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'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 7, All in One state Sovereign King Wei.'

'Ding… Experience Points +650,000'

"What! Isn't this Sovereign King Wei too full of c.r.a.p? Doesn't he have anything at all?"

Sovereign King Wei wasn't someone whom Lin Fan would be too concerned about by now. His connate Paradise had already sp.a.w.ned out 13,000 living beings within it. As such, his powers have already climbed to a horrifying degree.

As to just how strong this truly was, Lin Fan personally had no idea either. However, killing Sovereign King Wei in a split second was still something that was definitive.

However, no matter what, he was only a divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state being personally. Now that he had killed Sovereign King Wei in the blink of an eye, shouldn't he get a little something?

But, after killing him, Lin Fan realized that this guy was all talk and no show! Other than his physical cultivation state being that of a divine celestial level 7, All in One state being, everything else was forcefully brought up!

One tap at his Paradise was enough to shatter it. It didn't even have a foundation to it.

Weak! This was way too weak!

However, for the members of the Battle Emperor Sect, this was absolutely blinding.

"To think that Sovereign King Wei would be blown apart with a single punch just like that."

"Isn't this way too strong?"

"The Motherf*cking Human King is not for show indeed. His powers are firm and resolute! With him around, there's no way these Ancient race beings would dare to act so brazenly!"

As for Sovereign Kings Qi and Zheng, the fact that Sovereign King Wei was killed in a single strike wasn't something that they had expected either. Even though Sovereign King Wei was someone who was forcefully boosted up by the Lord Utmost Being, his strength still wasn't any small piece of cake.

Even if it were themselves, it'd be impossible for them to kill him in a split second like this.

However, to think that this human could have taken him down in a jiffy just like that without a single bit of effort?! How could this not shock them at all?

Uncontrollably, Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi couldn't help but tense up.

In the beginning, they had thought that this living being was nothing more than an ant. But, to think that this ant would be this strong!

At this moment, two tears appeared in the void above.

Everyone cast their gazes into the skies above, wondering who it was that had arrived.

"Who are you guys? Do I know you?" Lin Fan looked at and asked in a perplexed tone.

The cultivation states of these two guys weren't weak. To think that they would even be equals of Sovereign Kings Qi and Zheng. In fact, just from the aura emanating out from them alone, Lin Fan personally felt that they were even scarier than Sovereign Kings Qi and Zheng.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master… Fox Emperor." The moment Grandmaster Yun caught sight of the both of them, his face could not help but crumple up.

These guys were beings who were extremely nefarious in the Ancient Saint World. Their methods were vicious, and there was no way they could be here for a good reason.

"You were the one who killed my daughter?" The Fox Emperor glared at Lin Fan coldly, his heart burning with a slow rage. There were countless children to his name. Naturally, he wouldn't care that much about something like that. However, the thing that had him angst was the fact that this human had not given him much respect. THAT was something that the Fox Emperor couldn't forgive.

"Killed your daughter? Who's your daughter?" Lin Fan was stunned. He had killed so many people. How in the world would he know which one was his daughter?

"Oh! I remember now. You're the father of that little fox brat? The one whose consciousness had appeared before me to act up a show of bullsh*t but was sent leaving in an utter defeat, right?" Lin Fan suddenly recalled.

Wasn't this guy the father of that Bai Ling or something? If he were to count with his fingers, it would be around three years now. What? This guy was still bearing a grudge over something like that? Gosh! What a petty person he was!

"BRAZEN!" The moment the Fox Emperor saw how this guy before him was still so insolent, his face changed immediately. His royal aura was rumbling right now, as though he was bent on slaughtering every single living being in this world.

"Hold on now. What are you hurrying about?" Lin Fan raised his hand to stop the other party. He then cast his gaze at the other person present, "But you? I don't know you at all. However, judging by the look in your eyes, it seems as though you've got quite the grudge against me as well. Okay, come, tell me. What's YOUR problem now?"

"Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan, you were the one who tricked the Utmost Being of the Ancient race into killing my son. Do you want to act as though you don't know about this?" The Evil Alliance Palace Master's face was angered right now. He looked back at the happenings of that light screen later on that fateful day. His very own child was shammed to death by this very Motherf*cking Human King.

Although the Utmost Being of the Ancient race was still the one who had killed his son ultimately, this Motherf*cking Human King was the instigator behind it. Since he couldn't kill the Utmost Being, he would rather pin all the blame onto this human before him.

"Oh, oh! Right! I remember now! So, your son is that Evil Alliance Prince who failed his act of bullsh*t and ended up getting culled? Oh, but I've got to say he did die quite the terrible death. He was devoured entirely by the doppelganger of the Utmost Being. I know you must be feeling really pained in your heart, and you have my condolences."

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and replied in a tone of exasperation.

To think that this time around, there would be these many people seeking him for vengeance.

This wasn't something that Lin Fan had expected.

To think that he would have so many foes out there.

Gosh, if even the Namo Saint Emperor that he had offended in the Lower World were here right now, the entire ensemble would be complete then.

"You shut up!" The Evil Alliance Palace Master roared in rage. His expression then focused up, "This time around, the reason why I came out is to have you slain. I'll have you know the consequences of killing my son."

"Oh!!! So, you're here to kill me! But I think you've got to wait up a little. These two Sovereign Kings want to kill me as well." Lin Fan wasn't afraid in the least bit. He was someone with tricks up his sleeves and a background to boot! Even though things might get a little tricky with the appearance of the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor, the moment Lin Fan thought of his ace in the hole, he wasn't afraid at all.

If anyone weren't happy about it, f*ck him then! He'd f*ck them till the end!

"Sovereign Kings Qi and Zheng, what do you guys say about combining forces." The Evil Alliance PLacae Master looked at Lin Fan in rage before turning to the two Sovereign Kings.

After witnessing the strength of the Motherf*cking Human King, the two Sovereign Kings were troubled right now. To think that this guy who had appeared out of nowhere would be this strong.

However, the moment they heard the words of the Evil Alliance Palace Master, they chuckled out as well.

"Alright, sure. Combine forces? Let's do it. After all, the Evil Alliance has made many trades with the Ancient race. I guess you guys can be considered as half-friends." Sovereign King Zheng burst out laughing.

"What about you, Fox Emperor?" Evil Alliance Palace Master looked over at the Fox Emperor.

The Fox Emperor remained silent for a moment before opening both of his eyes, "Alright. We'll combine forces and destroy the Battle Emperor Sect first then."

The Fox Emperor knew that if they didn't combine forces, he might not be able to get his revenge at all. However, if they did, it would definitely be a formidable force to behold. By then, was there any way this Motherf*cking Human King wouldn't die still?

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, Fox Emperor, both of you guys are beings of the thousands of races as well. How can you guys side with the Ancient race?" Grandmaster Yun strode forth and hollered out.

He had not expected the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor to call for a partnership with the Ancient race beings here.

This would certainly cause things to get tricky.

The strength of the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor were no weaker than his. If they were to truly go at it, the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor might even be that bit stronger.

Even though Lin Fan was powerful, if he were to face up with the combined attacks of the Evil Alliance Palace Master, Fox Emperor, and Ancient race, it might still get dangerous out there.

"Old man Yun, cut your c.r.a.p. The way the Evil Alliance conducts out business has nothing to do with you." The Evil Alliance Palace Master snorted coldly.

At the start, the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect were still filled with an excited mood. However, the way the situation unfolded had them tensing up as well.

There were now two more powerful beings added into the fray. However, these two powerful beings were not on their side. They were going to join up with the Ancient race. Now, this didn't sound right at all.

"You guys are practically a disgrace to the thousands of races!" Grandmaster Yun bellowed in disdain.

"HAHA…! Nothing you say now is going to help the situation at all. Motherf*cking Human King, I know you're really strong! However, I've just go to see how you can protect all these ants right here." The Evil Alliance Palace Master turned his gaze towards everyone around.

The moment the ma.s.ses heard these words, their faces froze up. They started getting restless and uneasy.

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