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Lin Fan had not expected to subdue the connate Metal Element so quickly. Amongst it, the Metal Spirits that were sp.a.w.ned from the connate Element of Metal were akin to ants, being taken down by him with the back of his hand without much difficulty.

If this were in the past, he might have had to put in quite the bit of effort.

Seemed like this was truly the advantage he had after becoming stronger.

Right now within his Demon City, he had already gathered four out of five of the connate Five Elements. He was down to the last one now. As long as he could find the connate Element of Wood and have all Five Elements functioning as one, that would be the time when the Demon City would be ready to breakthrough.

Outside, the disciples of the Vastness Sect were still awaiting his return. Lin Fan chuckled in his heart. How earthshattering was that move of his earlier on? Goodness, the disciples would be sure to ask him who he was later on!

By then, if he were to say out his name, that would definitely have them shocked entirely. The thought of that happening had Lin Fan filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Seemed like after one was strong, acting tough was something so d.a.m.ned pleasurable, so d.a.m.ned exciting!

The moment the disciples of the Vastness Sect caught sight of that figure appearing from the void, they exchanged glances with one another. They nodded, understanding what they should do later on.

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back with an indifferent expression on his face, as though he had done something really casual.

With his many years of experience, Lin Fan was long used to how the situation would play out at this point in time. There wasn't much to think about. He knew what he should do clearly.

Lin Fan instantly arrived before the ma.s.ses with a wry smile on his face, waiting for the disciples of the Vastness Sect to speak up. The hearts of these disciples of the Vastness Sect were filled with emotions right now. This man before them was the very Motherf*cking Human King!

To think that such a dangerous place would have been destroyed with ease by the Motherf*cking Human King just like that! If they were to tell this out to the world, who would even believe them at all?

"Cough, cough." After waiting for a long time, Lin Fan was starting to realize that no one was speaking up at all! He was pretty exasperated.

"The way you guys are looking at me, could it be that you guys know who I am?" He started by guiding the questions towards him. However, to his dismay, Lin Fan realized that these guys were shaking their heads!

"Nopes, we don't."

These disciples of the Vastness Sect were firmly believing in the words of their Junior Brother Ye.

Junior Brother Ye was right. The Motherf*cking Human King is a low profiled G.o.d! If it were anybody else, they would definitely have thrown their names forward at the first chance!

"Do you really not know who I am?" Lin Fan asked once more, refusing to believe that this was the case. This didn't make any sense! How could they not know of who he was at all?

"Nopes." The disciples of the Vastness Sect shook their heads once more, indicating their ignorance. They had already agreed from the start that they would feign ignorance all the way.

Lin Fan eventually sighed helplessly. He then lifted up his palm gently where a strain of the connate Metal Element floated.

"This is for you guys."

The moment the connate Metal Element made its appearance, the disciples of the Vastness Sect were entranced by it immediately.

To them, the connate Metal Element was simply way too powerful! Just its aura alone seemed as though it was ready to slice off their skins!

Even though this was only a single strain of it, the power that it possessed should not be underestimated at all. For them, this single strain was enough to help them raise their skills to a full cultivation state.

After all, this was the connate Metal Element, something that was above the Metal Qi! This was the purest form of its energy!

"Big Brother Lin, you're truly way too strong!" Ye Tao commented in awe.

Lin Fan smiled casually. However, he was still a little hurt in his heart. To think that no one here would know how famous he was! This was a blow of sorts to Lin Fan.

"I'm okay." Lin Fan wasn't too interested now as he replied with a smile.

At this moment, Wu Tianhai was looking at Lin Fan with much respect. However, the words of his Junior Brother Ye struck into his mind as he calmed down that thumping heart of his, before cusping his fists into a thanks to Lin Fan.

After all, if not for the other party, he would never have gotten the connate Metal Element.

On the other hand, Qian Xue was having some plans of her own. If she could invite the other party back to their sect, their Grandmaster would definitely by most exhilarated over it. However, just as Qian Xue was about to speak up, something strange happened.

The void above them that was as calm as still waters suddenly began to ripple out.

"The Battle Emperor Sect is being attacked by the Ancient race army right now. All major sects, please render your a.s.sistance!"

