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"How could this be?"

All of a sudden, everyone found themselves looking at everything before them dumbstruck.

"That single strike by Sovereign King Thunder just now... Even if it were a powerful being of Divine celestial level 7 state, there's no way they'd be able to resist it. Just how in the world did this guy do it?" Liu Qiangwei was feeling as though a pair of invisible hands were slapping her on the face furiously.

From the start, she didn't have many expectations from this Lin Fan guy. However, reality had taught her the harsh truth of how to behave like a proper human being.

"Not simple. This guy is not simple! Could it truly be possible that this person found by Qiu Yue would be able to suppress the Sovereign King Thunder?" Lie Baizhan commented with astonishment.

"Party leader, that's impossible. Both of us are clear of just how strong the Sovereign King Thunder…"

Just as a member of the Hundred Battle Party was refuting those words, the next scene had him feeling as though an invisible arm was gripping on his throat and choking him, rendering him unable to complete his sentence.

"Just who in the world is he?!" n.o.body knew where this member of the Hundred Battle Party could have gotten the strength to bolt up standing instantly.

The long whip of thunder in Lin Fan's hands seemed to be filled with a mind of its own as it moved like both a dragon and a snake, coiling itself tightly around the throat of the Sovereign King Thunder. The Sovereign King Thunder was then dragged right before Lin Fan's face.

"B-b*stard! You're courting death!" The Sovereign King Thunder was filled with a boundless rage in his heart right now. Within his palms, lightning crackled as a Thunder G.o.d pounced up towards Lin Fan.

"If Yours Truly have said that you wouldn't get a chance to fight back, you wouldn't! Slay!" Activating his consciousness, a sharp Sword Will broke out from the void and tore the arm of Sovereign King Thunder apart.


Sovereign King Thunder screamed out and his face turned extremely terrible. To think that the strength of this guy would be this high!

"Kneel down for Yours Truly!" Lin Fan stretched open his palm as a formidable force pressed down on the head of the Sovereign King Thunder. A boundless amount of might unfurled and swept through the entire world.

"How dare you humiliate Your Sovereign King? Die for Your Sovereign King here!" Sovereign King Thunder sent a punch flying towards Lin Fan's chest.


"This isn't good! He's been struck by the Sovereign King Thunder!"

At that moment, the color drained from everyone's faces. Initially, they thought that this guy would have a chance of suppressing the Sovereign King Thunder. But just at this moment, they discovered that the retaliatory punch of the Sovereign King Thunder had landed on this guy squarely!

"He's way too overconfident. How can he be this confident? The destructive powers of the Sovereign King Thunder are so strong! That single punch possessed such devastating powers that even those of the Giant or Vajra race wouldn't be able to hang on!" The moment Liu Qiangwei saw this scene, her face changed immediately. That initial hope she had in the beginning had vanished entirely.

Just at this moment, yet another situation occurred.

"Sovereign King Thunder, stop resisting now! This fist of yours is just akin to a scratch to Yours Truly. Kneel down before Yours Truly!" Lin Fan chuckled out coldly. His physical body state was that of a Divine celestial level 8 state right now.


A ma.s.sive amount of power was channeled down from the head of the Sovereign King Thunder once more. Unable to resist it, he collapsed with a thud onto the ground, causing a great amount of that energy to be transferred over.

Bam! Bam!

The ground started cracking as earth spikes shot up, as though the entire earth was going to cave in right now.

At this moment, the only feeling that Liu Qiangwei could feel was her cheeks burning red from embarra.s.sment. The moment she said what she said earlier on, she was given one tight slap across the face immediately, without any chance to react at all.

Everyone from the Rose Party looked at their party leader and did not know what to say for a moment or two. They had realized that this seemed to be an unlucky day for their party leader today. No matter what she did, she would just come across bad luck.

As for the Hundred Battle Party, they were so stunned that they were rendered speechless.

"So strong! This is way too strong! Since when has there been such a powerful existence within the Guarded Ground?!"

"How in the world did Qiu Yue seek out help from such a powerful being?!"

"I've got no idea. But, what I want to know is why such a powerful being is totally unknown till now."

"Yours Truly has said it. You're definitely not going to have a chance to fight back at all. Now, do you believe me?" Lin Fan smiled calmly as though this was something really normal that was happening.

"d.a.m.nED THING! YOUR SOVEREIGN KING WILL HAVE YOU DEAD!" Sovereign King Thunder had not expected this to happen to him at all, as he screamed out with a shrill voice.


