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"Hoho? Sovereign King Thunder, it isn't Yours Truly that has the guts. YOU are the one with the guts. To think that you aren't scramming away just yet even though Yours Truly is here? Seems like your b.a.l.l.s are pretty big, eh?" Lin Fan wasn't fazed in the least bit as he tossed back his robes. Hands behind his back, he looked at the Sovereign King Thunder straight in the eye.

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party watched this before sighing out eventually.

Seemed like this time around, the Hundred Battle Party was doomed to be annihilated for sure. To think that Qiu Yue would b.u.mp into such a r.e.t.a.r.d who would dare to act so brazenly before the Sovereign King Thunder.

"Qiu Yue, hurry up and run!" Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party shouted out. They did not bear the slightest bit of hopes towards these two men that Qiu Yue had brought over.

"Party leader, the Twin Dark Valley is right up ahead. If we were to continue heading forth, it's very likely that we'll be discovered by the Sovereign King Thunder." A member of the Rose Party mentioned.

"Just where have they gone to?" Liu Qiangwei asked perplexedly.

"Perhaps they have never been here from the start? What sort of an existence is the Sovereign King Thunder? Anyone with some normal brains would definitely not send themselves to death for nothing."

"That's right. The both of them are only Divine celestial level 7 state beings. There's no way they are a match for Sovereign King Thunder."

The Rose Party was hidden somewhere and gossiping about this right now.


All of a sudden, a dragon's roar rang out across the world.

Instantly, all the members from the Rose Party felt the powers within their bodies rumbling all of a sudden. Their powers were even going berserk at this moment. They then let out looks of astonishment.

"How could this be? This is…?" Liu Qiangwei did not know what was going on right now. However, the howl from earlier seemed to be an extremely profound skill that was cast. All of a sudden, a voice made its way into everyone's ears.

"Sovereign King Thunder, make your move. No matter how many of these underlings you send, they're all going to die for sure."

"They've really gone for the Sovereign King Thunder!"

"How could things turn out as such? Just what sort of courage do they possess for them to seek out the Sovereign King Thunder?"

"Go! Let's go and check out what's going on." Liu Qiangwei was filled with questions.

At this moment, Lin Fan's consciousness had descended. Opening his mouth, the Heavenly Dragon's Music rang forth and suppressed the Ancient race legatus entirely.

"Seems like you've got some skills." Sovereign King Thunder laughed out frostily. He wasn't bothered in the least bit about the death of his legatus. After all, it was just an ant that had died.

"I don't have some skills. I'm extremely skillful. Sovereign King Thunder, I'd advise you to come at me first. Otherwise, by the time Yours Truly has to strike out, you'd probably have no chance to retaliate at all." Lin Fan said indifferently.

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party was stumped by now.

To think that the helper found by Qiu Yue would be this strong! With a single move, he annihilated a legatus of the Ancient race!

And that wasn't the only thing! His words towards the Sovereign King Thunder were extremely tyrannical! It was as though he was afraid of nothing between this world!

'Just what sort of a person is he? How have I not seen him within the Guarded Ground before in the past? The name of Sovereign King Thunder within the Guarded Ground is infamous and known by everyone. Does this guy really have some capabilities, or is he just making a farce?' Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party could not help but have these doubts bubble in their hearts.

However, for everyone from the Hundred Battle Party, this level of strength was far from enough. After all, the scariness of the Sovereign King Thunder wasn't something that mere Ancient race legatus could measure up to.

Even if it were 10,000 Ancient race legatus together, they wouldn't be a match for the Sovereign King Thunder.

Far across in the distance, the Rose Party remained hidden.

"Party leader, check it out! They're over there!"

"How scary! The descent of the Sovereign King Thunder and that Ancient race army…Even from such a distance, I can feel the tremors being emanated out from their aura."

A maiden wearing black robes from the Rose Party commented.

"Don't talk now. Someone as strong as the Sovereign King Thunder would be able to sense any bit of disturbance in the air. If we're discovered by him, we might all just die right here."

