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"Senior brother, do you think the grand master believes me?" Lin Fan looked at his senior brother after he was sent away by the grand master. Meng Yangquan was very worried because of the coming crisis, and could not calm down at all.

"He did." Meng Yangquan finally nodded.

"Why did the grand master not say anything such as ‘united together for the crisis’?" Lin Fan wondered out loud. The grand master did not know how to unite the force, always trying to act alone only. Unity brought more power, and that was something Lin Fan firmly believed in.

"Junior brother…"

"Yes?" Lin Fan looked at his senior brother confusedly. He had no idea what his senior brother would say.

"Actually, the grand master believes that the concept of ‘united together’ is useless. This time, so many sects are going to attack us. They will send people who are above pericelestial level. Outer sect disciples, even those post celestial inner sect disciples, are basically useless. Sending in more of them is just wasting lives. The difference between levels is way too big. Hence, unity is not all that useful." Meng Yangquan said.

Saint Devil sect was stronger than most sects, when compared one on one. However, if many sects united together against them, the sect would surely be ruined.

"How?" Lin Fan had stayed in this world for a long time, but he still did not fully understand it.

A pericelestial man could defeat hundreds, and even thousands post celestial men. This was the change brought by major levels. Increasing quant.i.ty was literally of no use.

When Lin Fan was at the postcelestial level, he tried to kill Mo Yi, who was fainted. But Lin Fan could not break his body at all. That was the difference between levels.

If one truly wanted to fix it, one would have to use a Xuan level weapon.

"Later, the grand master will inform the whole sect." Meng Yangquan sighed.

"Senior brother, this is not right. If there are spies in the sect, informing the whole sect will be heard by the Yan Emperor." Lin Fan said.

Meng Yangquan shook his head, "It does not matter if they know or not. They know the grand master will not leave the Saint Devil Sect."

"Senior brother, there is still a future. Why does the grand master not lead the whole sect to hide? He can wait until we are powerful enough." Lin Fan persisted with his questions.

‘If you cannot fight, then hide. If you can fight, then fight. Why not change the mindset?’

At this time, Meng Yangquan became serious. "Junior brother, the honor of the great sect cannot be thrown away. Remember, this world is a food chain. Now, you go find junior brother Ni and prepare to leave."

"Senior brother, what about you?" Lin Fan saw Meng Yangquan’s worried face and started to worry.

"I am an inner sect disciple. I was adopted by the sect when I was two. If the sect is to disappear, I will die defending it. If the sect survives, I will be living to see it." Meng Yangquan said with a determined voice while looking forward, and walking away.

"Senior brother..." Lin Fan looked at Meng Yangquan’s back as he left. He did not know what to say. Suddenly, Lin Fan found himself hard to breathe because of the environment and the circ.u.mstances.


Just like what Senior brother Meng said, the grand master ordered all disciples who were below precelestial level to leave the sect. After hearing the news, all disciples were obviously shocked. They felt that the sect was going to abandon them.

However, when they heard about the incoming attack, they became silent. Some disciples who were under precelestial level went back to their dorms and started packing silently. But there were others who refused to leave and wished to defend the sect.

"Senior brother Ni, Senior brother Yin, what are you going to do?" Lin Fan asked.

Yin Mochen shook his head, "Where can I go after leaving. I have considered Saint Devil sect as my home. I will stay and fight until my life ends."

"Senior brother Meng does not leave. I will not leave either. Senior brother Meng took care of me since I joined the sect. I will stay next to him and fight until the end." Ni Mingyang resonated the feeling with a heavy voice.

"Junior brother Lin, you should go. It is a great achievement that you brought back the news. There is no need to die here." Ni Mingyang tried convincing Lin Fan. Lin Fan hesitated for a while, ‘Should he go or stay?’ After all, everyone only had one life. Was he afraid of death? Of course he was.

However, sometimes things were different.

"Senior brother, you guys are not leaving. I will not leave either." Lin Fan finally spoke firmly.

"Junior brother, please leave. We do not want to leave because of the memories. You just joined the sect not long ago. Even if you leave, we will not say anything, because we really wish you to live on." Ni Mingyang says.

If other sects attacked the Saint Devil sect for real, everyone who stayed would not live for sure.

There was no hope at all.

"No need to speak. You can live only once. Death can come upon you earlier or later in your life. We do not need to be so pessimistic. What if the grand master can change the situation?" Lin Fan says.

Lin Fan was an emotional man. He understood the reason behind grand master’s order of retreat. The grand master wanted to give them a reason to escape. When the sect was in trouble, those disciples ran away. That was something which sounded horrible and disloyal. So, the order was to create an excuse for them to leave.

"Junior brother..." Ni Mingyang and Yin Moche looked at Lin Fan with eyes filled with appreciation and care. They tapped his shoulders without a word.


Qingxin building…

"Junior sister Mu, you should leave with others." Meng Yangquan looked at Mu Chenyu gently.

The sect was facing a crisis. He could not keep her near him, because he could not even protect himself. He had to ask her to leave in order to live.

"Senior brother, you really believe him? Those are just rumors. Senior brother, I will share some views with you. Maybe you can change your mind." Mu Chenyu said in a voice filled with some coldness while hating Lin Fan in her heart.

"Junior sister, do not do this. You should leave now. If I am still alive, I will go and find you." Meng Yangquan and Mu Chenyu met a long time ago. First, he saw her in the outer sect, and started to pay attention to her. Later, Meng Yangquan quit the inner sect and joined the outer sect. He thought he would need to look for the junior sister. However, one day, she appeared behind him herself and asked him a question.

That was a beginning, and today might be the end.

"Senior brother, I will not go if you do not go." Mu Chenyu shook her head resolutely.

"Get out of my face." This time, Meng Yangquan got angry and shouted at her.

Mu Chenyu was shocked and frightened because of his sudden change.

"Senior brother, you...what did you say?" Mu Chenyu could not believe what she heard and looked at Meng Yangquan, looking for some signs to contradict the words.

"I said, get out of my face!"

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