath, "Revolutionary Army."

Right now, the Sealing Heavens Party was not the only one in shock. The other parties were equal parts astonished. To them, this was one h.e.l.l of a big news! This mission involving the Sovereign King Thunder was truly something that no one had tried taking on just yet!

Just where in the world did this Revolutionary Army hail from?

"Feng Qingzi, this disciple that you had just taken in, he's not really one who knows his limit, eh?" On the ninth Level of the Guarded Ground right now, an elderly figure standing at the side chuckled to Feng Qingzi.

"Hoho. If he were someone that obedient, then I wouldn't have taken a liking to him either." Feng Qingzi laughed out calmly. However, he was feeling a little proud inside his heart.

No matter what, it was always a good thing if his own disciple was that capable.

"However, this is no simple issue. If Saint were to come chase after this, things might start to get a little sticky." The elderly figure continued.

"How can it be sticky? We weren't the ones who struck out anyways. It's the Sovereign King Thunder's own fate if he couldn't deal with my disciple. Even if Saint were to come, what can he do? At the most, we'd just fight it out." Feng Qingzi pursed his lips and said.

"Haha…!" The elderly figure laughed out and did not say anything more. They wouldn't interfere in things like these at all. All they needed to do was to keep the Guarded Ground safe and secure.

Even though he was someone of Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state, he wasn't someone who had managed to attain an Eternal G.o.d Seat. Despite that, his strength was still not something to be underestimated. If Feng Qingzi weren't around, he would be the one tasked with upholding the Guarded Ground.

"I am a prisoner of war! I want some privileges!" The voice of the Sovereign King Thunder was really weak now, as though he was mere inches away from death.

The lower half of his body was completely numb right now, without a single bit of feeling within. In fact, he couldn't even will it to move any longer.

He did not know how many kicks he had endured so far. However, that throbbing pain was still tormenting the Sovereign King Thunder nonstop.

Looking at the tragic state of the Sovereign King Thunder, Lin Fan could not help but laugh out. If he were to go add in a kick of his own, the Sovereign King Thunder would almost definitely explode instantly from that.

"To think that the Sovereign King Thunder just amounts to that. That feeling of the kick was way too amazing!"

"That's right! This is THE Sovereign King Thunder! However, to think that this man would be wailing out in pain over my kicks! That is fabulous!"

All of these members who had joined the Revolutionary Army had completed the initiation ceremony one after another. Holding the emblem in their hands, each of them were huffing from the heat of excitement. The Revolutionary Army was now the true home in their hearts.

Stomp. Stomp.

"I've yet to kick."

Suddenly, the ground quaked. When everyone turned their gazes over, they could not help but feel alarmed.

A living being of the Giant race stood up. He was ten feet tall and ripped with muscles all over his body. Those legs of his were as thick as heavenly pillars.

"How are you so slow? We're all done kicking here!" The members of the Revolutionary Army laughed out.

Looking at this being from the Giant race before him, Lin Fan could not help but gulp down his saliva. If this man were to give it one good kick, wouldn't it be fatal

He wondered if the Sovereign King Thunder could even hold out against this.

Feeling the tremors around him, the Sovereign King Thunder could not help but raise that haggard expression of his to face what was coming. But, when he caught sight of this being from the Giant race before him, his face changed entirely.


"Sovereign King Thunder, I'm sure you don't remember me by now. However, your face will forever be etched within my heart. You had killed my wife. There's no way I'll ever forgive you." Da Fu boomed out as that voice was filled with an endless rage. He could not wait to kill this Sovereign King Thunder harshly.

"This is someone from the Giant race with a story." Lin Fan said calmly.

"Yes, this poor monk has the same idea as you, benefactor." Reverend Shakya said.

Looking at the being from the Giant race before him, Sovereign King Thunder was almost going to break down.

As a Sovereign King, since when had he ever been subjected to such humiliation? To think that these beings he considered as ants were now all over his head and trampling down on him!

"I am a prisoner of war! I want privileges!" Sovereign King Thunder did not dare to act too brazenly right now. He knew that the more audacious his words were, the more he would aggravate them.

Completely powerless with his entire physical body state suppressed at this moment, even a slice of a normal blade would be able to cut him up entirely.

"You're Da Fu, right?" Lin Fan asked.

"Party leader." Da Fu looked over at Lin Fan respectfully.

"To think that this Sovereign King Thunder would kill your wife. Then, go and kick to your heart's fulfillment. Just don't kill him. We've got more uses for him later on." Lin Fan said.

"Yes, party leader." Da Fu looked at Lin Fan gratefully. He then looked at Sovereign King Thunder, "I'm not going to take your life. But, I'll make sure you pay a horrible price for what you did."

"YOU'RE SHAMELESS!" Sovereign King Thunder knew that he could not run away from this as he vented his fury at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, expressing his helplessness.


Channeling all his powers from his body, a cyclone formed on Da Fu's right leg.

"Holy f*ck! He's really going to burst those nuts!" At the sight of this, Lin Fan could not help but exclaim.

"This benefactor has such a strong killing intent!" Reverend Shakya added on.

"This is going to be something unbearable to watch! The dong's going to fly while the eggs are going to get smashed!"

"Sovereign King Thunder! Eat my kick!"


That leg tore through the void as the explosion boomed out into the world. Everyone opened their eyes widely as though something earthshattering was about to happen.



At this moment, everyone was completely flabbergasted.

The dong flew, and the eggs were crushed. The scene was similar to that of a watermelon being crushed right now. It was unbearable to watch.


Blood began to drip out as everyone was just stoned in shock over everything right now.

"It…burst! It really has burst!"

"The nuts of the Sovereign King Thunder have truly burst!"

"Bald monk, I'd say, now that this Sovereign King Thunder's body is incomplete, do you think I can still submit this as a mission?" Lin Fan asked.

"Benefactor, this poor monk has no idea!"

Sovereign King Thunder was wailing out in anguish right now. That pain was so thorough that it was driving the Sovereign King Thunder mad within his heart.

"I've finally taken revenge for you!" Ignoring the fresh blood on his leg, Da Fu raised his head and looked into the void. Two streams of tears flowed down his cheeks.

This feeling of hatred that was repressed within his heart for many years had finally gotten a closure.

And, in the hands of the Revolutionary Army, the first ever Eunuch Sovereign King of the Ancient race was born. This was a revolutionary moment indeed, where everyone present was a witness. They had just witnessed a scene that was history in the making.

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