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"Everyone stop."

Just as Lin Fan was preparing to spar with these fellow brothers, a sound stopping them came from the side.

"Is it you? Junior brother Lin?"A familiar and nostalgic voice came into Lin Fan’s ears.

Lin Fan looked over and gave a slight smile. Ni Mingyang was still the same as before, and his cultivation had broken through to the postcelestial stage.

Lin Fan remembered that when he left, his senior brother Ni was still only a level eight precelstial. According to logic, It still required two more levels from level eight precelstial to postcelestial. But unexpectedly, after he left, his senior brother Ni’s cultivation base had advanced greatly for some unknown reasons.

"Senior brother Ni, is there anyone else that looks like me?"Lin Fan stood there with a smile.

Ni Mingyang saw someone he couldn’t believe would appear in front of him, and his body was trembling. This feeling that made others want to punch him was something only his junior brother Lin had.

"Junior brother Lin, weren’t you already…I didn’t think I would ever see you again." Ni Mingyang stepped forth tearfully as he grabbed Lin Fan’s shoulders.

Lin Fan had been personally buried by him and Yin Mo Chen. They were certain Lin Fan had died, but now, he was alive right in front of him. It was surely hard to believe.

What was going on, how did his junior brother Lin revive?

Everything was confusing to Ni Mingyang, but no matter what, his junior brother Lin had returned safe and sound. To him, that was the greatest blessing.

"Junior brother Ni, you know him?"The inner sect disciple beside them asked.

"Yes, fellow brothers, this is junior brother Lin, an outer sect disciple of Saint Devil sect. But due to some reasons, he was unable to return till today." Ni Mingyang said.

"Oh, if it’s one of our own, he should’ve gone by the rules. But whatever, everyone disperse." The inner sect disciple nodded. He was displeased with how this junior brother had barged into the sect, but since it was a misunderstanding, he decided to let it slide.

And judging from the two’s expression, it seemed they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Perhaps something had happened to this junior brother and he ended up losing his emblem or something.

Among the crowd, Han Lu frowned in obvious disbelief. This guy, wasn’t he supposed to be dead? How did he come back?

When Lin Fan was accidentally killed, Han Lu had been overjoyed. After all, the said person was very despicable.

But now, he had miraculously returned to life; Han Lu was clearly displeased. The G.o.ds were blind to allow a scourge like him to continue living.

Han Lu had the Jade Bottle’s help, so his cultivation base had been steadily climbing. What took others years to accomplish needed him only a month.

His previous cultivation base of level four precelestial had now reached level eight precelestial. He was now close to postcelestial, and with the help of the Jade bottle, Han Lu was positive he could reach postcelestial in half a month.

As the spectating disciples all dispersed, Ni Mingyang was still in high spirits because his junior brother Lin had come back to life.

"Junior brother, I will take you to see junior brother Yin. Ever since you died, it was like he became a whole different person. He locked himself in his room every day to train. Aside from eating times, I never saw him any other time. Also, you have to tell me just what is going on. At that time, you were really dead apparently." Ni Mingyang said.

Lin Fan scratched his head in embarra.s.sment. He didn’t think his senior brother Yin would become like that due to him.

Lin Fan thought about it. It was completely because of him that his senior brother Yin became like that. His senior brother Yin had seen his own junior get accidentally killed, so it was likely he felt guilty of his own weakness.

"Senior brother Ni, I also have something I need to tell you all, can you help me with it?" He was only an outer sect disciple, so it would be impossible for him to meet the sect head. Aside from that, Lin Fan was afraid the sect head also wouldn’t believe in his words.

"What? Junior brother Lin, are you telling the truth?"Inside Yin Mo Chen’s room, the two listened to Lin Fan’s story and both had an expression of disbelief.

The Great Yan Dynasty and the other sects were planning to attack the Saint Devil sect? How could this be? The sects in the world had no reason to attack them, so why would they suddenly attack the Saint Devil sect.

