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In some desolate plains of the Ancient Saint World…

A lone figure walked about in a relaxed manner. At the same time, some Ancient beasts caught sight of this delicious looking living being appearing before their eyes and were filled with exceptional joy. After all, for Ancient beasts, living beings were a delicacy.

But, the eventual outcome for them was cruel and inhumane to watch. Not only did they not get to enjoy the deliciousness of this living being, they ended up as the delicacy themselves.

"Gosh! This is simply the sort of carefree life that is the best!" Lin Fan was in a happy mood right now. Ever since he came out of his seclusion, he had received plenty of rewards.

Not only had he crafted a frighteningly scary super radio ca.s.sette player, he had even cultivated out his third Essence Spirit. From now on, he wouldn't have to fear anyone in fights any longer.


A merry tune sang out of Lin Fan's mouth. The world was filled with his joyous tune at this moment.

"Sovereign Kings Wei, Qi and Zheng have all been f*cked up by Yours Truly. Their camps must definitely be in an empty state right now. With just a little bit of effort, Yours Truly will definitely be able to swipe all their riches clean!"

Lin Fan had already made his preparations. The first target was Sovereign King Wei. Following that, he was going to seek out the connate Element of Wood to complete the set. After Demon City got to evolve, Yours Truly would truly possess a true Utmost Treasure by then!

As for that stinky little w.a.n.ker, the Utmost Being Cruel? Lin Fan was in no hurry at all. One step at a time, he would raise his own strength before going over to f*ck that guy up real good.

"Little buddy up ahead, please hold your steps."

Just at this moment, Lin Fan heard a voice ringing out from behind him.

He froze for a moment, evidently startled. To think that he had only noticed this guy behind him after he spoke up! Given his cultivation state and ability of sensing, this was a little suspicious.

"Who are you?" Lin Fan asked warily.

The person before him looked pretty old and had a head filled with white hair. He was a little hunchbacked as though he had been through many hardships in life.

"Hi there, little buddy. I am Old Man Zuo Shan. Could I accompany you on your journey?" The elderly figure asked with a slight smile.

Lin Fan scanned this old man before him. Divine celestial level 7, All in One state. He was from the Colossal Dragon race, one of the Top ten Old Ancient Beast races.

But, b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! A single look was enough to tell that he wasn't that kind a dragon. Even though the smile on this old man's face was pretty radiant, it wasn't hard to tell that it was somewhat forced.

'Hehe. In these wilderness plains, I'll just see what this old geezer wants.' Lin Fan thought in his heart before putting on a warm smile.

"Ah! When you're out in the world, anyone you b.u.mp into is a sign of fate! Alright then. Let's form up!" Lin Fan replied.

"Good, good!" Old Man Zuo Shan was pleased instantly. He then stretched out his trembling hands and shook them with Lin Fan's.

This elderly and young man combo thus formed up together.

"I've yet to ask you of your name, little buddy!" Old Man Zuo Shan asked casually.

Old Man Zuo Shan was someone of the Colossal Dragon race, the Top ten of all Old Ancient Beasts. Initially, he was having a restful sleep in his old nest. To think that he would be discovered by a bunch of dogsh*ts. Without anywhere else to run, he had no choice but to take on a form as an old man to try and avoid being hunted down.

But, that shouldn't be enough to tide him through it at all. As luck would have it, he caught sight of a young man up ahead walking with a happy go lucky att.i.tude. Instantly, his heart leaped with joy. He had a target now.

"Lin Fan." Lin Fan replied.

"Oh, what a good name! Now, Little Buddy Lin, what are you doing here all alone?" Old Man Zuo Shan asked.

"Ah! Now, that's a long story. I am a benevolent, compa.s.sionate, righteous, and just person. The reason why I'm out is definitely to cruise through the Pugilistic World and slay down Ancient race beings. Therefore, I've been making my way through and killing Ancient race beings along the way. But you on the other hand, you're so old! Why are YOU here? It wouldn't be good if you were to b.u.mp into any Ancient race beings, right?" Lin Fan replied braggingly.

Old Man Zuo Shan looked straight at Lin Fan in the eyes. He realized that this young man was extremely righteous in his aura and was pure in his eyes. There was no sense of a lie going on through his words at all. With that, his inner heart began to churn.

"I'll not hide it from you, little buddy. I'm being hunted." Old Man Zuo Shan continued.

"Ah! Under broad daylight and the open skies? Who would dare to act with such insolence?" Lin Fan asked in shock.

