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Not long after Lin Fan went into hiding, a figure appeared in the sky above. Looking at the shattered void in the surrounding, this figure went into a mad rage.

"Living beings of the thousands of races!"

The Utmost Being, Cruel, was hopping with rage right now. He had not expected his entire army to perish here. In fact, even his three Sovereign Kings had fallen!

"Who was it? WHO WAS IT?" At the moment his Sovereign Kings died, he felt a slight little pull at the depths of his heart.

"Heaven's Will Time Flow Reversal!"

The Utmost Being, Cruel, yelled out these five words. Suddenly, the void began to vibrate.

An image instantly appeared before the face of the Utmost Being, Cruel.

The moment he caught sight of the happenings on the screen, he could no longer contain himself as he screamed out.


The Utmost Being, Cruel, would never be able to forget this figure. This d.a.m.ned human cost him one of his Essence Spirit doppelgangers. This man deserved death!

"Where have you gone to? WHERE HAVE YOU GONE TO?"

All of a sudden, the consciousness of the Utmost Being, Cruel, spread out as a gigantic net, trying to seek out that d.a.m.ned fella. However, he could not find anything in return.

"Cruel, what's going on around your area these days?" Just at this moment, a figure wearing a bronze colored mask tore through the void and appeared before Cruel.

This person was draped in a dark golden long robe. On the back of this long robe was a big word emblazoned.


"What are you doing in my district?" Cruel looked at this person who had arrived warily, evidently somewhat displeased.

"Heh!" The figure giggled out. This giggle was extremely sinister. In fact, there was even a trace of killing intent hidden within it.

"Remember, this is the first and shall be the last time you will use that tone with me. The next time you try it again, there will be consequences you will get to understand."

"Y-you…!" Cruel's face was extremely grim right now, but did not say anything more.

"Now, I don't care about what's happening in your district to be honest, but I do hope that you get it settled as soon as possible. The barrier to the Infinite Worlds is about to open up once more. The Ancient Saint World will need to replenish our core with it once more. I do not wish to see what happened with the Ancient One repeat itself with you, getting himself invaded by the primordial demons of the overworld and resulting in his death in the hands of a bunch of ants, all because of a moment of carelessness." Saint remarked coldly.

"Understood." Cruel nodded his head.

"You had better."

With that, Saint disappeared from the world in the blink of an eye.

"B*stard f*ck." Cruel's heart was burning with wrath right now. However, there was nothing he could do about it. It was all a matter of strength. Out of the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, he was the weakest.

"Motherf*cking Human King, I swear that I'll have you killed!"

That holler rang out across the world.

Hidden in a deep abyss underground, Lin Fan's back was filled with sweat. Perspiration dripped down profusely from his forehead as big drops.

At that moment, he had sensed an extremely powerful aura appear right above his head.

Even though that ancient aura wasn't emanated out intently, just that bit of it which seeped out of him was enough to cause Lin Fan's heart to palpitate.

"What a horrifying aura! Just who in the world was that?" Lin Fan knew that that aura could not have belonged to Cruel.

However, Lin Fan regained his sense of self before long. Gripping his fists tightly, he was filled with confidence. Even though it was strong, Yours Truly wasn't afraid. The more repressing it was, the more motivated he would be.

He was someone with a system in his hands! From here on forth, he must definitely grow to be an unparalleled existence!

This was the time now for him to start training up properly. Once the time was ripe, he would then head forth for another good round of brazenness.

Paradise of the Fox race…

The Old Master of the Fox race was fraught with injuries right now. His face was pale as a sheet. The moment he appeared, he sealed up his Paradise entrance immediately. Turning into a speck of dust, he floated within that dimension.

"d.a.m.ned fella! How dare you treat me as such? Once I'm done healing up, I'll definitely have you pay the price!" The Old Master of the Fox race yelled out.

"Evil Alliance Patriarch! You had better wait for me as well! From here on forth, as long as it's someone from the Evil Alliance, this old man here is going to have them all killed! No one shall be spared!"

