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"Oh boy, this Whisk Moon Tower is far too extravagant." Back on Earth, Lin Fan still was a proper boy, so he had never gone to places like the red-light district and such. So when Lin Fan entered the Whisk Moon Tower, the scene in front of him instantly ensnarled his little heart.

Waves of perfume wafted over, fragrant flowers drifted as pink veils danced about. Many wonderful figures twirled around, their bodies packing postures of all kinds with so many different styles. Just one glance and one wouldn’t be able to look away. Each and every single one of them had dazzling eyelashes, intoxicating eyes, and exquisite bodies. It was quite the show.

Those sect disciples had never experienced anything like this before, even the older sect disciples were utterly dumbfounded. They wanted to move, but when they saw the other sect disciples motionless, they began to feel it would be bad if they moved first. Thus everyone remained still and waited for someone to act first and then take the chance to join in.

Just that essentially everyone was thinking like this, so it ended up with all of them just sitting there as still as trees, feeling l.u.s.t but not having any guts to act.

After Lin Fan had taken in all of the scenery, he felt that the people of the imperial city were far too extravagant with their lives. If this were back on Earth, it would have been closed down so many times; it was completely poisonous to the eyes.

Lin Fan also nodded to himself in secret. He was correct in stealing Huang Xiaochun’s admission invitation. Otherwise, if Huang Xiaochun actually had come, he would’ve long been swallowed by these intoxicating females.

Letting such a young child indulge in such pleasures, his nutrition level will not be able to keep up.

Lin Fan hadn’t forgotten his purpose for coming to the Whisk Moon Tower, but since he hadn’t found out the reason for this gathering yet, he decided it would best to wait and observe the situation before doing anything.

Lin Fan walked deeper inside and saw some elderly sect members caressing many enticing females while playing with them, their brows jumping in joy.

Lin Fan looked around, his heart a bit exasperated. The disciples that came to the Whisk Moon Tower were all in the postcelestial stage, and some of the older ones were even in the pericelestial stage. They may be only above average in their sects, but in the Great Yan Dynasty, they would be considered incredibly powerful.

Humans had emotions and desires, and even people with higher cultivation bases were not unbreakable, let alone these people.

Just what made Lin Fan a bit frustrated was that there was no disciple from the Saint Devil Sect. This was rather disappointing.

"The thirteenth prince has arrived." A call sounded from the outside.

Lin Fan hadn’t been in the Great Yan Dynasty for too long, but he knew that the thirteenth prince was the most likely person to become the next emperor. He had the mind and the power.

At this time, a male with a high and mighty presence came walking in, under the escort of many people.

Level four pericelestial.

This was the thirteenth prince of the Great Yan Dynasty. Upon his arrival, the sect members inside all rose and greeted him.

It was the thirteenth prince who paid for this occasion after all. So naturally, showing politeness was a must.

Although the Great Yan Dynasty couldn’t compare to the various sects, he was still a prince. Furthermore, he was also a very capable prince.

The thirteenth prince gave a smile, with a fan in hand, and nodded in thanks to the surrounding people. "I feel honored that everyone came to my gathering tonight. If there is anything you find dissatisfying, please do tell me." The thirteenth prince said with his greeting.

"Of course not! The thirteenth prince’s hospitality is very satisfying."

"Yes, I have heard of this Whisk Moon Tower before but never had the chance to come. This trip has been very worthwhile for me."

All the sect members were having a lot of fun, so they naturally acted very politely.

"Alright, as long as everyone is enjoying their night, I will let you all be now." The thirteenth prince said knowingly, and then departed under everyone’s escort.

Lin Fan also quietly slipped out. He wanted to investigate the surroundings and see what the leaders of the sect members were at.

The auction of the "lesser celestial pills" naturally attracted many sects. For some of the stronger sects, the lesser celestial stage wasn’t that important, but they were interested in the "lesser celestial pills" themselves.

A pill with the ability to raise one into the lesser celestial stage, just what kind of pill was it to have this kind of effect? It was an extraordinary pill they had never heard of before.

Cultivation had always been done one step at a time, and there was no shortcut. If this lesser celestial pill were for real, then it would be terrifying. There would be no point in those years of harsh training anymore, and it would be far quicker to just eat a pill.

Lin Fan wandered about inside the Moon Whisk Tower. Each room was empty, the entire venue had been reserved tonight, and the sect members were still enjoying their time outside. It was far too early to be going at it within the rooms, so it seemed he needed to wait a bit longer.

"The junior brother has been peeking about outside for so long, why not come inside and have a seat? I am so lonely by myself."When Lin Fan checked the next room, he saw that a female inside elegantly drinking wine, and acting all cute. She began beckoning him with her finger.

Lin Fan felt a chill run throughout his body. This voice was far too alluring, and he had nearly fallen prey to her seductions. This female was definitely no simple human, just her voice alone was very intoxicating.

"It seems I’ve got the wrong room. I will be going now." Lin Fan’s heart was pounding. He had a very important mission to accomplish, and he didn’t have time to indulge in pleasures.

Although he didn’t clearly see her face, the voice alone had made him drunk.

"Come, have a little drink with me before leaving, won’t you?" Just when Lin Fan was preparing to run, the wooden doors blew completely open and a pink veil carrying an alluring aroma wrapped itself tightly around his wrist.

c.r.a.p, this woman is quite strong.

Lin Fan was surprised. He didn’t expect her to be this strong. He initially thought she was one of the Whisk Moon Tower’s females, but it looked like he was wrong.

Lin Fan began thinking, if he ran now, it would definitely be suspicious. He then just decided to throw caution to the wind. ‘Whatever, what am I scared of? It’s just drinking a bit of wine… it’s not like I never drank any before.’

"Oh, so you are a disciple of the Hunyuan Sect."

Lin Fan walked in and his eyes lit up. She was incredibly beautiful, her body curved in all the right places. Her style was alluring, her face smooth and delicate, especially the eyes. She was attractive to the point his heart had nearly been captured.

Manyou Er beckoned with her finger. Lin Fan’s body involuntarily sat to the side, then like a snake, she wrapped herself around Lin Fan’s body.

"Junior brother, do you know who I am?"Manyou Er was very fragrant, her finger gently stroking Lin Fan’s chest.

Lin Fan quivered, this feeling was really unbearable.

Lin Fan glanced around and saw an emblem on the table. This was the emblem that would be given at the entrance once you handed over the admission invitation. The emblem would represent which sect one was from.

And the emblem on the table had these words.

"Infinite Flower Sect."

Lin Fan’s heart jolted when he saw these words. This was bad! He knew of the Infinite Flower Sect, it was another devil sect. The disciples within the sect were all young and beautiful females, but the skills they cultivated were all very sinister. When they had a "session" with males, they would absorb their true energy.

The Infinite Flower Sect’s female disciples were trained from a young age to cultivate a form of charming technique. Along with their alluring methods, very few males could resist them.

Some male sect disciples would still want to have a session with the Infinite Flower Sect even if their true energy would be absorbed.

"Senior sister, you’re so beautiful." Lin Fan had to stop Manyou Er, just that Manyou Er was a level two pericelestial, so she was far stronger than him. If she got real, how could he resist?

He didn’t want to taint his pure body at a place like this either.

Manyou Er smiled, "Little junior brother, what’s your name? You surely know how to make me happy… I will treat you very well."

Lin Fan couldn’t even run at this point, so he improvised. He then blushed and said in an embarra.s.sed manner like he had lost his soul.

"Senior sister, my name is Huang Xiaochun."

Lin Fan sighed. Junior brother Huang Xiaochun, I will definitely repay you back in the future, so just take the blame for me this time.

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