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The atmosphere was spirited with an aroused momentum. A series of cheers invigorated the entire Guarded Ground.

Some of the living beings who heard the loud roars did not know what was going on. Indeed, it was rare for something as such to happen within the Guarded Ground.


Everyone's faces tensed up as they looked over at the crippled Sovereign King Thunder.

The gazes were so intense that they culminated into a light beam of focus. The moment Sovereign King Thunder sense this focusing beam, his heart could not help but shiver for a second. To this Sovereign King Thunder who had terrorized living beings his entire life, this was a feeling he had never once experienced before.

"If you want to join my Revolutionary Army, you've got to have the courage! This man before you guys is the Sovereign King Thunder! Even though your strength is nothing compared to his, there shall be no cowardly being in my Revolutionary Army! Even if you're caught by the Ancient race beings in the future due to some unfortunate incident, you can proclaim out in pride that you had once kicked the nuts of their Sovereign King!"

Lin Fan's arms were spread-eagled as he cheered out.

Lin Fan was extremely satisfied with everything going on right now. This was the type of excitement and atmosphere that he was craving for!

"The look in the eyes of the Sovereign King Thunder is so frightening!"

"Are we really going to kick the nuts of the Sovereign King Thunder?"

"What are you afraid of? So what if he's the great Sovereign King Thunder? Right now, we're members of the Revolutionary Army! Our Revolutionary Army emphasizes on the path of seeking freedom! Seeking perfection! So what even if it's the Sovereign King Thunder? I'm going to be the first to kick!"

"That's right! Our Revolutionary Army is the strongest! We carry with us the burden of overthrowing the Ancient race!"

"I AM THE SOVEREIGN KING THUNDER OF THE ANCIENT RACE! HOW DARE YOU ANTS TREAT ME LIKE THIS?" Sovereign King Thunder blasted out. He did not believe that these ants would dare to tug at the whiskers of a tiger!

At this moment, everyone around who caught sight of this ferocious display by the Sovereign King Thunder could not help but tense up a little. They were a little startled over it.

"Sovereign King Thunder, now that you're subdued by our great Revolutionary Army, how dare you continue to act so brazenly? I, Zhao Xiaomao, shall be the first to kick your nuts!" Amongst the crowd, a lone man stood out.

This man's cultivation state was Divine celestial level 4 as he looked at Lin Fan with a pair of burning eyes filled with reverence. He was the first to join the Revolutionary Army. To him, this army was a party of justice that bore with it a heavy burden.

This was especially the case after that invigorating act put on by Lin Fan earlier on. That act had Zhao Xiaomao feeing as though he himself was part of alleviating that burden.

"You're called Zhao Xiaomao?" The moment Lin Fan caught sight of someone leading the charge, he was elated as he asked.

"Party leader, my name is Zhao Xiaomao, yes." Zhao Xiaomao stood in rapt attention before Lin Fan.

"Good. You'll be the first to go then. Show these fellow party members of yours a good example to follow." Lin Fan continued.

"Yes!" Zhao Xiaomao took in a deep breath and came before the face of the Sovereign King Thunder. His eyes glared straight at the Sovereign King Thunder's as he gathered his courage before he bellowed, "Sovereign King Thunder! I, Zhao Xiaomao, am not afraid of you!"

"YOU DARE?" Sovereign King Thunder blared out. If he still had his powers, he would have definitely minced this living being before him into shreds.

"Why wouldn't I? I'll kick!"

Zhao Xiaomao did not hesitate at all. Raising his leg, he kicked out at the groin area of the Sovereign King Thunder.

"He's really gone for the kick!"

"Isn't this Zhao Xiaomao way too b.a.l.l.sy!? That's the Sovereign King Thunder!"

"Isn't he afraid that the Sovereign King Thunder would retaliate?!"


A crushing sound rang through the world.


A tragic wail of unparalleled anguish rang out.

While Zhao Xiaomao hadn't learned the True Origins Crushing Kick and therefore did not have any of those amazing effects, at this very moment, the Sovereign King Thunder was stripped of his powers entirely. While his physical body state's toughness was still present, he was harshly suppressed by Lin Fan. Therefore, the present Sovereign King Thunder was nothing but a weak chicken.

"HAHA!" Zhao Xiaomao could feel his feet making contact with a mysterious and amazing place. This was especially so when he heard the tragic wail coming from the Sovereign King Thunder. His heart swelled in pride.

