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"F*ck me! Isn't this old tape recorder kind of weak now?" Lin Fan was feeling a slight throb in his nuggets right now. This was way too heart-wrenching! He had thought that this was one h.e.l.l of an overpowered treasure. To think that it would get jammed by the voice of a small little Colossal Dragon?

Seemed like this was an issue with the crafting right now. For it to be able to subdue Divine celestial level 7, All in One state beings was already pretty decent in itself. As to whether or not it could hold on against beings of Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state, that was pretty much answered.

"HAHA! You're dead meat now! The Tenth Prince is here! You've no longer got a chance to live on anymore! Even if you were to return me all my valuables right now, I'll have you die without a burial ground still!" Long Yumo yelled out, "That's right, and all of you d.a.m.ned beings of the Phoenix race as well! All the men shall have all your hair plucked down to the very last one while the women shall be tortured to death!"

The moment they heard the voice of Long Yumo, everyone from the Phoenix race couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat as they revealed a look of fear.

"Long Yumo, back then, Your Prince here had only tried asking you for some treasures, which got you so scared that you left the entire Colossal Dragon race. Why are you seeking help from us now?" The void rippled out with a bang as a gigantic dragon claw ripped through the void. Following that, a few figures appeared before the ma.s.ses.

The leader of them all was a suave looking young man. The aura around his body was imperceptible and deep. The dragon's might that was emanating out from him was enough to have a deep sense of respect rise within everyone's heart.

Behind this man stood three middle aged bulky figures. All of these men were ripped with gigantic muscles that were similar to boulders. They looked extremely firm and strong.

"Long Yumo, you can count on your lucky stars for this. Your Prince just happened to be cruising outside and taking down Ancient race beings somewhere nearby. But, it does seem as though you're in pretty bad shape right now. Do you need Your Prince here to save you?" The Tenth Prince had a haughty look. Each time he spoke, it was as though he was looking down on others.

"Prince, please save me!" Long Yumo could not think about anything much at this moment. At this point right here, the Tenth Prince was the only one who could save him now. As for the meaning implied by the Tenth Prince, how could he not understand it at all?

"Tenth Prince, all my treasures have been taken away by that human over there! As long as the Prince can kill him, I'm willing to offer up half of my treasures as a tribute!" Long Yumo replied with a throbbing pain in his heart.

Half of his treasures! This was the wealth that he had acc.u.mulated over thousands of years!

"Hmph! Long Yumo, are you taking the Tenth Prince as a beggar now?" One of the bulked men behind the Tenth Prince barked out.

"T-this…!" Long Yumo was undecided right now. To think that the Tenth Prince would be this greedy to want all of his treasures!

The Tenth Prince stood there idly in the air, waiting for Long Yumo to make his decision.

"Tenth Prince, aren't you way too overconfident right now? Long Yumo, you really think this Tenth Prince is going to be able to save you?" Lin Fan was somewhat displeased right now. The moment these guys appeared, it was as though they had totally forgotten about him!

Didn't that just mean that this Tenth Prince was looking down on him entirely? Were they really just taking him as a fish that was on the chopping board, ready for his slaughter?

This sort of feeling was the worst for Lin Fan.

"Huh?" The Tenth Prince frowned as he cast his glance over at Lin Fan.

"Brazen! How dare a puny human such as yourself b.u.t.t in when the Tenth Prince is speaking?" Suddenly, one of the bulky men stood forth.

The moment he stepped out, an illusory image of a Colossal Dragon surged into the sky, roaring and dancing.

"He is Long Ao of the Colossal Dragon race! I heard that there was a weird phenomenon in the sky when he was born, bringing forth with him an immense might! When he takes on his Colossal Dragon form, he's about ten thousand feet in terms of length! Within the Colossal Dragon race itself, he's considered a genius!"

The moment the members of the Phoenix race caught sight of this bulky man standing forth, they were all petrified for a moment. To think that even such an unparalleled genius of the Colossal Dragon race would be nothing more than an attendant for the Tenth Prince!

"Hmph. You impertinent fool, you had better kneel down for our prince!" Long Ao snarled out as a gigantic palm strike pummelled down from the sky. The tremendous amount of energy brought forth by it caused the entire void to rip apart layer by layer as this immense power slammed down at the world.

All the people of the Phoenix race could not help but retreat back a few steps involuntarily. Their faces were now immensely pale. If the other party was directing this amount of energy towards that human, based on the repressive strength alone, it would definitely not be something he could hope to defend against!

