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"Void destruction!"

Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. A shapeless and formidable amount of energy surged out of it. Under the might of this tremendous force, everything was turned into nothingness.


The structures within Sovereign King Wei's city began to crumble into dust clouds that danced around the sky.

Lin Fan used his consciousness to check it out. Taking in every single last corner of the city into his sights, he could not help but sigh out.

Wretched! This was way too wretched!

The living conditions of the beings of the thousands of races was way more wretched than he could have ever imagined.

The jails were crumbling!

The walls of the city were toppling!

The structures were collapsing!

Everything within Sovereign King Wei's city were breaking down!

Within that jail, the tribunus of the Ancient race who had both his arms severed looked at everything happening before him in astonishment. The formation of the walls surrounding the jail were slowly breaking apart. The radiant sunlight shone in, purging away the evils within.

"Guys, take a look above!"

The beings of the thousands of races within the jail looked up and caught sight of a solitary figure in the void.

In the eyes of the beings of the thousands of races, this figure was akin to a G.o.d descending, one that was here to bring forth salvation to them.

"Yours Truly here is the Motherf*cking Human King. Today, I'm here to suppress the Ancient race."

This radiant voice permeated out from the void. Every single syllable was akin to thunder booming relentlessly. However, for the beings of the thousands of races, this was heavenly music to their ears.

"d.a.m.ned human! How dare you come over to the territory of Sovereign King Wei and act so brazenly?" The tribunus of the Ancient race who had his arms severed yelled out.


The moment the words of the tribunus came out, a cold snort broke through the void. Suddenly, the Heavenly Dragon's Music rippled out with unbridled strength and slammed out at this tribunus.

In the blink of an eye, the tribunus was minced into pieces and disappeared from the world.

"b.l.o.o.d.y audacious fool! Even the Sovereign King Wei has died in the hands of Yours Truly. What does Yours Truly not dare to do?"

The moment these words of Lin Fan came through, all the beings of the thousands of races were startled.

One after another, they rose their heads with a face of confidence. In the void, that figure seemed ever so mighty and domineering. For all the captive beings, this was a symbol of hope!

Even the Sovereign King Wei had died in his hands!

When the Chief of the Rabbit race caught sight of this figure, she could not help but give off a look of reverence on her face.

This was the same way for some other female beings of the thousands of races. Such a strong and righteous living being has appeared! He was practically the ideal companion in their hearts.

"Good kill! Those Ancient race beings deserve death!"

"HAHA! The Sovereign King of the Ancient race being is slain! This is something that had no precedence!"

"Motherf*cking Human King, oh great Motherf*cking Human King! Just what sort of a n.o.ble existence are you?"

To all these beings of the thousands of races, their hearts were filled with excitement right now.

"Human, how dare you act so insolently?"

Just at this moment, six streaks of light rocketed over from all directions of the city. Lin Fan instantly found himself surrounded by six Ancient race beings. The auras that were emitted by each of them were extremely strong.

All of the captive beings locked up in the jail gave off a worried look at this moment.

"Those are the six Guardians under the command of the Sovereign King Wei!"

"The strength of the six Guardians are really strong! Each of them has a cultivation state of a Divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state!"

"Human, you're courting death!"

Surrounding Lin Fan, the six Guardians were filled with anger. To think that this d.a.m.ned human being would dare to lay waste to the Sovereign King Wei's city! If the Sovereign King Wei were to return, this would be extremely bad!

As for the claims of this human that he had killed Sovereign King Wei? There was no way they were going to believe in it. After all, that was something that's impossible anyway.

Sovereign King Wei and the other two Sovereign Kings had commandeered a 10,000,000 troop army to flank the Battle Emperor Sect. How could this human being have the capabilities to fight that?

Lin Fan looked at these six Ancient race beings, then down at all the other Ancient race soldiers below, and laughed out indifferently.

"Come together at me then. Yours Truly will send you guys for a reunion with your Sovereign King Wei."

"Hmph! Brazen words! Sovereign King Wei has led a 10,000,000 men strong Ancient race army to attack the Battle Emperor Sect. You think that someone like you can stand a chance against our Lord Sovereign King Wei?" The six Guardians hollered out.

"It's needless to say more. Since that's the case, let me just send you guys on your way." Lin Fan did not want to say anything more. Striding forth, his aura went berserk.

Within the void, an infinite amount of Sword Wills gathered, forming a World of Swords. The razor sharp Sword Wills sliced through everything. This ferocious scene had everyone's heart rattled. Even the beings of the thousands of races were entirely stunned by this scene before them.

"What a strong Sword Will aura! Even if it were just a singular Sword Will out of them, it would have enough power to slice through everything in this world!"

"Even if it were a powerful being of the Sword race, they wouldn't be able to compare with this!"

"Just what sort of a being is this Motherf*cking Human King? Why hadn't I heard of his great name in the Ancient Saint World before?"

"Ancient race, a single slash to kill all."


As the infinite amount of Sword Wills were brandished, the world seemed to have turned into one of Swords. In Lin Fan's eyes, these Ancient race beings were nothing more than ants to be killed with ease.

There was only a single goal in Lin Fan's heart. He wanted to kill every single last Ancient race being and leave none of them alive.

Under this shimmering Sword Will, there was nothing that could stand in its way. The six Guardians were pierced into beehives by all the Sword Wills. Before their Essence Spirits could even get out, they disintegrated into the world.

Looking at how these Sword Wills seemed to possess a consciousness of their own, the beings of the thousands of races were discomposed as well when the Sword Wills bolted by them and killed the Ancient race soldiers around.

"This Motherf*cking Human King is so strong!"

"His mastery of the Sword! I don't think even someone from the Sword race can fight against that!"

"To think that the six Guardians of the Sovereign King wouldn't even stand a single round against this man! This is way too frightening!"

Lin Fan's heart was extremely composed right now. If these Ancient race beings were dead, so be it. The only thing that he was puzzled about right now were the whereabouts of the Sovereign King Wei's treasures. Just where in the world were they hidden?!

Now that all the structures were destroyed, how was it that he still couldn't find any hiding place for the treasures?!

Could this Sovereign King Wei be nothing but a pauper?

The tragic cries were relentless. The Ancient race soldiers did not even have a single chance to fight back before they were pierced through their entire bodies.

Anything below that of a divine celestial cultivation state was nothing but mere ants for him to squash.

Even if it were divine celestial cultivation state, it was still just a punch's worth of effort for Lin Fan.

"Purify the world and cleanse the ma.s.ses of their sins. Motherf*cking Human King, your killing intents are heavy."

At this moment, a stentorian voice rang out.

Lin Fan's brows creased.


Suddenly, the void vibrated far in the distance. A golden word, 'Benevolence', floated out, shimmering with a bright light.

Under the radiance of this bright light, Lin Fan realized that the infinite Sword Wills of his gradually lost their fighting intent, and were just floating gently in the sky.

"Who's there?"

Lin Fan frowned as he looked over into the distance.

"Motherf*cking Human King, even though the Ancient race may be violent and cruel, they can be reformed." This musky voice sounded over. The void tore into a gap as a figure riding a magic cloud floated over briskly.

Beside this figure were many Ancient race beings surrounding him, all praying devoutly.

"Just what sort of a demonic presence is this again?" Lin Fan snorted with his nose. However, to his surprise, he had not expected that this was someone from the Buddha race who had arrived!

There was a Buddha light rotating behind the back of his head. Every single step he took caused golden lotuses to appear as he was guarded by a lotus seat.

"This poor monk here is Reverend Shakya. Pleased to meet you, Motherf*cking Human King."

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