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Lin Fan had not expected the Gleaming Blood Lord to be this strong after reverting to his true body. The blood seas flooded the sky, covering the Heavens and the Sun. There was no way to escape out of this at all.

The moment the Gleaming Blood Lord opened his mouth, countless streaks of b.l.o.o.d.y light streamed out and attacked Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya, who retaliated immediately and dismissed them all.

"Benefactor, we've got to think up something! Otherwise, we're not going to get out of this alive!" Reverend Shakya did not know what he should do now as well.

Even his Dragon Elephant Buddha Sarira wasn't able to suppress this. What else could he do?

"YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOING TO ESCAPE." The Gleaming Blood Lord coiled over, and wherever he pa.s.sed turned into a world of blood. That tainted Qi was even infecting the entire world. In fact, some of the Spirit Qi in the surroundings was being devoured by it as well.

"Scream like your mother did when I did her! You haven't even caught up with us till now!" Looking at how insolent the Gleaming Blood Lord was, Lin Fan could not bear with it any longer. Instantly, he tossed out his hand as a rain of Sword Wills burst forth, piercing the blood sea. However, the blood sea regenerated to its prior form immediately.

"You're just wasting your efforts! Now that you have successfully riled Your Lord here, both of you shall die today!" The head embedded within that t.i.tanic mouth of the blood sea bellowed out.


Just at this moment, a streak of bright light bolted over from the distance.

"Benefactor, check it out! What is that?" Reverend Shakya remarked hurriedly.

"That's my second Essence Spirit." Lin Fan did not say anything more. Controlling it with his mind, Lin Fan's second Essence Spirit turned into a starlight that entered his body.

At the same time, the second Essence Spirit brought with it the connate Element of Wood.

"Benefactor, what's wrong with you?" Reverend Shakya asked anxiously, noticing that Lin Fan wasn't moving at all.

"Bald monk, help me hold him off for a bit." Lin Fan requested.

"Alright." Even though Reverend Shakya did not know what Lin Fan was up to, he still stood forth valiantly against the Gleaming Blood Lord.

"Gleaming Blood Lord, this is all a misunderstanding! Please hear this poor monk out for a bit!" Reverend Shakya called out calmly. However, he was pretty fl.u.s.tered in his heart.

"HAHA! Bald monk, have you just realized that there's no way out of this and you're feeling fretful now? But sure, Your Lord just has to see what else you can say." The Gleaming Blood Lord burst out laughing.

Within the Paradise…

"Connate Element of Wood!" The moment the Big Ancient Demon sensed this aura of the connate Element of Wood, he grew impatient in his heart. If he could fuse this connate Element of Wood with him and have all five Elements work together, he would definitely evolve into an Utmost Treasure!

For every single treasure out there, it was a dream of a lifetime to evolve into an Utmost Treasure.

"Whether we can succeed or not depends on this." Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. The connate Element of Wood that was emitting out a strong lifeforce began to swivel as it seeped into the Demon City.

"Master, a.s.sist me in evolving!" The Big Ancient Demon floated above the Demon City cross-legged as he gave off a st.u.r.dy aura. The Five Elements were churning out right now as the Demon City was evolving as well.

"Alright." Lin Fan knew that the Big Ancient Demon had to undergo a calamity. If he tided through it, he would turn into an Utmost Treasure. If he couldn't, it would be a h.e.l.l of a torment for him.

Lin Fan opened up his mouth and instantly, a large dragon of powers coiled out and entered the Demon City.

"Yin Yang Five Elements… Revolting the Heavens and Earth!"

Slapping out with both palms, the powers of Yin and Yang burst out instantly, mixing the powers of the Five Elements harmoniously.



The body of the Big Ancient Demon exploded out repeatedly, with each explosion being an evolution of its own.

"Shengyang Pills, burn!"

Without any bit of hesitation, Lin Fan incinerated 100,000,000 Shengyang Pills. A long river of the Qi of Shengyang Pill that was akin to a heavenly ocean gushed straight into the body of the Big Ancient Demon.

The Utmost Treasure was the highest state any treasure could reach. Therefore, the amount of power required by it was akin to that of a vast ocean.

"Master! I can feel the calamity!"


All of a sudden, a weird looking cloud vortex appeared overhead the Paradise. Black, Red, White, etc… Clouds of every single color gathered in the sky above the Demon City.

"The Three Plagues and Nine Calamities!"


Earthen Fire, Heavenly Winds, Thunderous Bolts, Flood Waters, etc… All sorts of calamities fell at the same time.

The Big Ancient Demon growled out. His might was supreme and matchless. In the face of these calamities, he wasn't fearful in the least bit as his tough body resisted it all.


The body of the Big Ancient Demon began to shatter. In the blink of an eye, the Five Elements churned out as the strong vigor of the connate Element of Wood flushed over its body, repairing it continuously.

"Bald monk! Was this the c.r.a.p that you wanted to tell Your Lord here?" The Gleaming Blood Lord roared.