"Little buddy, now this is a long story as well. How about this, can I just act as your attendant for now? If we were to b.u.mp into them, you'll just tell them that I'm your attendant. This old man will definitely be grateful to you for it. This is an elixir that I had lying around, which is really useful for one's cultivation. I'll give it to you as a gift first, little buddy!" Old Man Zuo Shan's eyebrows twitched, sensing that this living being before him was somewhat moronic. But, it was better that he was a moron. That way, it'd be easier to lie to him.

"Oh, oh, oh! Alright!" Lin Fan took over the elixir from him, feeling a little contemptuous in his heart. However, he still maintained a happy look on his face nevertheless.

"Spirit Focusing Realm Pill: A supplementary pill that could help consolidate a divine celestial level 5 being's Essence Spirit."

"This is some good stuff! Are you really giving it to me?" Lin Fan acted as though he was in a huge surprise right now. Even though this pill wasn't really all that good for Lin Fan, he knew that this would be some sort of a miraculous elixir for anyone else.

"Naturally, of course! As long as little buddy here would do me this favor, once I'm done with this tribulation, I would definitely have more rewards for you!" Old Man Zuo Shan laughed coldly.

"Don't worry! I'll definitely help you with this!" Right now, Lin Fan was a little curious towards the background of this Old Man Zuo Shan. He wondered what sort of a treasure the other party was hiding.

To think that he would be hunted down till he had nowhere else to hide.

"Long Yumo! d.a.m.n! Where has that fella gone to! To think that he would disappear without a trace in the blink of an eye!"

"Hmph! Long Yumo is a Colossal Dragon that is well known to be extremely rich amongst his race! If we can swipe him clean, there will definitely be tons of treasures awaiting us!"

"Eh, guys! Check it out. There're two living beings up ahead! Let's head down to check them out!"

At this moment, a few figures were searching in the void right now. When they caught sight of the two living beings down below, they glanced at one another before rushing down immediately.

Long Yumo's heart was a little nervous right now. With the living being before him, he was getting a little peeved.

"Old Man Zuo Shan, you're now my servant. You cannot walk with me by my side. Also, you've got to be more respectful towards me!" Lin Fan realized that he was truly a man blessed with luck.

No matter where he went, he would definitely b.u.mp into treasure being distributed.

From the gaze of this old man, Lin Fan could catch a strain of killing intent. This old man must definitely be contemplating about killing him once this was done and over with.

"Hold on there!"

At this moment, six figures appeared before Lin Fan.

There were four men and two women.

The men were handsome while the women ravishing.

Divine celestial level 7, All in One state.

Divine celestial level 6, Law state.

These few fellas could be considered powerful beings. But, something that Lin Fan did not expect was that they were from the Phoenix race, another one of the Top ten Old Ancient Beast races.

Right, Chicky was a mix bred of the Phoenix race as well, wasn't he?

"And you guys are?" Lin Fan asked puzzledly.

Long Yumo, who was following behind Lin Fan, felt his guts tightening a little as well, somewhat nervous. However, his face remained calm as still water. He was careful not to let it slip out.

"Have you seen a young man pa.s.sing by here?" The one who spoke up was a man with a fire emblem emblazoned on his forehead. At the same time, his aura was the strongest amongst them.

"Living being, if you had seen him, you must tell us and not hide it at all. That guy is extremely vicious and cruel. If you help him to hide himself, you will definitely be the one who's dead in the end." The voice of a woman rang out. Her voice sounded empty and her tone frosty.

"Who is he?" The first man who spoke up as he pointed to Old Man Zuo Shan.

"Fellow powerful beings here, I am the servant of my family's Young Master." Old Man Zuo Shan spoke up first.

"HOLD ON!" Suddenly, Lin Fan took over the conversation.

"Now, you guys are asking way too many questions. Let me reply to you guys one by one."

"First up, I truly have not seen any young man pa.s.sing by here."

"Secondly, if I had seen a young man, I would definitely tell it to you guys for sure."

The moment Old Man Zuo Shan saw how this living being was answering their questions one by one, he was elated in his heart. He had already struck a deal with this living being here, so there was no way this living being was going to sell him out!

But the words that followed had him entirely stunned.

"Thirdly, he isn't my servant. He had just appeared behind me not too long ago, claiming that his life was being hunted down. He gave me a pill and asked me to hide him. However, this beautiful young lady here has just said that he's going to kill me, so I feel that I have the need to say this out."

The moment he was done with his words, Lin Fan stood one side far away from between them.

"I think that old man must be the person you guys are looking for! If you guys have any issues with him, please feel free to go on. It's none of my business." Lin Fan pointed over and said.

At that moment, the entire atmosphere changed.

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