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Seeing this bald monk, Lin Fan was already utterly speechless. What esteemed monk and whatnot! He was nothing but a dirty scoundrel!

In fact, Lin Fan was even having an urge to kill him right now.

But on second thought, he decided to toss out that thought. After all, he wasn't some sort of a ma.s.s murdering demon.

"Benefactor, big brother, king! Whatever you'd like! Please do some good and revert me to who I was!" Reverend Shakya was truly crying right now. Given his current shape, how could he face the world outside?

If it were just any normal swelling, so be it. But, the crux was that this was one h.e.l.luva exaggerated swell! As long as the other party wasn't blind, they would definitely be able to see it!

"I've got one more method, and it's the last as well. If you don't agree to it either, then I've truly got nothing else left." Lin Fan hesitated for a while. He was quite done with the pestering of this bald monk now.

Reverend Shakya was elated momentarily. However, he regained his composure almost immediately. The previous method was super unreliable! Then wasn't this new method going to be even worse?

"Please carry on, I'm listening." Reverend Shakya still thought to hear it.

"Bald monk, I can tell that you've got really fine features. If I were to completely convert this male body of yours into a female, I don't think that there would be any issue. Since you can't cultivate to become a Buddha, how about you change your path towards that of the Bodhisattva?" Lin Fan asked casually.

This was the last plan Lin Fan could come up with.

If this bald monk would agree to it, then everything would come to a happy ending. If he didn't, then that would be one h.e.l.l of a f*ckfest.

Lin Fan swore to the Heavens in his heart as well. From now on, he would only use Black Tiger Steals Heart on his sworn enemies. He couldn't even shrug off the problems that were a.s.sociated with this skill now.

If only this bald monk would get into a frenzy and strike at him, that would make things easier. But, the way this bald monk was cajoling him right now? That left him truly helpless!

The moment Reverend Shakya heard these words, he was stumped. He then shook his head furiously.

"Forget it. Seems like I had better just follow you around." Reverend Shakya said without even thinking.

Turning his s.e.x into a female?! Wasn't that just a b.l.o.o.d.y joke! Your Buddha here was having a perfectly fine male body! Why should he turn into that of a Bodhisattva?!

"It's useless even if you were to follow me. If you don't leave right now, do you believe that I would just kill you in a single strike?" Lin Fan was long used to being alone. And the main point was that if anyone were to catch sight of him traveling with a bald monk by his side, how embarra.s.sing would that be?

"Amitabha! This poor monk now has acquired the body of a sinner. As such, I no longer have the dignity to continue living on in this world. If I could die in the hands of this benefactor, it would be the karma of this poor monk." Reverend Shakya sat down cross-legged as a Buddhist light shone brightly at the back of his head, as though he was ready to embrace his death.

Lin Fan, "…"

Eventually, Lin Fan relented. For now, he wouldn't argue with this bald monk any longer. If he wanted to follow him, so be it. However, he was already plotting something in his mind. If this bald monk were to not pay attention, he would slam the back of his head with the brick and make his escape immediately!

With this as a lesson, he would be absolutely sure to hide his aura as well and stay in Stealth all the way till this bald monk left.

"Bald monk, you're a being of the Buddha race. How can you eat meat too?" Since Reverend Shakya was bent on following Lin Fan, he sat down at the same place as well, munching at the meat happily. At this sight, Lin Fan was pretty speechless.

"Eh? If I don't eat meat, what should I eat?!" Reverend Shakya raised his head and asked in bewilderment. He wondered what this Motherf*cking Human King was up to. Was he going to prevent him from eating the meat as well?

"Nah, it's alright." Lin Fan did not want to say anything more as well. He was starting to understand in his heart. Even though the beings of the Buddha race were very similar to those who practiced Buddhism back in his previous world, if he were to be clear about it, they were completely different types of people.

Therefore, there might be some differences in their teachings as well.

"The demonic aura in this place is strong. This is supernatural." Gnawing on his delicious drumstick of the Ancient beast, Reverend Shakya cast a deep look into the distance.

