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Lin Fan was disappointed with the"lesser celestial medicinal pills" that the Heaven and Earth commerce market was promoting. It was obviously a rip-off, but the pills did have some use as they increased his experience by two million.

Lin Fan wasn’t satisfied with his current level six postcelestial cultivation base. A person filled with love and justice like him would definitely walk a turbulent path in the future. But if a greater celestial were to appear, Lin wouldn’t dare to proclaim to be a warrior of love and justice.

As for eating all the pills and then leaving a dump, this was completely unintentional. Lin Fan felt that this so called violent blood pill must have poison, because he wanted to take a dump as soon as he ate them, so it was inevitable.

But luckily, there was enough room for him to take his dump.

After Lin Fan returned to the Sky Heaven School, he then gave his fifteen minions a new set of homework, which was to find out where the various sect disciples were living or find out where they usually hung out.

Lin Fan was preparing his operation to save them. This situation actually had nothing to do with him, but the Heavens had sent forth its will. If he didn’t save them, then who else would?

His students may not be that great in cultivation, but they were really efficient in reconnaissance, and each one returned quickly to give their report.

"Teacher, the thirteenth prince is inviting the various sect disciples to meet up at the Whisk Moon tower." The students relayed their reports to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan froze. He had not been at the Great Yan Dynasty for very long, so he was unfamiliar with some of the places. In the end, he became informed after Xiaoze’s explanation.

Though Whisk Moon tower sounded elegant, it was actually just a fancy place for the upper cla.s.s to partake in fine entertainment of all sorts. To be blunt, it was essentially a gentleman’s club.

Lin Fan was shocked when he heard this. He didn’t think the sect disciples would go to a place like that. But then he thought about how those sect disciples trained for so many years within their sects, and how disproportionate the gender ratio was within the sects. It was likely that not many men are able to satisfy their male desires.

So, for those male disciples who were unable to release their pent up frustrations, whether it be due to appearance or problems with their cultivation base, they could only partner up with their right hands and achieve satisfaction.

Since they were in the imperial city and even invited by the prince, it was naturally the time for those disciples to release themselves.

Also, since the promotion of the lesser celestial pills was so widespread this time, the sects obviously wouldn’t be sending over any average disciples. So it was also possible that those powerful disciples that were sent over might not even bother to go to this indulgence of desires.

Night fell upon the Great Yan Dynasty as the streets started bustling with people. In the historical imperial city, only nighttime was when one could truly experience its brilliance. The lights of thousands of houses connect the whole dynasty into a single piece, illuminating the sky.

Lin Fan was a very particular person. Even though he was going out to save the sect disciples, he couldn’t just disregard his getup.

Lin Fan had taken advantage of his free time to buy a set of clothes, wearing which made him give off a unique appearance, making him look like a fine and proper bachelor.

Lin Fan went to the Whisk Moon Tower and gave a slight smile upon seeing the building. Not bad, not bad… very lavishly decorated and luxurious.

As expected of an imperial city gentleman’s club, just the appearance alone would make many people retreat. Because of its highly luxurious appearance, the first impression it would give people would be that it must be very expensive.

Lin Fan smiled dashingly and walked forth upright in a mighty manner. Even with just his clothing alone, how could there be any problems? But when Lin Fan came to the entrance he was stopped by two people at the door.

"Please present your admission invitation."

"Admission invitation?"Lin Fan froze, a bit confused. What kind of gentleman’s club was this to even require an admission invitation? They were taking themselves far too seriously.

"Tonight we are serving the various sects of the world, no others will be allowed inside. If you don’t have an admission invitation, then please leave."

"I…" Lin Fan was about to say something but stopped himself, then he smiled towards the two people, "I forgot to bring my admission invitation. I will go back and get it."

Lin Fan then left rubbing his chin. Just where was he supposed to get an admission invitation? He thought about using stealth, but he was afraid of his cultivation base being too low. It would be bad if his stealth was imperfect and he ended up being caught by any powerful person inside.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up at this moment. He saw a random disciple up ahead who was currently looking at something in a stall, and within his hand was the so-called admission invitation.

Lin Fan glanced over at him. The disciple looked rather young, most likely 13-14 years old. Someone so young should not go to a gentleman’s club. It was improper, the sleazy atmosphere within the gentleman’s club would definitely negatively influence the child’s health. As a person of justice, he couldn’t let such a thing happen.

He needed to save, he had to save him at all cost.

Lin Fan acted casually and stepped forth,"Little brother, are you heading to the Whisk Moon Tower?"

"Yes, and you are?"The little sect disciple looked at Lin Fan suspiciously, not knowing who the person was.

"Can I ask which sect are you from?" Lin Fan asked with a smile.

"Huang Xiaochun of the Hunyuan Sect." Huang Xiaochun wasn’t too vigilant of Lin Fan, this was the imperial city after all. Furthermore, he hadn’t felt any rush of energy from the person, so the person was likely a normal human.

"Brother Huang, I just saw a glowing stone up ahead, and it also had this trace of red light. I saw that Brother Huang was most likely a sect disciple and thought you must be quite knowledgeable. So I wanted to ask if you could take a look?"Lin Fan made up an incredibly fake sounding story, but Huang Xiaochun still ended up falling for it.

Huang Xiaochun’s expression suddenly changed, and he quietly pulled Lin Fan along, "Shh, fellow brother, let’s not be too loud now. I will go with you to take a look."

Huang Xiaochun’s heart leaped with joy. The sect head had said he had incredibly high luck. He had come to the Great Yan Dynasty this time to broaden his horizons, and who would’ve thought he would run into such a lucky situation right off the bat.

Huang Xiaochun followed Lin Fan into an alley.

After several turns, Lin Fan also lost track of where he had brought Huang Xiaochun, but when the surroundings became void of any people, he then stopped.

Lin Fan looked at Huang Xiaochun while feeling guilty, he was still a child after all.

But after a bit, he realized that how could he let someone so young go to that sort of place? Wouldn’t that taint his soul? Lin Fan reached that conclusion and stopped hesitating. He was doing a good deed, he was saving someone.

"Hey, fellow brother, where is the treasure you were speaking of?"Huang Xiaochun looked around carefully but couldn’t find the said treasure.

"Over here."

"Where?"Huang Xiaochun turned around and only saw an unknown object slam into his forehead.

"Slap…" He became unconscious after being hit.

Lin Fan held Huang Xiaochun in one hand and the admission invitation in the other. His "Deflowering Finger" instantly activated, and only after making Huang Xiaochun drenched in sweat and his entire body powerless did he stop.

In order to save some trouble, Lin Fan found a rope and tied Huang Xiaochun up, dragging him into a nearby public toilet stall.

Then, he flipped over the sign outside the toilet stall to indicate that there was someone inside.

After finishing all this, Lin Fan dusted off his hands and headed towards the Whisk Moon Tower.

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