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At the start, Lin Fan had thought that this would be some sort of a cool skill and whatnot. However, after learning Super Fusion, he realized that the stance of fusing something was simply way too ugly.

If he truly had to describe it, wouldn't it be the same sort of fusion sh*t that he had seen happen back in his previous life's Dragon ball?

'First, you dance some silly little dance, before joining two fingers together and shouting 'FUSION!' together!'

"Aiyoh! Holy sh*t! Your mother! Just where in the world did the system get this from? Which sort of a dumbo invented this sh*t!" Lin Fan was exasperated right now. However, no matter how exasperated he was, he could only accept it silently.

No matter what, this was better than nothing at all.

"Hais! Seems like I can only work hard at raising my own strength, and hope that I don't meet with some sort of a twisted enemy. That way, I wouldn't have to use this skill then." Lin Fan lamented. Everything had to depend on his own hard work.

If he were to display this before anyone, they would surely laugh their pants off for sure.

After that, Lin Fan took out the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock.

By now, the Weapon Spirit within the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock had already been subdued. After the training from a sicko such as the Thunder Trainer King, it was now extremely obedient, and did not dare to act impertinently at all.

"This is a treasure that strikes at one's spirits directly. How in the world should I refine this?" Lin Fan rubbed his chin and began thinking.

Right now, this Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock wasn't too darn overpowered just yet. For most other people, being able to obtain it would be worth a h.e.l.l's worth of celebrating. However, for Lin Fan, this was far from enough.

"Nine Five Legendary Brick."

"Flying Heavens."

Out of all the treasures he possessed right now, which one of them didn't have an ultimate move of its own? Which one of them wasn't a sick existence on its own?

Since this Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock was his only treasure that could strike at one's hearts, he naturally couldn't let it fall behind the rest. He had to get it stronger and way more twisted than anything else.

Lin Fan swirled his finger, causing a ball of flames to pop up.

Under this flame, the Supreme Graded Dao Weapon, Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock, began to melt down. Based on Lin Fan's attainments in the art of weapon crafting now, he was extremely familiar with all sorts of treasures. Even after he were to melt them down, he could return them to their original forms.

The Battle Thorn of the Sovereign King Zheng was a treasure as well. Even though the powers within had been absorbed, the materials used to craft it were still there.

"So, how in the world should I craft this then? This is pretty troublesome. How about just depending on luck entirely?" Lin Fan truly could not think up anything. Hence, he decided to let the system make the choice eventually.

All of the materials he had obtained from the past floated gently in the Sky.


All of these precious materials were purged away from their impurities. After that, the essence that remained infused themselves within the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock.

'Ding…Do you wish to engage in auto crafting?'


Lin Fan placed his palms together and prayed devoutly.

'Oh, sweet lords! Please bless me! It's been a long time since I've last crafted a weapon! Please give me a G.o.dly item! Bless me please!'

Brrrrng! Brrrrrng!

Instantly, a series of vibrations rang out. Lin Fan opened up his eyes and glared at the situation before him fixedly. A bright flash of light rose up as a mysterious aura found its way pouncing towards his face.

"Seems like the situation isn't all too bad, eh? But, what's the end result? Just what sort of a treasure would be created?" Lin Fan was filled with curiosity, wondering how everything would turn out.

But, just at this moment, a series of music rang through the air. The world shook as heavenly petals fell from the sky, filling the world with golden lotuses.

This phenomenon…!

"Could Yours Truly have crafted out some sort of a super legendary weapon?" This was a phenomenon that Lin Fan had never once seen before. Even when he was crafting out the Nine Five Legendary Brick, nothing as such had happened!

At this moment, Lin Fan's mental state began to rattle.

But in that instant, he frowned instantly and spoke up uncontrollably.

"What is this sh*t?"

"The second set of National Radio Calisthenics for all Elementary School Students, The Rising Sun."


"The 1st set: Jogging on the spot!"




"Holy f*ckamoly! What the f*ck is up with this?" Listening to this familiar tune, Lin Fan was entirely stumped.

Where was the promised super legendary weapon? What was up with this bulls.h.i.t?