This voice that was transmitted from the void was both infuriated and anxious. It was as though they were faced with some plight that they could not escape from. Another message followed immediately after.

"This time around, the attack was brought forth by the Sovereign King Wei, Qi, and Zheng. This is a combined attack with an Ancient race army of 10,000,000 troops by the three Sovereign Kings against the Battle Emperor Sect. If anyone is willing to lend their help, the Battle Emperor Sect will definitely be most grateful!"

"What's going on?" The moment Lin Fan heard this voice, he was puzzled.

"This is a skill that allows one to transmit their voices by breaking through the worlds. Amongst the thousands of races, when sects are about to be faced with annihilation by the Ancient race, they would seek out help from others." Qian Xue replied calmly.

"Are you guys always coming across such situations?" Looking at how calm everyone was looking, Lin Fan asked suspiciously.

"Yes. While they may occur at times, it would be rare for anyone to render their a.s.sistance. After all, the Ancient race is simply way too strong. This is especially the case when the Ancient race army gathers. That's even more frightening. Most of the other sects aren't even able to protect themselves, let alone attract more attention to themselves." Qian Xue replied.

"To think that there would be three Sovereign Kings who would head out as such. What has the Battle Emperor Sect done?" Wu Tianhai remarked in disbelief.

The power of the three Sovereign Kings was formidably horrific. Furthermore, the Battle Emperor Sect was just a small, weak sect. How could they possibly defend against this?

This voice was only transmitted to a vicinity of a small radius within the Ancient Saint World.

At the start, when some of the beings of the thousands of races heard this voice, they were infuriated and wanted to head forth to lend their help. However, the moment they heard that there were going to be three Sovereign Kings, they calmed down immediately. They knew that they would only be sending themselves to their own deaths even if they were to head over.

Looking at the ripples in the void, Lin Fan's heart was gaining some ripples of his own.

Three Sovereign Kings at one go? This was going to save him quite the bit of ha.s.sle!

Based on Lin Fan's original plan, he had wanted to gather the connate Five Elements first to raise his strength before going over to reap the Sovereign King Wei.

But right now, his personal power level had already received the boost that he had wanted from the start, and was strong enough now.

Even if the Sovereign King were to appear before him right now, he wouldn't be afraid at all.

"Senior sister, it's the Battle Emperor Sect?" Ye Tao was still smiling cheekily at the start. However, upon hearing the World Crossing Voice Transmission, he began shivering from head to toe.

Qian Xue and Wu Tianhai exchanged glances with one another. Their eyes shimmered with helplessness. They knew why their Junior Brother Ye was reacting like this.

"Junior brother, regarding this matter, don't think about it any longer." Wu Tianhai commented regrettably.

Even if the entire Vastness Sect were to head over, they would only be fodder for the Ancient race.

"B-but, my wife's there!!!" Ye Tao was starting to panic right now. Even though this wife of his didn't really like him that much, she was still his wife no matter what.

"Junior brother, even if all of us were to head over, it's useless. Three Sovereign Kings, 10,000,000 troops worth of an Ancient race army... It would take a blink of an eye for them to annihilate the Battle Emperor Sect." Qian Xue tried persuading him.

This was an issue that they had no power over. Even if they wanted to lend their help, they didn't have anything they could do at all.

Just at this moment, Ye Tao dropped to the floor in a thud. He started kowtowing and begging frantically.

"Motherf*cking Human King!!! Please help me, please! I'm begging you, you must, please!"

"You know me?" Lin Fan chuckled in his heart. That downer of a mood he had earlier on was swept clean instantly.

"Yes, I do! Yes! Yes…!!!" Ye Tao replied hurriedly.


Lin Fan burst out laughing. Using his hand to cut open the void, he started tracing back to this World Crossing Voice Transmission skill.

"What's the name of your wife?" Lin Fan was gleeful in his heart right now. To think that these guys would be so naughty. They had evidently known him, but yet they acted as though they didn't!

"You Lan." Ye Tao replied.

"Junior Brother, you can get up now. The Motherf*cking Human King is gone." Wu Tianhai remarked.

"Gone?" Ye Tao was frantic.

"Yes. He's gone to the Battle Emperor Sect."

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