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"Living being! You went back on your words!" Long Yumo had not expected this living being to sell him out this quickly! However, there was one thing Long Yumo couldn't figure out at all. Just why in the world did this living being choose to sell him out?

He gave him an elixir and promised him many benefits afterward as well!

"Old man, I didn't go back on my words! I am well versed in the art of telling one's face. From the moment you appeared before my eyes, I had already discerned the ominous glare in your eyes."

"Therefore, I believe that you should be a great villain who is long used to committing all sorts of heinous sins! How could someone as righteous and just as myself help a big villain such as yourself conceal your true ident.i.ty?" Lin Fan replied with an absolutely saintly look.

"How dare you spout out such nonsense? I'm going to kill you!" Old Man Zuo Shan was entirely riled right now. To think that this living being would be this despicable!

"Long Yumo! How dare you attempt to kill someone before our faces? Hand over all of your valuables!"

"Our Phoenix race has got a world of grudges with your Colossal Dragon race! This time around, we're going to take away all of your valuables, remove your Dragon Tendon, and bring it back to our race!"

"Living being, you're not involved with anything that's going on here. You can take your leave first." The man of the Phoenix race spoke up.

"Alright, sure. Since it doesn't concern me, I'm gonna make my move first, eh?" Naturally, Lin Fan couldn't escape just like this. A single look was enough to tell that this old man was someone who possessed immense riches. No matter what, he would have to reap in some of that.

"Beast!" Looking at how the living being was going to make a run for it, Old Man Zuo Shan was enraged in his heart. He could not bear to tear that living being up into shreds and devour him whole.

However, he knew that he was in quite the predicament right now.

The races of the Colossal Dragon and Phoenix were sworn enemies. What the Phoenix race loved doing usually was to track down the locations of the Colossal Dragon race beings. They would then gather people and engage in killings.

"Don't you guys dare go overboard!" At this moment, the body of Old Man Zuo Shan jerked momentarily as he took on the form of a young man.

If one had to point out just what was so different between the Colossal Dragon and the Dragon race, it would lie within their eyes. The Colossal Dragon race possessed a pair of dragon eyes. Even after they transformed, they would still retain that trait of the Colossal Dragons.

"Long Yumo, even if you're trying to go into hiding, it's useless. While you may be an extremely wealthy Colossal Dragon with tons of treasures, making this a little tricky, under the encirclement of so many of us, you've got no chance at living any longer!" The Phoenix race member called out.

Lin Fan was hiding somewhere at this moment. But, when he heard what was transpiring through, he felt heated up within his heart immediately.

'W-wealthy Colossal Dragon…!'

To think that this guy would be a really wealthy Colossal Dragon! The question was…just how wealthy was wealthy?

Lin Fan started wondering just what more treasures this guy would be keeping hidden. By the looks of it, this seemed to be everything he had right now.

Wham! Boom! Bam!

Suddenly, one h.e.l.l of a walloping ensued.

The lone Long Yumo was being beaten up by the entire group, looking extremely tragic right now.

His sorrowful wails rang out as he howled in pain. In fact, Lin Fan could even make out some insults that were directed at him amidst those howls.

Lin Fan shook his head helplessly as he took out the super tape recorder.

"Alright, since I've crafted you out, it's time for me to make some good use of you." Lin Fan looked at this old fashioned tape recorder and sighed helplessly.


A click of a b.u.t.ton and the exuberant sound rang out.

"Long Yumo, if you just let up and surrender now, we may even be able to let you off with an easy death!"

"Haha! You guys alone and you think you can kill me? Even if I were to die, I'm going to drag all of you down with me!" Long Yumo yelled out with rage in his heart. The aura of his entire body expanded all of a sudden.

Out of his storage ring flew countless of treasures, as a berserk energy ripped into the skies. The moment those of the Phoenix race sensed this energy, their expressions changed.

"Not good! He's going to self destruct!"

"Retreat! Retreat immediately!"

At this moment, the ma.s.ses of the Phoenix race started panicking. They had not expected that Long Yumo would want to foil their plans even if it meant his own death!

"HAHA! There's no way you guys are going to escape out of this! I've already planned to self destruct with all the treasures I've acc.u.mulated! Even if you guys were to tear through the void and escape, it's still going to blow all of you up!"

But just at this moment, a loud series of voices rang out into the world.

"The second set of National Radio Calisthenics for all Elementary School Students."

"The Rising Sun."

"The 1st set…"

"What's going on!?"

All of a sudden, everyone present felt as though they were no longer in control over their bodies. Long Yumo, who was preparing to self destruct, was equally horrified as he yelled out repeatedly, "Who is it? Just who in the world is it?"

"This is a treasure that strikes at one's spirits! It's attacking our hearts directly!"

"Just who in the world is this that's trying to sneak an attack on us?"

"What's going on with my feet?"

"And my hands too! What are they doing?"

At this moment, everyone let go of every single last bit of grievances in their hearts. In their eyes, the world had never seemed more beautiful than this moment right here.

A bright rising sun shone on their cheeks with a radiant glory, bringing with it a wonderful sense of warmth.

Lin Fan snuck a peek outside. Indeed, just as he had thought it would, he realized that these bunch of fellas were going on with some big actions all around!

"Holy f*ck! This thingy is pretty heaven defying! To think that even divine celestial level 7, All in One state beings couldn't withstand it! Perhaps, even the Utmost Being of the Ancient race might not be able to withstand it as well." Towards this tape recorder, Lin Fan was filled with praises now. The only thing was to find out just what the limits of this tape recorder were.

If only there was a divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being for him to test it on personally, that would be great.

It was a pity that the invention of this tape recorder came too late. If only it was that bit earlier… How nice would that be?

However, there was no hurry. The river would flow steadily. One day, there would certainly come the opportunity for him to test it out.

At this moment, the Colossal Dragon and Phoenix race members were like a bunch of well behaved students. Under this sunny and uplifting music, they were moving in such touching manners.

What a bunch of energetic and lively children!

"Come out! Just who in the world are you? Get the h.e.l.l out!" Long Yumo yelled out in horror.

Just who in the world could it be that could possess such capabilities? Even if it were any mere treasure that could strike at one's heart, it shouldn't possess this sort of demonic allure!

He was a powerful being of divine celestial level 7, All in One state! How could he possibly be bewitched by a treasure that could strike at one's spirits that easily!?

Furthermore, the treasure itself wouldn't provide a usage as such! Could it be that some powerful being had arrived?

"It's you!" When Long Yumo caught sight of the figure who had appeared from the void, his face turned extremely terrible.

Not too far in the distance, that living being was carrying some sort of a weird looking object on his shoulders, and was walking towards them in a carefree manner. All of the sounds were being emitted from within that strange looking device.

Could that strange thing over there be the treasure that struck at one's heart itself?

"Living being, let us go!" The members of the Phoenix race called out.

"d.a.m.ned thing! Don't you know who I am? I am a member of one of the Top ten Old Ancient Beasts, the Colossal Dragon race! If you dare to do anything to me, you'll die without a burial ground!" Long Yumo screamed out in rage.

Lin Fan came before them. Raising his hand gently, his lips curled up slightly, "Now, do YOU know who I am, then?"

Lin Fan was a man who had always kept a low profile. It was rare for him to declare his name in the face of others. However, at this moment, Long Yumo was acting way too brazenly. With that, there was no way Lin Fan could hold back from using his authority to stamp down on this fella here.

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