Gripping his fist, Zhao Xiaomao felt as though the entire world was beneath him at this very moment.

"I've just kicked the nuts of Sovereign King Thunder! Zhao Xiaomao is afraid of nothing!" Zhao Xiaomao bellowed out in excitement.

"So daring!"

"Just where did this Zhao Xiaomao hail from?! To think that he would dare to be the first to kick Sovereign King Thunder's nuts!"

At this moment, everyone was filled with respect towards Zhao Xiaomao, as a wave of applause rang out. In fact, there were even some female living beings who found themselves having a slight crush on this man.

At this moment, Zhao Xiaomao felt like crying. His life within the Guarded Ground wasn't all that well off. He had only arrived at this place by sheer coincidence. However, due to his low cultivation state, he hadn't been regarded by anyone out in the world. In fact, he couldn't even manage to find a partner.

But at this very moment, he could feel himself being admired by the ma.s.ses with esteemed gazes. There were even some cute chicks who were watching him with sparkly eyes. Zhao Xiaomao seemed to have just found the way to live right here.

He cast his sights and looked at that n.o.ble figure who stood at that elevated ground. This was the man who had allowed him to regain this feeling and sensation he once had.

The admiration and reverence that Zhao Xiaomao bore towards Lin Fan broke through the Heavens, and he was entirely converted into a brain-dead fan at this moment.

"I, Zhao Xiaomao, have joined the Revolutionary Army voluntarily, and I swear to uphold the honor and dignity of the army! To love, to protect the Revolutionary Army, I will raise my cultivation state tirelessly so that I can be someone capable of standing on my own!"

"Everyone, don't be afraid! This Sovereign King Thunder is nothing but a paper tiger! We must all whack the paper tiger to regain our freedom!"

Zhao Xiaomao rallied out and was the first to come before Lin Fan.

"Party leader! Zhao Xiaomao, member of the Revolutionary Army, reporting in!"

"Good. Not bad." Lin Fan nodded his head in approval. Holding an emblem, he handed it over to Zhao Xiaomao personally.

The moment Zhao Xiaomao received the emblem, he felt as though his status in life had just been raised.

Looking at Zhao Xiaomao's back as he left, Lin Fan looked over to Reverend Shakya and whispered, "This lad is decent. We can look to groom him with some importance."

Reverend Shakya nodded his head in approval as he grinned out.

With Zhao Xiaomao leading the charge, the others were no longer fearful. The sight of their party leader handing out the emblems personally had them bursting with pride.

"Don't s.n.a.t.c.h with me! I'm going to be the second!"

"I'm the second!"

"Alright, then I'm the third! I must burst the nuts of the Sovereign King Thunder!"

"Mad! These guys have all gone mad!" Some of the observers who were members of other parties were all rattled at this scene right now. They could not believe in this incredulity at all.

Even Lin Fan himself was finding it a little way too incredible. Weren't these guys that had just joined the Revolutionary Army gaining their self-awareness way too quickly?

Could this be a boost that was given off by the system? After joining the Revolutionary Army and having their loyalty risen, would they wear the helms of the Revolutionary Army completely?

Looking at these frenzied living beings, the Sovereign King Thunder's face turned entirely pale.



Leg after another flew towards the groin of the Sovereign King Thunder as though they were free of charge. A series of pain was spreading through the body of the Sovereign King Thunder, causing him so much torment that he was going to break down.

"YOU BEASTS! I MUST DEFINITELY KILL ALL OF YOU!" The eyes of the Sovereign King Thunder were bloodshot as he screamed out.

"Sovereign King Thunder, how dare you spout such big words against the absolute justice of the Revolutionary Army? Everyone, kick him to death!" The members of the Revolutionary Army shouted out as yet another round of ball kicking ensued.

Watching everything before them, Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya could not help but blink their eyes.

"Benefactor, this is way too cruel, isn't it?" Even just watching this had Reverend Shakya feeling some pain in his nuggets.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! The nuggets of the Sovereign King Thunder were even looking as though they were going to burst into a blood mist right now!

"The anger of the common folks is one that's hard to quench. It's the Sovereign King Thunder's fault for being so audacious." Lin Fan shook his head in helplessness.


At this moment, the Sovereign King Thunder finally relented and started begging. He couldn't bear with it any longer.

However, his pleas for mercy were drowned by the Revolutionary Army instantly.

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