"Ah, Benefactor Gleaming Blood, where was this poor monk at?" Reverend Shakya shook his head. He didn't even know what in the world he was talking about at all right now.

What in the world could he have in common to talk with this b.l.o.o.d.y demon about? Therefore, even Reverend Shakya himself did not know what in the world he was c.r.a.pping about with this guy about.

Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan behind him, getting a little worried, 'Benefactor, just what in the world are you up to? Why are you not done yet?'

"Bald monk, go to h.e.l.l for Your Lord here!" At that instant, the Gleaming Blood Lord bellowed out as that boundless blood sea came gushing down once more.

"Benefactor Gleaming Blood, don't be brash about this! It's bad to engage in fights and killings!" Looking at the scene before him, Reverend Shakya was scared silly. This poor monk wasn't done with saying what he had to! Why was this guy striking out just like that?

"Bald monk, make way!"

Just as Reverend Shakya was caught at a loss and could only fight back with brute force, Lin Fan, who was motionless behind him, suddenly blasted out.

"Alright, benefactor! I'll leave this b.l.o.o.d.y demon to you!" Without any bit of hesitation, Reverend Shakya dodged to the side.

Instantly, a bright flash streaked through.

A Demon City that brought with it a vast and endless Demonic Qi collided forth with the rumbling blood sea.

By now, the aura of the Big Ancient Demon had undergone a thorough change. A single fist could tear through the stars in the sky. That single fist was more than enough to completely destroy that rumbling and surging blood sea.

"Impossible! You're only a human! How can you possess a Lower Grade Utmost Treasure?" The Gleaming Blood Lord howled out at this moment.

A Lower Grade Utmost Treasure could be considered as something beyond a weapon. It could even be considered as a race of its own. The Weapon Spirits of an Utmost Treasure could possess a sense of self-consciousness. Not only could they comprehend the Laws of the world by then, they could even cultivate their own bodies.

"Hmph! Aren't you surprised?" Lin Fan was very approving of that punch by the Big Ancient Demon. Indeed, that was really strong.

This guy hadn't let all his efforts gone to waste.

"Benefactor, the surprises and joy that you've brought for this poor monk is truly one too many!" Reverend Shakya gasped in astonishment. This was an Utmost Treasure! Even he himself had yet to come across a true Utmost Treasure just yet!

"Haha! Bald monk, are you stunned too? I'll let you watch something more stunning soon." Lin Fan burst out laughing. With an Utmost Treasure in his hands right now, the world practically belonged to him.

"Gleaming Blood Lord! Your doom is here! Today, I shall let you know of the prowess of my Utmost Treasure!"

"Shengyang Pills, burn!"

"Demon G.o.d's descent!"

Waving his hands, 300,000,000 Shengyang Pills were burnt as they allowed the Big Ancient Demon to go completely berserk.


This single growl of the Big Ancient Demon brought forth with it an unparalleled Demonic Qi while his body began to expand rapidly. In fact, there were even sounds of cracking as though he was breaking out of his coc.o.o.n sh.e.l.l.

All of a sudden, three pairs of arms burst forth from the body of the Big Ancient Demon along with a set of wings made up of flesh!

This was the great G.o.d of the Demon race, the Eight-armed Demon G.o.d.

"Hmph! Even if it's an Utmost Treasure, Your Lord here isn't afraid!" The Gleaming Blood Lord screamed out as a bright red light flashed above his blood sea and swallowed out at the Big Ancient Demon.

The eight arms of the Big Ancient Demon danced, forming a ferocious typhoon that tore the blood sea apart entirely.

"How could this be?" The Gleaming Blood Lord wailed out in pain, "d.a.m.n it! You burnt up Shengyang Pills to allow that Utmost Treasure to go into a frenzy!"

The head of the Gleaming Blood Lord that was embedded within that gigantic mouth looked at everything in disbelief. Instantly, the Big Ancient Demon sent a punch into that t.i.tanic mouth of the blood sea, causing it to rupture out entirely.

"IMPOSSIBLE! I'M THE GREAT GLEAMING BLOOD LORD! I'M IMMORTAL AND UNKILLABLE!" The Gleaming Blood Lord had never expected that he would come to such a pitiful end.


The blood sea was destroyed. The only thing left standing was the Big Ancient Demon with his unparalleled supreme might across the world.

"Huh? What happened to all my experience points?" Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy in his heart. However, he suddenly came to the realization that there were no notifications of experience points from the system!

Could it be that the Gleaming Blood Lord wasn't dead yet?!

"Benefactor! The Gleaming Blood Lord has seized the opportunity to escape with a single drop of blood!" Suddenly, Reverend Shakya pointed out to a shining red spot in the distance and yelled out.

"F*ck! Let's hurry up and chase!" Now that he was at the end of this slaughter, how could he allow the Gleaming Blood Lord to make his escape?

Lin Fan's body flashed nimbly as he hunted after that blood drop.

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