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"BEAST!" The Sovereign King Thunder screamed out at the top of his lungs. The powers within his body were empty right now, and his Paradise was stolen right before his eyes. Right now, he was nothing more than a slightly stronger Ancient race soldier. He was practically trash at this point.

"Yes." Lin Fan swung his arm, and a rope formed a noose around the neck of the Sovereign King Thunder. He was like a stray dog being led right now.

Everyone was completely flabbergasted. They could not dare to believe that the almighty and unparalleled Sovereign King Thunder would fall just like that, without being able to fight back at all!

Just who in the world was this man?

"Time to collect my payment!" Leading the Sovereign King Thunder, Lin Fan walked towards Qiu Yue.

"Many grat.i.tude for your rescue, benefactor! On behalf of our entire Hundred Battle Party, I thank you, benefactor!" Lie Baizhan had never ever thought that his entire party could make it out of the hands of Sovereign King Thunder alive. To them, the Sovereign King Thunder was akin to a mountain that they could not climb over at all. It wasn't something they could go against.

"You don't have to call me your benefactor. This is just a transaction." Lin Fan waved off his hand. Different issues shouldn't be linked together. d.a.m.n it, it wasn't easy earning these 10,000 Contribution Points!

Qiu Yue explained the matter as it was to her party leader. After hearing it, Lie Baizhan's face was filled with utter shock.

To think that such a powerful being would be rented at a mere cost of 10,000 Contribution Points! How unbelievable was this?

"Benefactor! 10,000 Contribution Points is too little. I'm willing to pay you half of our entire party's Contribution Points as compensation!" Lie Baizhan offered out of goodwill.

"What are you doing? If I said 10,000, I meant 10,000. Are you trying to humiliate my professionalism?" Lin Fan felt as though the other party was looking down on him. After all his time treading across the Pugilistic World, Lin Fan had always been someone of his words. He never ever asked for an extravagant price. How much he asked for was how much he would take.

"N-no! I've definitely had no intention of humiliating your professionalism!" Lie Baizhan waved it off hurriedly.

At the same time, Lie Baizhan was a little stumped. All he thought was that 10,000 Contribution Points were too little and wanted to give more, that was all! How did it come down to humiliating and whatnot?

"Alright. Good that you did not have that intent. Now, hand over the 10,000 Contribution Points." Lin Fan felt that time was running out right now. He had to get these 10,000 Contribution Points and hurry up to form a party, so that he could start accepting missions and head for the peak of his life from there on!

Seeing a powerful being as such, Lie Baizhan naturally wanted to spend more time establishing a better relationship with him. If he knew someone as powerful as him, he could request help from the other party for some dangerous missions in the future!

Upon receiving the 10,000 Contribution Points, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy in his heart. This had been a tumultuous journey to obtain these 10,000 Contribution Points!

"Bald monk, are you done yet?" Lin Fan looked over at the distance and shouted out to the bald monk.

Lin Fan couldn't be bothered with these Ancient race soldiers at all. No matter what, after he had eaten the biggest part of the pie, he had to give this bald monk some sc.r.a.ps. Otherwise, he'd be crying about it again.

"Benefactor, done, done!" Reverend Shakya replied excitedly. He had converted quite a number of Ancient race beings this time around. From here on forth, the faith within his Paradise was only going to get stronger.

Indeed, following Benefactor Lin would bring many benefits to him!

"Party leader, should we head up and seek help from the other party?" At this moment, the members of the Rose Party asked with unnatural looks on their faces.

Initially, this powerful being would have helped them with their mission. However, due to their unduly concerns over his background, they had rejected him. But, after witnessing everything, Liu Qiangwei was regretful right now. If she hadn't rejected him, their mission would have long been completed for sure.

"It's useless now." Liu Qiangwei shook her head and revealed a disappointed look. If only she had trusted them from the start, things would be different right now.

"Party leader, how would we know if we don't give it a shot? I'll go beg them." The Lolitlooking chick grit her teeth and said.

At the very beginning in the Guarded Ground, she was the one warning her party leader to be careful. However, she had now witnessed his might before her very eyes. She naturally understood that she had missed out on a G.o.d!

If they were to fail this current mission, it would be an inconceivable blow for the Rose Party.

Even though the Guarded Ground was a place where all living beings coexisted in safety, the compet.i.tion was intense.

"Tong Han…" Liu Qiangwei wanted to say something, but she swallowed back her words. Eventually, she sighed helplessly.

Just as Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya were preparing to leave with the Hundred Battle Party, a chick with a childlike face appeared before Lin Fan.

"Oh, it's you guys." The moment Lin Fan saw who it was that had appeared, he grinned. His brows then furrowed as he was gleeful about this secretly. These chicks must be regretting their decisions right now.

