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Lin Fan wasn’t too satisfied with the operation at Moon Whisk Tower. He wanted to save more people, but due to certain circ.u.mstances, he just couldn’t do that at the moment. Those sect leaders in charge of the black gold coins all had higher cultivation bases than himself. There was no way he could fight them openly. Thus, he could only sit and wait in stealth mode and attack one by one.

Although the results were unsatisfactory, he had really done his best. As for what would happen at the auction from now on, he couldn’t do anything about it.

After returning to the school, Lin Fan immediately went back into his room and took out all the medicinal pills he had taken in the pa.s.sing and piled them onto the table. These medicinal pills couldn’t compare to the ones he had looted from the Yan Emperor, but they could still provide quite a bit of experience.

After swallowing all the medicinal pills, his experience grew by around five hundred thousand. It wasn’t too much, but for those sect leaders that came for the auction, it was quite a large sum. So they were most likely crying out in pain right now.

The more he knew, the greater sense of crisis he felt in his heart,. His cultivation base couldn’t be leveled quickly anymore, but his martial skills could still perhaps be. If he really needed to avoid a battle, he could only rely on "Dragon King Hegemony" and the legendary Nine-Five Red Brick.

After obtaining the system, the benefits were infinite, but Lin Fan was pained by the fact that mental skill leveling wasn’t coherent with one’ strength, and could only be raised with one’s true energy.

As Lin Fan cultivated "Dragon King Hegemony", a special sense of energy circulated throughout his body. "Dragon King Hegemony" was the Yan Emperor’s personal tactic skill. The category was quite good, a lower heaven cla.s.s, and rasing it to level nine could double his power.

Light cla.s.s tactics cultivated to the maximum could only increase one’s power by twenty percent. The dark cla.s.s could increase it by forty percent, and earth cla.s.s by sixty percent.

As Lin Fan was cultivating "Dragon King Hegemony", the unique energy enveloped his entire body and a dragon-shaped energy gradually immersed itself into his body.

‘Ding… congratulations lower heaven cla.s.s tactics, Dragon King Hegemony, experience + 100.’

‘Ding… congratulations lower heaven cla.s.s tactics, Dragon King Hegemony, experience + 100.’

The experience began to increase slowly.

The next day.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, a golden light flashed before his eyes. After a night of cultivating, Dragon King Hegemony’s experience had grown quite a bit.

Lin Fan washed up and rushed towards his cla.s.s. Today, he was preparing to give his students some equipment. It was very difficult to obtain a good weapon within the Great Yan Dynasty. It wasn’t something an ordinary person could obtain.

Aside from Xiaoze, who had the support of his family and had a good weapon, the others were in a difficult position. If he, their teacher, didn’t give them some benefits, then it was likely they wouldn’t be able to obtain a somewhat decent weapon till they reached the postcelestial stage.

Lin Fan came to his cla.s.s and looked around. They were all sitting down properly while waiting for him. Lin Fan nodded his head happily. Although more people meant it would be harder for him, he still believed that his own capabilities were top-notched.

These rascals were unlikely to cause a ruckus in his presence. If they did anything wrong, his "Ruler of Love" would be no joke.

"Teacher, good morning." The moment the students saw their teacher enter, they all stood up and greeted him with utmost sincerity. Although Xiaoze and Zang Tianhao were still new students, they also became acquainted with the routine under the guidance of the other students.

"Good" Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. "Good, you are all very good. Your cultivation bases increased yet again… I am very pleased."

Lin Fan saw that his students’ cultivation bases had risen once again.

Liu Shuishui and the rest were all initially level one precelestials, but now, they were level two precelestials, and "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"had also went from level one to level two.

Zhui Mo also did quite well. He was a level three precelestial already, and his "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" was also level three.

The Saint Devil sect’s "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"could only be raised to level three. They had worked hard and suffered beatings to increase their experience. The first three levels were quite easy and reachable, but the remaining three levels after that needed more effort.

"It’s all thanks to teacher’s lessons." Liu Shuishui being the only girl in cla.s.s was naturally very sweet, and praised Lin Fan till he was very happy.

"Good, very good." Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, then patted their heads one by one.

Encouraging Hand raised their abilities. Their abilities were all low originally, but with his efforts, their abilities all turned from idiotic to mediocre.

After this wave of encouragement, their abilities should already have reached the genius level.

The genius level wasn’t that great, but with hard work and dedication, reaching postcelestial stage shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If they were lucky enough, even pericelestial wouldn’t be impossible.

Just that wanting to reach pericelestial stage with genius level abilities required effort and support beyond the imaginable level. Xiaoze watched as Lin Fan patted the other student’s heads. He was very confused and didn’t understand what was happening, and this was something only he felt.

"Teacher Lin, yesterday’s lesson made me gain many insights. After a night’s thinking, I came to realize a lot of things." Xiaoze was beginning to really believe in Lin Fan’s skills. Just one small story alone had made him gain such great insights. This was something Xiaoze had never experienced before.

Lin Fan looked at Xiaoze and nodded happily. Xiaoze was indeed very perceptive. Then, he smiled and extended his hand, "I am very pleased that you could think like this. From now on don’t act too arrogantly. There are many people in this world, and the amount of geniuses in the world are numerous in reality."

Lin Fan wasn’t worried too much about Xiaoze. His family background was good, his abilities were good, and his cultivation base was decent. His only negative point was his very unfriendly demeanor. If he were to go out in the future, he would definitely be hacked to death.

"Yes, I will never forget teacher’s words." Xiaoze nodded his head seriously.

After yesterday’s incident, Xiaoze realized that this teacher was indeed very powerful. His each word contained many profound truths.

To be able to fully comprehend these truths, one needed to spend some time to actually think them over. Otherwise, it was unlikely that one would actually understand their real meanings.

As Lin Fan placed his hand on Xiaoze’s head, the latter was suddenly amazed as he realized many things flood into his mind that he didn’t previously know. Xiaoze also realized in horror that his own abilities were also beginning to increase.

Xiaoze was a level six postcelestial, so he naturally knew more than most other people, especially regarding the concept of abilities. Although he wasn’t the top in terms of abilities, he could still be considered as a person with genius level abilities. But now, his abilities were rising once again. This…this…

Xiaoze didn’t dare to think anymore. He knew instantly that everything that had occurred was due to the teacher in front of him.

"Teacher, I…"

"Don’t speak, remain calm." Lin Fan said indifferently. He knew he wouldn’t be staying at the Sky Heaven School for too long, so he wanted to leave behind what he could.

Xiaoze’s abilities were quite good, but the education he could receive in the Sky Heaven School was limited. No matter what, since Xiaoze had sought discipleship from him, he would give him whatever he could provide.

Once a person’s mind was developed, it would become difficult to change. Since Xiaoze’s personality was very prideful, he decided to empower him with the skills "Faceless Sky Devil" and "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body".

Lin Fan retracted his hand, then he looked at everyone while looking indifferent, "I will be leaving soon in the upcoming days. The skills I have transferred to you all today, remember, do not tell anyone else about them, even if they are someone close to you. If anything were to happen, I would not be able to save you at the time."

The skills he had transferred over were the ones he had stolen from Mo Yi Xuan and Ni Mantian. If word got out, he would be fine but his students would likely be butchered.

The students were shocked upon hearing that their teacher would be leaving. They asked with voices full of unwillingness, "Teacher, you are seriously leaving? When will you be back?"

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