Within the void, a black vortex suddenly appeared. This vortex was nurturing a tremendous amount of power.

Everyone raised their heads and revealed a look of fear.

Within the vortex, they could sense a monstrous amount of power emanating from it.

"B*STARD! DIE FOR YOUR SOVEREIGN KING HERE!" Sovereign King Thunder blared out as the black vortex in the void began to move along with lightning. From there, a thick and ferocious thunderbolt descended from the Heavens and smote down on Lin Fan.

"That's the Thunder Tornado! To think that the Sovereign King Thunder would have such a G.o.dly skill under his control!" The moment Lie Baizhan saw the thunderbolt, his face changed immediately.

The Thunder Tornado was equivalent to a Paradise Calamity.

If the Paradise wanted to create a Dao of its own, it would have to undergo a Calamity. Right now, the thunderbolt created by the Sovereign King Thunder was that of a Paradise Calamity.

Lin Fan looked at the thunderbolt that rained down from the sky reminiscently. However, none of this mattered to Lin Fan by now.

"d.a.m.nED LIVING BEING! IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!" Sovereign King Thunder laughed out coldly. It was a sinister and eerie laughter. However, his face changed all of a sudden.

Lin Fan grabbed the back of the Sovereign King Thunder's head and lifted him up straight facing the oncoming thunderbolt.


The Sovereign King Thunder screamed out in pain as black fumes rose from his body.

"Now, don't you think that you're one h.e.l.l of a dumbf*ck? Evidently, you know that you're trapped in the hands of Yours Truly, and yet you choose to play with thunder? In the end, who's the one who had to take it himself?" Lin Fan sighed out, not knowing what else to say.

"DESPICABLE! SHAMELESS!" The Sovereign King Thunder had not expected this guy to be devious enough to use him as a scapegoat!

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party and the Rose Party were completely flabbergasted. They had not expected things to turn out as such.

"That mission about the Sovereign King Thunder which is Heaven Tiered Middle Graded…What's the deal about it?" Lin Fan asked the members of the Hundred Battle Party.

"Capture the Sovereign King Thunder back alive."

"Oh? I can bring him back alive?"

"That's right."

At this moment, Lin Fan turned to look at the Sovereign King Thunder before smiling coldly.

Sovereign King Thunder was rupturing out with every last bit of strength that he had. At the same time, the powers within his body were rumbling furiously. However, he was pressed down by that palm on his forehead, and there was nothing he could do at all about it.

All of a sudden, the face of Sovereign King Thunder changed.

"HOW DARE YOU!" As though the powers, Paradise, Essence Spirit, and Universal Elixir of his body were no longer under his control, Sovereign King Thunder found them all gravitating towards the body of this living being. His face was really terrible right now.

"Sovereign King Thunder, I guess it's just tough luck for you to run into Yours Truly. However, for the sake of the mission, I'm not going to take that life of yours." Lin Fan's Mythical Parasol Tree within him began to go hard at work.

In the blink of an eye, the powers, Paradise and Essence Spirit et cetera within the body of the Sovereign King Thunder were all extracted out.

'Ding…Experience Points +800,000'

"B*STARD! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" All of a sudden, the Sovereign King Thunder found his body lacking even a single shred of power, as though he was a handicapped being.

"Hehe…" Lin Fan did not say anything more. Instead, as though he was dragging a dead dog, Lin Fan pulled Sovereign King Thunder in his hands and walked towards the Hundred Battle Party.

"Bald monk, I'll leave the rest of the Ancient race beings for you." Lin Fan said.

"Yes! Thank you, benefactor." The moment Reverend Shakya heard this, he was filled with joy. Leaping with joy instantly, his body was covered with a golden gleam as he began reforming that Ancient race army with a benevolent expression.

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party was watching with jaws agape right now. To think that the unparalleled and mighty Sovereign King Thunder would be suppressed by this human before them just like that.

If they hadn't just witnessed it with their very eyes, they wouldn't have believed it at all.

At this moment, the ones who were the saddest right now were none other than the Rose Party…

"H-he…!" Liu Qiangwei looked at everything before her. As though she hadn't managed to breathe properly, she fainted over.

"P-party leader…!!!" The members of the Rose Party began to hold up their party Leader together. They knew why their party leader would have such a reaction.

To think that she would have let such a powerful being slip away from her just like that!

And not only that! He had only costed a mere 10,000 Contribution Points…!!!

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