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"Aiyoyo my Little Old Master here, what's up with you?" Lin Fan was gloating at his misfortune right now.

He knew that the Old Master of the Fox race had already made his escape. However, he still left a huge piece of a mess behind nevertheless. This gigantic piece of meat definitely contained at least thirty percent of the Old Master's powers.

Losing this piece of meat would definitely be a huge blow to the Old Master of the Fox race and hurt his Essence Qi. If he didn't have some G.o.dly Utmost Treasure to devour in place of it, it would take him at least a thousand years to recover from this.

"YOU BEAST!" At this moment, the Old Master of the Fox race was extremely infuriated in his heart. The backstabbing of the Evil Alliance Patriarch has already cost him to be heavily damaged. And now, he was discovered by this little sc.u.mbag here.

If he didn't make a choice, this piece of meat here would just be a b.l.o.o.d.y good bargain for this sc.u.mbag!

"Actually, you're right in calling me a beast. All of us from the thousands of races started out as beasts in our primordial states. In fact, we are just like you! You were from the Fox race, so you must have started out as a fox too! Now, do you think you were a beast then?" Lin Fan accepted it calmly without getting angry at all.

Even though he couldn't see how angry the Old Master of the Fox race must look in a huff right now, he could imagine it on his own.

After all, if something as such had happened to anyone, they would probably be in the same emotional state right now.

This was especially the case for someone as strong as the Old Master of the Fox race. Losing a big piece of his body which possessed so much of his essence, what sort of a great loss that much be?

If his luck weren't good enough, he might not even get to recover from this point forth. By then, he would probably be one of the bottomfeeders among the Eternal G.o.d state beings.

Who knew, he might not even be comparable to those eight old fogeys!

"Y-YOU…!" The Old Master of the Fox race's wrath was burning wildly right now. That blood red piece of meat began to expand rapidly. All of a sudden, two tiny red arms grew out of that piece of meat!

"YOU CAN GO TO h.e.l.l!"

The Old Master of the Fox race had lost it by now. In the blink of an eye, he used up hundreds of skills as a formidable amount of energy surged out at Lin Fan. Even if this were a piece of meat, a meat had to have the dignity of a meat!

"Aiyoh! Seems like someone's getting all angry and all, eh? Even though I can't defeat your original body, how overbearing can a piece of meat get? Come, come! Your Motherf*cking King shall stand here and let you whack me. If you can whack me till I puke out blood I'll let you off!" Lin Fan chuckled out, not bothered in the least bit.

His physical body state was that of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state. How could he be walloped upside down by a piece of meat? That was undoubtedly just a joke!

"Heaven Tunnelling Secret Art!"

At this moment, the b.l.o.o.d.y piece of meat of the Old Master of the Fox race began to rumble! It tunneled straight into the void, wanting to get out of this place.

"Wanna escape? What a pity! That's not going to happen." Lin Fan tossed out his hand casually and grabbed the b.l.o.o.d.y piece of the meat out of the void.

"Not bad, you're pretty heavy. Seems like this is a pretty decent loss for you, eh? But then again, that's strange. You're the one injured and not the Evil Alliance Patriarch. You couldn't have been used by that Evil Alliance Patriarch now, could you?" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out.

"YOU B*STARD!" While the Old Master of the Fox race was howling madly, he knew that Lin Fan was right on the mark. Not only had he gotten nothing out of this trip, he had even taken in such a huge loss!

d.a.m.n that Evil Alliance Patriarch! He swore that he would never let him off from this day forth!

"Seems like you've really been f*cked up by that Evil Alliance Patriarch, eh? What a pitiful old soul you are, Old Master of the Fox race. Even the sight of you right now is causing my heart to break into pieces." Lin Fan giggled out.

Even though this piece of meat was pretty huge, it was not enough to compensate him for his losses.

He had expended 200,000,000 Shengyang Pills just like that, and all eight of his divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state fighters were gone.

This was really one incident to set him back a long way.

But then again, the treasures he got out of it this time around were pretty decent.

Not only had he swallowed a Battle Thorn, he had even gotten a treasure which could strike at one's spirits, the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock. Oh, yes! That so-called good item that was mentioned by Grandmaster Yun was there as well. It was just that he did not know what it was just yet. However, he would make sure to check it out properly later on.

