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'Ding…Do you wish to learn Heavenly Dragon's Music?'

The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was a skill meant to be learned by a Yin Yang Dragon. Even though Lin Fan would learn it himself if he wanted to, the prerequisite for that would be that he would have to use Twisting Heaven and Earth on himself.

Even though he couldn't deny that he was someone who was pretty cruel to himself, turning himself into a Yin Yang Human was way too cruel for his likings.

After thinking about it for half a day, he decided to f*ck it. Even if he wanted to be irresponsible towards himself, he had to be responsible towards his wife.

If he were to turn into a 'Cute Chick with a Big d.i.c.k', his wife would definitely look down on him!

"Forget it! Seems like I can only work harder and train up more Colossal Dragons in the future so that I can create a frontline of strong Yin Yang Dragons. Each of them would then learn the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation. From there on forth, even if I were to get into fights, I would be extremely strong with them around."


Lin Fan did not have any hesitation towards the soundwave skill. That seemed pretty decent, seeing how it contained some secrets about the Colossal Dragon race.

Not a long while later, the Tenth Prince was tuned by the Thunder Trainer King into an obedient little boy.

Lin Fan tossed the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation over for him to learn it on his own.

This was an extremely powerful skill. For any Colossal Dragon, this was definitely a skill that was heaven revolting. Under his nurturing, the Tenth Prince would definitely have his powers soaring into the skies.

Once he had a powerful fighter who had the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation mastered to its peak status under him, who else could be his match at all?

The Colossal Dragon race lair…

Within the stone sculpture of a Colossal Dragon that was coiled up in a swivel, a tablet burst open, turning into a tuft of green smoke.

The guard that was keeping watch over the location changed his expression immediately the moment he caught sight of the topmost tablet exploding as such.

Following tightly behind, yet another few tablets ruptured. The guard's face turned even more terrible.

"This is not good. Something bad has happened." Immediately, the guard turned into a streak of light and headed over to the Dragon Emperor.

"Seems like this must be the big base camp of the Sovereign King Wei then."

Staying hidden within the void above, Lin Fan's mind was being imprinted with the sight of a vast city below. This was much larger than the Despair City. Even though Sovereign King Wei had pa.s.sed away, it didn't affect the functioning of the city at all.

However, due to the fact that three Sovereign Kings had led 10,000,000 Ancient race army warriors to attack the Battle Emperor Sect, there were significantly less Ancient race beings within the city right now. At this moment, those who were left were just a bunch of mere ants.

Within every city of the Sovereign Kings were a sea of beings of the thousands of races who were caged up.

All of these beings were nothing but food for the Ancient race beings. At the same time, they were a form of shortcut for them to raise their cultivation states.

Normally, the powerful Ancient race beings would subdue powerful beings of the thousands of races as well and lock them up within the cities. If any Ancient race being were to perform any distinguished feat for the race, they would then grant these beings of the thousands of races for them as rewards.

Once the Ancient race beings who received these rewards were to kill these captives, they would in turn receive the blessings of the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

With that, their powers would climb steadily as well.

Given Lin Fan's current powers, he could take in everything within this city just by expanding his consciousness. Every single thing that was happening within the city would then be transmitted into Lin Fan's mind just like that.

Within a deep cage in an abyss, it was pitch black all around and filled with a creepy aura. Within this deep abyss jail, there were many beings of the thousands of races who were locked up.

There were men and women, all sorts of races.

Furthermore, every single being of the thousands of races who were locked up here were extremely strong.

Therefore, this jail was isolated of Saint Spirit Qi. This was done in order to have these beings expend the energy within their bodies consistently, ensuring that they would always be in a weak state.

As such, even if a weak Ancient race being were to come here, they could still control these beings in the palms of their hands.

Step, step, step.

"Oh, Sir Tribunus! You're here!" At this moment, the jail entrance opened up. A bulky Ancient race being who was wearing a heavy armor stepped in slowly.

At the side, there was an Ancient race soldier who was greeting him politely while opening the door and welcoming him in.

"Sir Tribunus, could I know which living being you're looking at pampering this time around?" The Ancient race soldier asked in a pandering tone.

Within the Ancient race, rank was sacred. If an Ancient race being wanted to climb to a higher position, they would have to raise their own strength.

The stronger one was, the higher their positions and status would be. This was a rule that had never changed across all times.

"The Chief of the Rabbit race then." The Ancient race tribunus said out loud.

"Hehehe… Sir Tribunus, the figure of the Rabbit race's Chief is really good, I've got to say! It's just that she's way too fragile… That's the only bad thing. Previously, when me and my brothers were ravishing one of the girls from the Rabbit race, she died before we could even finish our business! But honestly, the living beings of the thousands of races are great indeed. They're real useful for satisfying our wants and needs." The Ancient race soldier laughed out.


