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Lin Fan hadn’t been with the students for too long, but he treated them as if they were his real students. Their sadness was genuine, but he didn’t know how to answer them. If the Yan emperor and other sects were really planning on attacking the Saint Devil sect, then Lin Fan wouldn’t sit idly and do nothing.

A person who entered the sect was forever a sect member. Even though he faked his death and sneaked out, he was still part of the sect. His fellow sect brothers were quite nice to him, and Lin Fan long treated them all as a part of a big family.

If his big family had troubles, he wouldn’t be scared off and run.

Lin Fan had to go inform his fellow Saint Devil sect brothers and have them return to inform the sect to prepare and not be caught off-guard. As Lin Fan looked at the sad students, he smiled, "Don’t overthink it. I just have some matters to attend to. You all just have to continue training. When I return in the future, I will be checking your results."

"Yes, teacher." Liu Shuishui and the rest nodded.

They didn’t know what kind of matters their teacher had, but they believed their teacher would be fine. Their teacher was very powerful after all. They all had a crazy amount of trust in Lin Fan.

"Alright, remember now, don’t tell anyone about the skills I transferred to you all today… understood?"Lin Fan repeatedly warned them.

"Yes, we will never tell anyone." The usually quiet Cao Tianjiao nodded his head heavily.

They weren’t idiots. Since their teacher had warned them so cautiously, it must be naturally very important. Since their treacher had transferred these skills that couldn’t be known by others, he must have a great amount of trust in them.

Based on the student's personalities, Lin Fan transferred either the upper heaven cla.s.s mental skills "Faceless Sky Devil" or "Will of the Sword" to them.

For them, cultivating these two heaven cla.s.s mental skills naturally had many more advantages than they thought. With the increase of their mental level their cultivation base would also rise. Raising their own individual mental skills could only increase their true energy and combat ability, but not their cultivation base.

With the supplementation of these heaven cla.s.s mental skills, as long as nothing happened in the future, their achievements wouldn’t be lower than anyone else.

But their future path could only be forged by themselves.

While Lin Fan usually didn’t take anything to mind, this time he was quite serious, and could only take things one step at a time and improvise.

Lin Fan then took out all the weapons he had finished forging previously and split them all between them. Although they were only lower graded weapons, to them it was more than enough.

Higher graded weapons would only attract more jealousy and misfortune.

"Xiaoze, come with me for a minute." After finishing everything, Lin Fan called out Xiaoze alone.

"Teacher." Xiaoze came from a great family so he had many experiences. Although his teacher appeared normal, he could sense the unease within his teacher.

Xiaoze had long accepted his teacher as a powerful person. But now, his teacher was uneasy, so he wondered what kind of situation could make him be so. This was something beyond Xiaoze’s imagination.

"Xiaoze, you are the strongest in this cla.s.s, and also have the highest social position. When I leave, you have to take care of your fellow brothers and sister. If possible, I would like you to teach some of your family’s martial skills to your fellow brothers and sister. It would help in their future path in cultivation and in that way, my efforts wouldn’t be in vain." Lin Fan said.

"Teacher, is there something that is about to happen? If possible, you can tell everyone. The Xiao family might not be the very top within the Yan Dynasty, but we can still do many things. Everyone here is willing to follow teacher through the perils and hardships without any hesitation." Xiaoze said.

"No, it’s fine. I will take care of it by myself… You just be sure to take care of everyone, that alone will be the greatest help towards me." Lin Fan said.

"Yes." Xiaoze nodded.

"Tell everyone to train by themselves for today. I have other matters to attend to." Lin Fan gave his instructions and then quietly left. After returning to his room, Lin Fan continued his cultivation without any breaks. He had to raise "Dragon King Hegemony" to level two no matter what.

At this point Lin Fan wished a huge pile of medicinal pills could just fall from the heavens and help boost his cultivation base up like crazy, because if this fight were to really start up, his cultivation base only would be like a small boat on a lake, unable to make any major waves.

The next day, the Heaven and Earth commerce market’s auction officially begins.

The leading members of each sect and their disciples prepared for admission. The "lesser celestial pills" were very alluring for them, and many sects were planning on buying them to a.n.a.lyze their components. If they couldn’t figure it out, they would just give them to their disciples to eat.

To use the useless black gold coin as the currency for the auction was a very good deal for them all.

Training one disciple alone to the lesser celestial stage required an immeasurable amount of resources. Compared to that, everyone understood just how cost-effective the "lesser celestial pills" were.

Lin Fan hid among the crowds and gave a sigh as he watched the sea of people flooding the area.

‘It can’t be helped. I have done all I can, but so many sects still came. My efforts were futile, how pointless.’ Lin Fan was wearing a self-made mask on his face, just in case he ran into last night’s Manyou Er from the Infinite Flower sect.

"Look, those are the Infinite Flower sect disciples, they are so beautiful."

A commotion suddenly occurred in the crowd. Top quality women were popular no matter where they went. Thus, when the Infinite Flower sect disciples appeared, they attracted the attention of many people.

The Infinite Flower sect disciples cultivated charming skills, so their allure was very great. Even the disciples of powerful sects couldn’t necessarily resist them, let alone ordinary citizens.

Lin Fan stood in the crowd as the various sect disciples continuously headed inside the commerce market. Lin Fan was very confused, as from beginning to the end, he still hadn’t seen any disciples from the Saint Devil sect. This was far too strange, did something perhaps happen?

Then Lin Fan shook his head and entered the commerce market while feeling a bit uneasy.

The Heaven and Earth commerce market were using black gold coins as the admission fee for this auction. Naturally, ordinary citizens didn’t have these types of coins, and thus they couldn’t enter even though they wanted to watch the auction.

Because Lin Fan was just an average person, he could only sit at the very back while the various sect disciples sat in the upper areas.

Each sect took up an area and the place soon became divided.

At this time, a middle aged auctioneer wearing blue robes walked onto the stage.

Lin Fan glanced at him.

Eighth level postcelestial.

He was strong, just two levels away from pericelestial. The people within the Heaven and Earth commerce market couldn’t be taken too lightly. Just the auctioneer alone was already stronger than most sect disciples present.

"Welcome everyone from all over the world. We will officially be starting the auction now. The first item for auction will be the upper dark cla.s.s, Blue Soul Pill." The auction officially began with the announcement by the auctioneer.

For all the sects, this operation's main target was the lesser celestial pills. The other items were of minor importance, and were there just for auction for the average disciples to help set the mood.

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