Suddenly, an earthshattering sound rang out. The entire Paradise turned pretty restless.

"What's up with this music?! How come I'm starting to move involuntarily?"

"Jog, jog!"

At this moment, these stunning sounds rang through the entire Paradise. Under the influence of the tune, all the Weapon and Skill Spirits could not help but start moving on their own!

'Ding…Congratulations on crafting success.'

'Ding…Congratulations on crafting out a unique treasure. Please name it.'

Lin Fan was entirely flabbergasted at this moment. For quite a while, he was at a loss for what to do at all.

"Rising Sun."

'Ding…Congratulations on naming success.'

At this moment, the light dissipated. In its place stood an old school radio ca.s.sette player with 2 speakers on its side, appearing before Lin Fan's face.

"System, are you just playing with me?" Looking at this sh*t, Lin Fan was entirely dumbfounded. However, the system did not reply to him at all. Other than mumbling to itself from time to time, the system didn't say anything else.

Lin Fan grabbed this treasure in his hands with a blank expression on his face.

"Is this the evolved and upgraded form of the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock? Why in the world would it turn out looking like this?"

"N-no. Not right. This is definitely not right. Why in the world is everything that's being crafted so d.a.m.ned futuristic? Could it have something to do with my experiences in the past?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was resisting an urge to cry out.

He did not require all the weapons that were crafted out to look extremely cool and stylish. But at the very least, they had to look presentable still!

One could let the Nine Five Legendary Brick off the hook. Even though it looked pretty mediocre, it was extremely horrifying in terms of strength.

But, what in the world was this twin speaker Ca.s.sette Tape Recorder?

Looking at a b.u.t.ton on it, Lin Fan pressed down gently.


"Holy f*ck! I can still change ca.s.sette tapes? Do you truly have to do this to me?!" Lin Fan was about to bawl out.


Lin Fan no longer wanted to speak anymore. 'Forget it, forget it! This is it. Yours Truly admits defeat. The system of crafting weapons is one h.e.l.l of a sham!'

It was truly more than enough that it would yield some sort of an incomprehensible object each time he crafted out weapons. But, by the time Lin Fan got to know of this treasure's functions, he was stunned.

"T-this…!" Lin Fan was frozen. Wasn't the effect of this Ca.s.sette Tape Recorder somewhat strong?

"Master, why did you stop it? That music was simply way too rhythmic! I felt as though I was young once more!" The Thunder Trainer King ran over to his side while commenting.

"That's right, that's right! I was filled with adrenaline!" The Big Ancient Demon tried twisting his waist to dance once more, but he couldn't get back the same feeling.

Looking at this bunch of fellas, Lin Fan was speechless.

"End of seclusion."

Lin Fan came straight out from the underground abyss. The Utmost Being of the Ancient race had already left this place. He was safe again once more.

"This time around, where should I head to next?"

"That's right! Time to head over to the old nest of the Sovereign King Wei to check it out! This time around, I've lost quite a bit of riches in this battle. Given the position of the Sovereign King Wei, he must definitely have quite a bit of reserves with him. Along the way, I should just kill some more Ancient race beings and cause that Utmost Being to be filled with a rage that has nowhere to be vented."

"Hahaha! Okay, that's the plan!"

Lin Fan was a man of his words. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a streak of light and disappeared from the area.

Somewhere in the far distance…

Grandmaster Yun and the others came to a stop.

"Many thanks, Grandmaster Yun." Grandmaster Wu He of the Battle Emperor Sect expressed his grat.i.tude.

"No big deal. We're all beings of the thousands of races. Naturally, we can't allow the Ancient race to go overboard like this." Grandmaster Yun smiled gently, unbothered about the entire event at all.

"Wait, not good! The stone sculpture of the Battle Emperor is still there!" Suddenly, Wu He was jerked back to his senses.

Grandmaster Yun's face changed slightly, "Oh no! An Utmost Treasure as such must have already been taken away by the Ancient race!"

"I-I…!" Wu He was filled with remorse in his heart right now. Why hadn't he thought of bringing it with him when they were going to leave?

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