A series of sinister laughs rang out through the jail.

The moment those beings of the thousands of races who were locked up heard these sinister laughs, their faces froze up immediately.

It was especially worse for those female living beings. Their eyes were filled with horror; it was a look of despair.

They knew that they were nothing more than playthings in the hands of the Ancient race beings. All they could do was endure the torments silently. Even if they wanted to commit suicide, they couldn't do it at all.

Cling, clang, clank.

" Sir Tribunus has taken his sights on the Chief of the Rabbit race today! Time to let her go, so that Sir Tribunus can have his fair share of fun!" The Ancient race soldier stood out immediately and ordered another Ancient race being by the side.

"Yes, Sir Tribunus! This Chief of the Rabbit race has been locked up here for quite some time now. As such, the powers within her body are almost completely depleted. Right now, she's nothing more than a helpless chicken that's all ready for you to play with, sir!" The Ancient race soldier said with a tone of flattery.

"Haha! Not bad, not bad! Once Your Tribunus is done with her, I shall gift her over to you!" The Sir Tribunus burst out laughing.

"Oh, the G.o.dly body of Sir Tribunus is unparalleled! This small little female of the Rabbit race is certainly destined to die under the loving tender care that you're going to accord her with, Sir Tribunus! How could a lowly being such as myself enjoy such a fortune?" The Ancient race soldier replied.

"YOU BUNCH OF DEMONS!" The moment the Chief of the Rabbit race heard these words, she seethed out in hatred. That breathtaking and lovely face of hers looked pretty haggard right now.

"Ancient race beings! All of you shall die a horrendous death!" All the surrounding beings of the thousands of races yelled out. Even though they were filled with hatred in their hearts, there was nothing they could do about it.

This was a scene they had witnessed one too many times now. While they were already numb to it in their hearts, it still filled them with an endless rage and disgust nevertheless.

"Chief of the Rabbit race, Your Tribunus here is sure to take real, good care of you later on. I'll be sure to leave my great mark on that snow white tender body of yours." The tribunus of the Ancient race burst out laughing. Suddenly, that shimmering black armor of his vanished, and with that appeared a towering pole that was mighty and imposing.

Under a quick observation, it was at least 20 to 30 centimeters long, looking extremely ferocious like an angered dragon.

The moment the Chief of the Rabbit race caught sight of this, she was filled with anguish in her heart. Instantly, her eyes darkened without any light in them. She knew that there was no way out of this for her.


"Hahahaha… Price? What sort of a price can there be? With the blessings of the Heaven's Will, there is nothing that can take down our great Ancient race. Under our might and authority, all of you beings can only continue to live in misery and cowardice!" The tribunus of the Ancient race burst out laughing.

"You had better stop that now! Come at me if you've got the guts!" At this moment, a male living being who was standing beside the Chief of the Rabbit race lashed out. His eyes were bloodshot.

"Hehe." The tribunus of the Ancient race laughed out coldly. Opening his mouth wide, he grabbed the man in his hands and swallowed him whole.

"Delicious. This is delicious indeed!"




The cries of the jail rang out relentlessly. But the more they cried out, the more turned on the Ancient race beings were.

The Chief of the Rabbit race had already shut her eyes tightly, ready to accept this inescapable fate of hers that was about to descend.


A demonic pair of hands reached out for the pet.i.te Chief of the Rabbit race.

"Let Your Tribunus here give you some tender loving care then!" The eyes of the tribunus shone with a berserk look of sadism.


Just then, a shrill scream rang out from within the jail.

"MY ARMS! MY ARMS!!!" The tribunus of the Ancient race howled out in pain.

The Chief of the Rabbit race opened her eyes. When she caught sight of everything before her, she was startled.

The tribunus of the Ancient race who was about to trample on her dignity suddenly had both of his hands sliced away! Looking at the clean wound over there, it seemed as though it was cut away by some sort of an extremely sharp object!

When all of the infuriated beings of the thousands of races caught sight of this scene before them, they were stunned as well.

"Someone's here to save us!!!"

Soon, cheers of hope rang burst forth from this jail all of a sudden.

"JUST WHO IN THE WORLD IS IT? SHOW YOUR FACE TO YOUR TRIBUNUS HERE NOW! YOUR TRIBUNUS IS SURE TO DEVOUR YOU ENTIRELY!" The tribunus of the Ancient race screamed out wildly. That hideous face of his was ever so malevolent right now.

"Nirvana Finger!"

Suddenly, a voice that was akin to a G.o.d in the heavens boomed out. Instantly, the entire world shook. Even the entire jail started to tremble violently all of a sudden.


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