What the Evil Alliance Patriarch had done was causing the Old Master of the Fox race to feel incensed.

Beasts. All of them were beasts!

"No, this can't carry on. I've got to search for some G.o.dly Utmost Treasure! Otherwise, who knows how long it'll take for me to recover!"

The Old Master of the Fox race started thinking.

"Colossal Dragon race, Roc race, Phoenix race, Tun Tie race, Hun Dun race, Qiong Qi race…The Top ten Old Ancient Beast races are all ferocious in their own rights. However, they're all objects of great nutrients. If I want to recover as soon as possible, I've got to devour their Essence Blood to boost my own body."

At this moment, the Old Master of the Fox race was ready to tread on a dangerous path. After all, fortune lied in the midst of dangers. If he wanted to recover faster, this seemed to be the only way out now. However, he still had to consider about which race he should hunt out first.

Ever since the Evil Alliance Patriarch got out of the place, he was having reservations of his own as well. The power that was produced by the self-destruction of eight divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state beings was definitely earthshattering.

If he didn't make his escape then, the only thing left of him would have been a mess of his meat and blood. No, he would even have that left of him.

It was one thing to be able to take them down, but another to be able to withstand the power of their self-destruction.

"Motherf*cking Human King, just where in the world did you seek out those Eternal G.o.d state powerful beings from?"

"In the end, even that Old Master of the Fox race geezer managed to escape. However, he received quite a severe injury and, should be nestled up in recuperation right now. If I were to head over and kill him right now, it shouldn't be too much of an issue."

"An Eternal G.o.d state powerful being who's severely injured… His physical body must be filled with all sorts of essences."

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from where he was and headed forth to look for the Old Master of the Fox race.

He knew that the vendetta had been set. Even if he didn't go and find the Old Master of the Fox race now, the other party would definitely hunt him down after he was done recuperating.

Since that was the case, he might as well take the upper hand and make the first move now.

Underground abyss…

Lin Fan sat down cross-legged, completely immersed in his Paradise.

Right now, the powers in his Paradise were thick and dense. They had entered a brand new world once more.

13,000 living beings were walking around his Paradise. Each and every single breath taken by these living beings possessed an immense amount of powers to them.

This was equivalent to having 13,000 divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state powerful beings who were breathing and huffing out powers within Lin Fan's Paradise.

If anyone else were to find out about this, they would definitely be shocked to death.

This relentless amount of power was Lin Fan's greatest a.s.surance.

"Master, I feel that I'm lacking just that last opportunity before I will enter the mysterious beyond mysterious state of an Utmost Treasure." The Big Ancient Demon appeared before Lin Fan, saying.

Right now, the aura of the Big Ancient Demon was substantially strong, as the scales on his body shone with a ghastly gleam. It was way more l.u.s.trous than before. Every single scale seemed as though it contained a world on its own, possessing an endless amount of powers.

"Right now, we're only lacking the Element of Wood among the connate Five Elements. If all five elements were to fuse together and work as one, it would be time for you to evolve." Lin Fan knew what the Big Ancient Demon was lacking.

Once all five elements were gathered, he would definitely be able to bring forth even more powers.

By then, entering the ranks of an Utmost Treasure would just be a single step. He would enter the state of being G.o.dly, a state which countless treasures could only hope to be in.

At that moment, the Demon City would be able to unleash its true powers.

"What happened to that piece of meat from the Old Master of the Fox race?" Lin Fan asked.

"Master, the piece of meat from the Old Master of the Fox race is still resisting stubbornly."

Casting his glance over, Lin Fan caught sight of the flesh from the Old Master of the Fox race floating silently. Even though it was just minced meat now, it still possessed a tremendous amount of energy nevertheless. A figure of a red Nine-Tailed Fox howled out. With a single growl of it, it pushed back countless Weapon Spirits. In fact, even the tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree were destroyed by it.

"Hmph! To think that you would still want to fight back at this moment."



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