Ever since they witnessed this big d*ck of an act by Yours Truly, they must be remorseful that they had missed out on a powerful being such as Yours Truly.

Tong Han was a little awkward right now. She then raised her head and looked at Lin Fan, "Can we from the Rose Party still rent you?"

"Oh, you wish to rent me?" Lin Fan chuckled out while his eyes were darting about. He had to check this girl out properly, wondering how these chicks from the thousands of races would grow as such. This Tong Han here was someone from the Fox race. That furry tail of hers was swaying behind her back while the skimpy clothes she was wearing were about to burst due to that voluptuous figure of hers.

"Yes." Tong Han nodded her head with a look of antic.i.p.ation.

At this moment, Liu Qiangwei and the others appeared out from the deep void as well. Liu Qiangwei was looked really embarra.s.sed as she did not dare to look Lin Fan straight in the face.

"Benefactor, it's a virtue to a.s.sist others. Based on the opinion of this poor monk…" Reverend Shakya's heart was thumping furiously right now. However, he maintained a straight face.

"Shut up, bald monk."

"Initially, Yours Truly had only intended to earn 10,000 Contribution Points. However, now that the 10,000 Contribution Points are in my hands already, I do not require any more Contribution Points. But, considering the fact that you guys are gentle and meek chicks, Yours Truly doesn't feel too good about rejecting you guys. But, Yours Truly DOES feel a little tired from that fight with the Sovereign King Thunder earlier on. Right now, I'm aching all over my body and am looking for a good rest."

Lin Fan's mind moved and a luxurious sedan chair was formed in thin air. He then leaped on it and laid down with his arms opened widely.

His intentions were clear, 'Yours Truly is tired and requires a ma.s.sage.'

However, these members of the Rose Party did not manage to catch his intentions for a moment or two. They stood there wondering what the other party wanted.

Looking at the chicks from the Rose Party, Lin Fan's brows creased momentarily. Weren't these chicks too ignorant of the world outside?

The moment Reverend Shakya caught sight of this scene, he coughed out gently, "Benefactor Lin has overexerted himself earlier on and now his arms and legs are aching. I think he requires a little bit of a ma.s.sage. Don't you think so, Benefactor Lin?"

"Sure." Lin Fan nodded his head in approval of Reverend Shakya.

Now that Reverend Shakya had made everything so clear, if the members of the Rose Party still did not know what this meant, they would have truly lived for nothing at all.

Tong Han struggled for a little within her heart. However, she came forth and placed one of Lin Fan's leg onto both of hers as she knelt down. Those tender hands of hers began to start at ma.s.saging.

"Not bad, not bad. Your techniques are decent." To think that the techniques of this chick would be this good! Lin Fan could not help but enjoy it thoroughly.

Despite the unwillingness in their hearts, the Rose Party members still had to help out and continue for the sake of their party. Eventually, another three party member came forth just like Tong Han and ma.s.saged his arms and the other leg.

The feeling right now was something that Lin Fan had been waiting for a long time now. Ever since he had entered the Ancient Saint World, he had not been through such an enjoyable treatment.

Now that he was experiencing it once more, it was still ever so pleasurable.

"Not bad, not bad! Yours Truly's arms are gradually recovering slowly. I don't think there's going to be much of an issue for me helping out with you guys. You there, what's your name? Right, Liu Qiangwei? Yours Truly's head is feeling a little dull. Come here and give me a head ma.s.sage."

"That Lie Baizhan there, Yours Truly is feeling all uncomfortable for the sake of saving you guys. Get four men over to come lift this sedan chair and carry me." Lin Fan ordered.

The moment he heard this, Lie Baizhan did not hesitate at all. In fact, he himself went up first.

"Alright, let us go!" Lin Fan was extremely pleased with this situation right now. He then waved his arm forward and indicated for them to move in the direction of Rose Party's mission.

"Hais! Such is the life of being a landlord." Lin Fan laid there and acknowledged in bliss.

"Benefactor, this poor monk is feeling a little sore as well." Looking at how much Lin Fan was enjoying himself, Reverend Shakya could not help but remark in envy.

"Sore your a.s.s! You don't have to do anything at all. All you need to do is to protect me from the sides!" Lin Fna replied.

"Alright." Reverend Shakya replied listlessly.

If anyone from the Guarded Ground were to see this, they would definitely puke out blood.

They were all busy cultivating in order to increase their cultivation states. Who knew how much pain and ordeals they had to endure? And yet, this man here was having a ball of a time!

Women on his left and right while being guarded by even more beauties.

What an envy-worthy life this was!

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