"Junior brother, did you perhaps mishear it?" Ni Mingyang said.

Lin Fan shook his head, "Senior brother, it’s the truth. These are all matters I heard with my own ears."

"Junior brother, the Yan Emperor’s cultivation base is very high. You say you heard it yourself, this…even if you go to the sect head, it would be difficult to believe." Ni Mingyang said.

"Yeah, junior brother, this kind of thing is no joke." When Yin Mo Chen saw his junior brother Lin, he was utterly shocked. To him, it looked like Lin Fan had resurrected.

"Senior brother, does it look like I am joking? If I didn’t hear this myself, I wouldn’t have rushed all the way back from the Great Yan Dynasty." Lin Fan said.

Ni Mingyang and Yin Mo Chen were exasperated that Lin Fan had faked his death to escape to the Great Yan Dynasty to play around. Their junior brother would do anything to accomplish his goal as it seemed.

"Junior brother, we certainly believe you, but if this is true, then this is really bad." Ni Mingyang said in a grave voice.

"Senior brother Ni, I want to ask senior brother Meng Yangquan for a.s.sistance and take us to see the sect head. Senior brother, you also know that if it was just simply one sect, our sect could definitely handle it. But the critical issue is that it could perhaps be several sects planning to attack us. If we don’t inform the sect head, then when that day comes, our sect will be in great trouble." Lin Fan said.

"Alright, I will take you to senior brother Meng immediately." Ni Mingyang knew how serious the issue was. If it turned out like junior brother Lin said, then it would be truly terrible.

Meng Yangquan was an outer sect disciple, but he was, in reality, a fake pig that could eat tigers. His cultivation base was already at level six pericelestial, but he still remained in the outer sect.

Qingxin Pavilion.

The outer sect’s most luxurious house, also the place where Meng Yangquan lived...

Currently, Meng Yangquan had a soft look in his eyes as he watched his junior sister practicing her sword skills in the yard. He gradually became more obsessed as he watched.

"Senior brother, I’ve mastered the Jinghong swordsmanship you taught me." Mu Chenyu’s forehead had tiny beads of sweat on it, which appeared very dazzling.

"Junior sister, you are very talented. You’ve already mastered this dark cla.s.s swordsmanship… With more effort in the future, your cultivation base will surely improve." "Meng Yangquan said with a smile.

Mu Chenyu smiled as she watched her senior brother Meng, as a trace of sadness flashed through her eyes.

"Senior brother, I would like to go see the outside world. Can you take me?"Mu Chenyu said.

Meng Yangquan was slightly surprised, his composed heart wavering. This was the first time his junior sister had asked him to go with her to visit the outside world.

Mu Chenyu was an outer sect disciple, so she couldn’t leave sect grounds, but Meng Yangquan was different. He was a major boss hidden within the outer sect disciples, thus taking another outer sect disciple outside was naturally not a problem.

"Alright, where does junior sister want to go? I will accompany you." Meng Yangquan said lovingly.

"Ni Mingyang reporting to senior brother Meng." At this moment, Ni Mingyang’s voice came from the outside.

"Mingyang, enter." Meng Yangquan said softly.

But when Lin Fan followed Ni Mingyang inside, Meng Yangquan became shocked, "You are junior brother?"

"Greetings senior brother." Lin Fan said as he clasped his hands.

"Senior brother Meng, junior brother Lin wanted to go outside so he faked his death to go play around for a while." Ni Mingyang explained.

Meng Yangquan frowned, faked his death? That was impossible! He had been there that day and even personally confirmed it. All signs of life were gone, how could it have been faked?

"Mingyang, what do you need?"Meng Yangquan asked.

"Senior brother, junior brother Lin has important matters to report to the sect head. Can senior brother please introduce us to the sect head?" Ni Mingyang said. If they wanted to see the sect head, only senior brother Meng could help out.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to meet the sect head with their status.

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