This palm strike of Long Ao was filled with tricks. It seemed as though there were thousands of Colossal Dragons swiveling within this gigantic dragon's claw, forming a world of Colossal Dragons.

"This is a skill that's exclusive to the Colossal Dragon race! The Infinite Dragon Palm! To think that Long Ao would have mastered it to this extent!" Everyone from the Phoenix race exclaimed out in shock.

Compared to Long Ao, they were truly toddlers! Even the geniuses and pride of the Phoenix race wouldn't be his match at all!

Unable to hide it, the faces of the Phoenix race members turned grimmer at this moment. Was the Colossal Dragon race truly this strong?

"S-so strong!" The moment Long Yumo caught sight of this palm strike from Long Ao, his face changed as well. Back when he had left the Colossal Dragon sect, this Long Ao was no match for him at all. But, to think that Long Ao would have progressed to this state after a thousand years!

The Tenth Prince chuckled out without trying to stop it at all. He couldn't be bothered with this human before him in the least bit.

"Oh, insignificant tricks." Lin Fan wasn't fl.u.s.tered in the face of danger as he maintained his composure.

"Hmph!" The moment Long Ao saw how the other party would still dare to act so insolently even at this very moment, he could not help but feel enraged.


The palm strike landed on Lin Fan's head. The thousands of Colossal Dragons that were swiveling around surrounded Lin Fan entirely, as those ferocious looking dragons consumed everything.

However, something shocking happened.

Under this Infinite Dragon Palm, Lin Fan stood there calmly.

"This palm strike of yours, the strength to it is pretty decent. But, it's far from enough."

Under the astonished gaze of Long Ao, Lin Fan slowly stretched out his hand. Sensing that something was amiss, Long Ao wanted to escape. However, he discovered that it was akin to him being locked on by an infinite aura from everywhere. It didn't matter where he ran off to. He would definitely be caught by this human under this aura of his!


Lin Fan latched onto Long Ao's wrist, rendering him immobile.

"Aren't you quite the c.o.c.ky fella, eh?" Lin Fan remarked calmly.

"You!" Long Ao looked at Lin Fan, utterly startled. His face changed as he cried out with a dragon's roar in Lin Fan's face.

The Heavenly Dragon's Music in point-blank range was more than enough to devastate anything in this world.

"Watch out!"

"Hmph. The destructive powers of the Heavenly Dragon's Music ranks as the first. At such a close proximity, without any defense at all? That human is dead for sure." The Tenth Prince was extremely confident about the Heavenly Dragon's Music. At the same time, Long Ao's reaction was really instantaneous.

"What's up with your stupid screaming?"


Lin Fan sent a slap onto Long Ao's face. Next, he lifted his leg and threw it out at Long Ao's groin directly.


He kneeled!

Long Ao's face was alternating between shades of green and white before he eventually wailed out in anguish. He could feel a numbing sense of pain throbbing at his groin. He wanted to use both hands to cover his crotch. However, he realized that the human had held his hands out together!

He exerted force, wanting to wrench back both of his hands onto his groin in order to sooth that immense pain. But, to think that the human's hands would be like a pair of pliers that wouldn't relent their vice-like grip!

"L-LET…GO…!!!" Long Ao was breaking out in spasms right now. That might of the Colossal Dragon he had earlier on had disappeared entirely by now.

"Nopes! No can do."


To think that even as a Divine celestial level 7, All in One state powerful being, Long Ao would be tormented by the pain with a fate worse than death right now!

Everyone in the crowd were utterly flabbergasted at this scene as well.

"How could this be? To think that Long Ao couldn't even last a single round against the enemy!" The members of the Phoenix race were stunned right now. They could not believe everything that was happening before their very eyes.

"Who are you?" The face of the Tenth Prince crumpled up immediately, as he could not help but furrowed his brows intensely.

"Oh, I'm called the Dragon Slayer. I'm a being of the Human race who specializes in culling Colossal Dragons!" Lin Fan replied cheekily.

"You're courting death!" The Tenth Prince felt as though he was going to explode right now. This human before his face right now was simply being way too audacious!

"You're right! I AM courting death. Why now? Come at me if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan taunted him even further.

"Y-YOU…!" The Tenth Prince was flushed red right now. He had not expected this man before him to be this bold!

"Tenth Prince, hand this death seeking piece of dogsh*t over to us." The other two bulky men behind the Tenth Prince stood out.


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