Reverend Shakya's eyes were shrouded with a dark green mist that filled the entire sky of the region nearby. Within it, demons and monsters were trawling all around.

"Heh! It's just a bunch of Tree Demons." Lin Fan did not expect Reverend Shakya to be so knowledgeable.

"No, it's not that. Even though there are many Tree Demons, they are weak in power. However, this demonic aura that is gathering and rising into the sky is nowhere near dissipating anytime soon. Evidently, there must be some really strong monster around here." Opening his heavenly eye, the initially black eyes of Reverend Shakya shone with a golden gleam. He could see through everything in this world, including things that mere commoners wouldn't be able to make out.

"Aiyoh! Seems like you've got some capabilities to you, eh?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Just some insignificant tricks!" Reverend Shakya smiled indifferently and waved it off. Evidently, this single praise had made its way deep into Reverend Shakya's heart.

"Bald monk, would it kill you to not act? A single praise and it's enough to send you up into the heavens." Looking at that smug expression of the bald monk, Lin Fan got displeased immediately.

Gosh! Wasn't this guy just different when there were people and when there was n.o.body around?! This was some guy there.

"Someone's here." Suddenly, Lin Fan perceived a few blinding spots of light incoming from those pitch black skies. In the blink of an eye, these streaks of light appeared before his face.

By the time the light dissipated, a few figures appeared before Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya.

"Who are you guys?" Out of the three men who had arrived, a man wearing a golden crown with an unyielding aura asked out questioningly. His tone was a little unfriendly.

The moment Reverend Shakya caught sight of these lights in the sky, he had taken the initiative to retrieve a long robe from his storage ring and draped it over himself. Now, that weird looking body of his was wrapped up tightly so that no one could tell of the mysteries hidden within.

"Oho? What happened to the order of arrival? You guys came after us and here you are asking us who we are?" Lin Fan threw a sideglance at the three of them, unbothered in the least bit.

However, there was something bugging Lin Fan. Why the h.e.l.l were there so many powerful beings in the Ancient Saint World? To think that the three of them would have a cultivation state of Divine celestial level 7, All in One state!

"Insolent!" The man wearing a golden crown turned nasty immediately. He was about to raise his hand to strike out but he was held back by another man.

"The Emperor Nan Gong has just arrived."

"Hmph." The man with the golden crown snorted coldly as he cast his sight filled with a killing intent at Lin Fan.

"Haha! Yu Liutian, Xing w.a.n.gong! Jia Yongye! To think that you guys would be ahead of me by a single step!" The void ripped open as two more figures walked out.

One of them had an extremely foreboding and fearsome aura. Every step he took seemed to be possessing the Dao of the world and fusing it together.

Because of that, his aura was extremely deep and limitless.

Lin Fan exchanged glances with Reverend Shakya and started discussing in whispers.

"I know about four of them. They are all geniuses of major sects out there. They're truly genius disciples whose strength are in no way weaker than this poor monk here. To think that four of them would appear here at the same time. Seems like there should be some big secret hidden within this place." Reverend Shakya said in a hushed tone.

Lin Fan looked around at the four of them. His sights involuntarily shifted to the man beside the Emperor Nan Gong.

Even though that man's cultivation state was at Divine celestial level 7, All in One being state as well, that hidden aura of his was rumbling like a tidal wave. It was extremely strong.

"Emperor Nan Gong, who is the person beside you? I suppose you should know that we aren't here for a fun trip this time around, right?" Yu Liutian spoke up. The group of them seemed to be displeased.

"HAHA! This man here is Mu Manfeng. He is strong in his capabilities, and is in no way weaker than us. This time around, with Brother Mu's a.s.sistance, we can move with greater confidence now." Emperor Nan Gong laughed out.

Emperor Nan Gong was extremely clear about Mu Manfeng's capabilities. This was an extremely formidable man. He could take down Emperor Nan Gong himself within thirty moves! With a cultivation state as such, even Yu Liutian and the others wouldn't be a match for him.

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