"Stop struggling now. You're not going to get out of it either way." The piece of meat from the Old Master of the Fox race was repeatedly struggling within Lin Fan's hands, trying to break free. However, he was being gripped tightly by Lin Fan so badly he couldn't move at all.

"Motherf*cking Human King, let's take it that I was the one in the wrong this time around. Let me go and I swear that I, the Old Master of the Fox race, will never ever seek you out for revenge. Not only that, I'm willing to give you treasures as compensation as well!" The Old Master of the Fox race began to beg out to Lin Fan.

This piece of meat was truly important. If he were to lose it, the losses would be unimaginable.

"What do you mean we'll take it that you're in the wrong? You WERE in the wrong from the beginning, alright?" Lin Fan replied casually.

"Oh, yes! You're right! It was me who was in the wrong. Let us forget about the discord from the past, shall we? You shall remain as an esteemed guest in the Fox race for all of eternity. How about that?" The Old Master of the Fox race said calmly as though he was earnestly trying to discuss with Lin Fan.

However, he was filled with hatred in his heart right now. He hated the Evil Alliance Patriarch. He hated this Motherf*cking Human King before his eyes as well. If he hadn't had that bunch of old guards blowing themselves up, things wouldn't have ended up like this.

Everything. Every single thing right now was created by this Motherf*cking Human King.

"Even though you've admitted your mistake, I'm afraid that that won't do. I've spent such a long time talking to you that I'm even getting a little hungry now. I suppose I'll just have to use this lump of meat you have right here to make some blood dumplings to satiate my hunger." Lin Fan replied.

"Are you truly not going to let me off?" The Old Master of the Fox race yelled out.

Hungry? Who was he trying to kid?!

"Hoho, my dear Little Old Master here, have you really lived your life for naught? Do you honestly think that I'm going to let you off at this juncture?" Lin Fan mocked coldly.

Instantly, Lin Fan wielded the Eternal Axe in his hands. The tip of the Eternal Axe was sharp, shining with a G.o.dly glow.


"Alright, alright. Hunt me however you wish to, alright? Yours Truly here can endure it. Initially, I thought that all the beings of the thousands of races were living a really pitiful life. But to think that the Fox race would have a powerful being such as yourself who refuses to fight against the Ancient race. This is really your own undoing, you know? Seems like I can only depend on myself for my great ambitions of overthrowing the Ancient race."

"Don't worry now. I'll head over to the Fox race personally. You've just go to prepare your stuff to welcome me by then."

By now, Lin Fan had an epiphany of his own.

It wasn't that the beings of the thousands of races couldn't cut it. It was just that there wasn't anyone willing to work together.

This powerful Old Master of the Fox race for example, everything he did was for his personal gains. If this were the case, how could they possibly stand up against the Ancient race?

"I'll slice!"

With that, the Eternal Axe shone brightly. A chop after another, they landed on that lump of meat of the Old Master of the Fox race.


The Old Master of the Fox race screamed out in pain. Every single cut of the axe was akin to his own physical body being cut. The pain was incomparable.

Before long, that lump of meat was turned into minced meat. The minced meat gave off a G.o.dly presence as the powers within it glistened in a sparkly manner, possessing a great amount of energy to them.

"LITTLE BEAST! YOU'LL DEFINITELY HAVE A HORRENDOUS DEATH! I SWEAR THAT YOU'LL HAVE IT!" The Old Master of the Fox race wailed out in anguish. However, there was nothing he could do to stop this at all.

The Old Master of the Fox race was a powerful being of divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state. Since when had he ever endured such humiliation, ever? To think that a part of his body would be mistreated as such by a human! His heart was filled with an endless wrath.

At this moment, Lin Fan cast his sights into the distance. From there, there was an aura gushing forth.

This aura was a little familiar.

"Alright! I'm not gonna play with you any longer! The Utmost Being of the Ancient race is here!" Without panicking, Lin Fan collected the minced meat made out of the Old Master of the Fox race and kept it within his Paradise.


Earth tunneling!

Lin Fan retracted his aura and delved deep underground, hiding himself from the world entirely. With the concealment of the system, no one in this entire world could ever discover him.

That was right. Even if it were the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he was not going to be able to find him either.

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