"However, it does seem like there's no chance of anyone from the Hundred Battle Party making it out alive any longer."

Looking at everything before her, Liu Qiangwei shook her head in regret. For a Divine celestial level 7 state being to want to go head-on against the Sovereign King Thunder? This was unquestionably a fool's act.

At the same time, the current Liu Qiangwei was relieved that she did not rent these two guys. If she had, who knew what sort of troubles they would have caused?

However, the guts of them alone was pretty admirable from Liu Qiangwei's point. If she had not witnessed this for herself, she would not have dared believe that someone would dare to go against the Sovereign King Thunder as such.

The Sovereign King Thunder was not weak at all. This was especially due to that G.o.dlike mastery of thunder that he had, which was extremely sick! For any single living being, the power of thunder was one h.e.l.l of a horrifying existence.

"Benefactor, do you require any help?" Reverend Shakya asked.

From the body of Sovereign King Thunder, Reverend Shakya was sensing an extremely repressing amount of power. Seemed like this guy wasn't simple at all.

"Bald monk, does Yours Truly look like I need any help?" Lin Fan reversed the question.

"In this poor monk's opinion, you do not need any indeed, benefactor." Reverend Shakya replied.

"HAHA! That's right!" Lin Fan burst out laughing before turning his sight to Sovereign King Thunder. "Yours Truly has allowed you to strike at me first. But, since you did not do so, don't come blaming that Yours Truly did not give you any chance then."

Instantly, Lin Fan began walking towards Sovereign King Thunder briskly.

Lin Fan had killed so many Sovereign Kings by now. Even if Sovereign King Thunder was really strong, he wasn't bothered at all.

"Hmph! Courting death!" Sovereign King Thunder's brows furrowed. That pitch black finger of his raised slightly, and all of a sudden, the void turned into chaos. A gigantic thunder dragon was manifested out with its head, claws, body, and scales. Everything down to its very howl was similar to a real dragon.

"He's looking for death! Every single move of Sovereign King Thunder possesses an immense amount of power! Just that thunderous dragon alone possesses an aura that is so devastating! Even a Divine celestial level 7 state being wouldn't be able to hold out against that!"

Liu Qiangwei could clearly sense the power of that thunder dragon that was emanating out. As such, her face could not help but turn grim. From her point of view, the Sovereign King Thunder was so strong that even a single move of his would be able to cause a Divine celestial level 7 state being to disintegrate immediately.

Against this move, she even had to retreat somewhat from her current position to ensure that she wasn't caught in the radius of impact.

"Sovereign King Thunder, how dare you play with thunder before Yours Truly? This is you looking to be humiliated." Lin Fan laughed out coldly. His very own Thunder Trainer King had already set up his very own cult and even his starkly known Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy.

For Lin Fan, this thunder dragon looked as though it couldn't withstand a single blow.

"You brazen brat with dem big words!" Sovereign King Thunder burst out in anger.


Instantly, the thunder dragon had itself coiled around Lin Fan, crackling with electricity all over it. No one could see what was going on within at all.

"It's over. Due to the overconfidence of that man, he's done for. How horrifying was Sovereign King Thunder? To go against strength of that level is to court death indubitably." Liu Qiangwei shook her head and sighed out once more. With someone with such an ego, this was an outcome that would happen sooner or later.

Looking at the scene before her, Qiu Yue collapsed onto the ground in a crippled position as well.

Everyone from the Hundred Battle Party shook their heads in disappointment. Everything was all for naught. Against the Sovereign King Thunder, all of them were akin to ants.

"Hmph! Sovereign King Thunder, is this all you've got?"

All of a sudden, a lone voice rang out across the void.


A figure that was wrapped in lightning appeared before everyone's faces. Lin Fan opened up his palms, and the thunder dragon that was coiling itself around him was instantly caught in his hands.


Moving his wrist, that thunder dragon in his palms took on the shape of a long whip made up of thunder as it lashed out towards the Sovereign King Thunder.

"Yours Truly has already said it. Once Yours Truly strikes, you won't have a chance to retaliate. Come over to Yours Truly now."

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