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While Lin Fan was having the time of his life, Reverend Shakya's eyes were being pierced continuously.

Each time Reverend Shakya witnessed the huge 'weapons' of that childlike faced chick making contact and bouncing on Lin Fan's skin one after another, his eyes felt as though they were sore.

"Why does this poor monk not have a share in this sort of a wondrous affair?" Reverend Shakya lamented in his heart, feeling exceptionally sad. Lin Fan, on the other hand, was feeling mushy all over his body. This wondrous feeling was making its rounds around his heart.

However, Lin Fan was a man of morals! How could he be bewitched by something as such?


All of a sudden, an explosion rang out.

Lin Fan raised his head gently. A black mountain stood far in the distance. On that mountain, countless weapons were pierced on the ground while innumerable corpses laid around.

"There's a bunch of really nasty Ancient race beings who live at the foot of this black mountain. There're also some living beings who had veered off into the dark path. Our Rose Party are tasked with destroying this mountain." Liu Qiangwei stopped her hand movements and explained.

"Oh, so that's the case." Lin Fan commented indifferently as he stood up.

Black clouds rumbled while the entire place was desolated and looked sinisterly creepy. It was akin to h.e.l.l on Earth.

"There are living beings attacking!" The moment Lin Fan and the others made their appearance, they were spotted by the Ancient race beings immediately.

"Everyone from the Rose Party, listen up! Three men to a group! None of you are to separate from one another!" Liu Qiangwei's face was solemn now. There was still some difficulty to this mission. Otherwise, it wouldn't be an Earth Tiered Upper Graded mission for nothing.

"Yes!" Everyone from the Rose Party felt their spirits rising. Each one of them was a talented woman of their own rights. Against the opponents they were about to face later, they did not have a single shred of fear in their hearts.

"Save the trouble." Lin Fan waved his hand before floating up gently. As he spread open his palms, a ma.s.sive amount of power burst forth. A gigantic palm descended from the sky and with power that could move the mountains and seas. It grabbed at this black mountain.

"Lift up!"

Lin Fan's powers were like the torrential rivers that were surging furiously. With a single move of his, the power that was emanated out was limitless.


The ground shook as the weapons on the black mountain began to fall down repeatedly. Just like that, the entire black mountain was lifted up!

"So strong! Who knows what the weight of that black mountain is! Even a Divine celestial level 8 state powerful being wouldn't be able to do that!" The moment everyone caught sight of the scene before them, they exclaimed out in shock and disbelief.

"Who is it that dares to act so brazenly here?" All of a sudden, a maddened growl boomed through the area. A black light shone forth and appeared before Lin Fan's face instantly.


Lin Fan lifted two fingers and caught a longsword that was being slashed down in between.

"The Black Demon Sword Lord!"

The moment everyone from the Rose Party saw this, their expressions changed. They now knew what Fang Xuan had meant earlier on. To think that the Black Demon Sword Lord would be hiding in this black mountain! At the thought of this, Liu Qiangwei's heart thumped furiously.

If the Rose Party had dared to come here all by themselves, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

The name of the Black Demon Sword Lord had been known for a long time now. His sword skills were abnormally strong, and possessed the powers of the ghosts and G.o.ds. At the same time, while his cultivation state was only that of a Divine celestial level 7 state being, if one were to factor in that unparalleled sword skills of his, even three powerful beings of Divine celestial level 7 state wouldn't be able to take him down at all!

"Your sword is a little too weak." Lin Fan's body did not budge as he pinched with his fingers slightly. Instantly, the black sword cracked apart as the Weapon Spirit within it howled out before disappearing into nothingness.

"You're someone from the Guarded Ground?" The face of the Black Demon Sword Lord was astonished. To think that his Lower Graded Dao Weapon would be destroyed just like that!

"Liu Qiangwei, your mission is to destroy this place?" Lin Fan asked.

"Y-yes." Rattled by everything before her, Liu Qiangwei replied.

"Good. Then consider the mission done." Lin Fan's powers were heaven revolting. The black mountain and the Black Demon Sword Lord before his very eyes were akin to ants that could be squashed with the flip of his hands.

"d.a.m.n it! Since you guys dared to come here, you shall leave your lives behind!"

"Infinite Demons Sword Will! Slay down the Heavens and Earth!"

All of a sudden, the Black Demon Sword Lord's body shone as a boundless dark Sword Will rushed up into the Heavens. The Earth quaked as this boundless Sword Will filled the entire world.

A monster wielding a black long sword appeared all of a sudden between the world, and with a single slash, sliced the world into two.

"Not good! That's the Infinite Demons Sword Will of the Black Demon Sword Lord!"

The moment everyone caught sight of this immense Sword Will, their expressions could not help but tense up.

On the other hand, as he witnessed this boundless Sword Will, Lin Fan only grinned coldly. Within the blink of an eye, he swept across with his robes and with a single palm, it seemed as though the entire void was being pressured down by some immense force from above!

Bam! Bam!

The black mountain began to explode, along with every other living being on it.

"How could this be!?" The moment the Black Demon Sword Lord witnessed his very own Infinite Demons Sword Will crumbling under the might of this opposing force, he yelled out in shock.


Blood and flesh sprayed out into the world. Under the crushing might of this force, the Black Demon Sword Lord was minced up into pieces of bloodied meat that floated in the void. Every single meat was akin to a longsword of its own that struggled continuously.

"Too weak." Lin Fan shook his head and caused the pieces of meat to rupture out, forcefully stealing everything from them.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 7 Black Demon Sword Lord.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Ancient race legatus.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Ancient race…'

With the destruction of the black mountain, every single last living being and Ancient race beings that resided on it died without even knowing how.

The relentless experience points were being reaped by Lin Fan. Even though they weren't some sort of powerful beings, the wave of experience points was still pretty decent.

After obtaining a certain amount of energy, the surface of Lin Fan's Paradise was expanding out rapidly. The crystallized walls shone with a sparkling light as though every single crystal particle possessed a consciousness of its own.

"Benefactor, why couldn't you leave a single one for this poor monk?" Reverend Shakya asked helplessly. At times, there were sc.r.a.ps for him to collect while at others, he couldn't even get a single bit of c.r.a.p.

"These guys are way too weak. So, we won't waste any time." Lin Fan tossed his robes and headed back to where he was.

"Let's go back." He waved his hands saying.

Everyone from the Rose Party looked at Lin Fan with a stunned look. They had not expected the mission to be over just like that!

Under a single palm, an Earth Tiered Upper Graded mission was completed just like that! Wasn't this just way too fast?

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party was equally stumped. Even though they had witnessed the scene of Lin Fan suppressing the Sovereign King Thunder with just a single move, the sight of him crumbling down the black mountain was equally spectacular nevertheless.

Right now, the Sovereign King Thunder was being chained like a dog and tied to the side of the sedan chair. His face was infuriated. However, there was nothing he could do at all.

They went as quickly as they came.

Within a single breath, an Earth Tiered Upper Graded mission was completed just like that. For everyone from the Rose Party, this was akin to a dream they could not have imagined.

"Yes, comfortable. Liu Qiangwei, use slightly more strength."

"Chick Tong Han, stop using your huge 'weapons' to rub them across my leg."

"That… What's your name called? Use more strength! Yours Truly's limbs aren't that delicate!"

"Hais! Seems like if there's a chance, Yours Truly have got to teach you guys the 108 moves of the Dongguan Style Ma.s.sage!"

Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan and remarked in a sour tone, "Cheap people are hypocritical."

"Bald monk, what did you say?"

"Nothing, I said nothing at all."

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