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Wu Tianhai, Qian Xue, and the others were filled with curiosity right now. They wondered just who this person was. Furthermore, by the looks of Ye Tao's face, this guy seemed like a serious bigshot.

"Alright, all of you better listen up well. Don't get so startled that you can't even speak later on." Ye Tao felt that he had to build up the mood right now. Therefore, he fake-coughed a little.

"Hurry up! Stop mystifying this deliberately!"

"Junior brother, if you're not going to say it, then don't blame your senior sister here for resorting to extreme measures to have you spout it out later on." Xue Qian's face sterned up. It was as though something bad was going to happen to Ye Tao if he continued hiding stuff.

"Alright, I'll say, I'll say! Gosh. Why do you guys have to be so bad?" Ye Tao was kind of exasperated right now. It was all because he was way too weak personally that he was being bullied right now, tsk!

"This man… At the very beginning, I did not recognize who he was either. However, I felt that he was someone really familiar. The more I looked and recalled, wasn't this man that Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan?" Ye Tao explained.

"The Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan?" Everyone had yet to react to this news and was searching the back of their minds for this name.


Now that Ye Tao had made it so clear, if anyone still didn't get it, they would probably have to be braindead.

Xue Qian's face changed abruptly into one of disbelief, "What?! He's THE Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan? That peerlessly strong powerful being?!"

Wu Tianhai's face was pale right now. He looked at Ye Tao in some regret, "I rejected his kind offer earlier on."

"Yes." Looking at how frighteningly pale the face of his Big Senior Brother was right now, Ye Tao chuckled in his heart. However, he still nodded his head with a serious look on his face, "Big Senior Brother, back when I heard you refusing the goodwill gesture of this supreme G.o.d, I nearly p.i.s.sed my pants."

"However, your junior brother here has managed to salvage the situation for you. Don't worry about it, you don't have to be nervous anymore." Ye Tao replied casually.

Even though his strength wasn't comparable to theirs, his knowledge of the world was far greater than them.

Catching sight of the expression on the face of her Big Senior Brother, Qian Xue could not help but console him as well, "Big Senior Brother, I'm sure the Motherf*cking Human King would not take this to heart. Don't you think so, Junior Brother Ye?"

"Yes, senior sister is right. How could the Motherf*cking Human King possibly mind things like this?" Ye Tao nodded his head in agreement.

"Then, when the Motherf*cking Human King returns later on, what should we do?" Wu Tianhai was starting to calm down right now. However, he was still slightly nervous about everything that happened.

The Motherf*cking Human King was someone who was b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.n famous in the Ancient Saint World! Back then during that duel, even though it wasn't way too intense, everyone had still witnessed the Utmost Being, Cruel, dying in the hands of the Motherf*cking Human King!

To the beings of the thousands of races, this was an event that was thoroughly invigorating and inspiring!

At this moment, everyone turned their gazes towards their Junior Brother Ye. It was as though Junior Brother Ye was their support right now.

Looking at the gazes that landed on him from his senior brothers and sisters, Ye Tao could not help but puff up his chest slightly.

"According to my observation, the way the Motherf*cking Human King was talking to us with such a calm and peaceful tone means that he is someone who doesn't hanker after fame. I'm sure he doesn't want others to know who he is at all. Therefore, when the Motherf*cking Human King comes out later on, we must continue to act as we have done so. We mustn't let out any unusual looks on our faces."

"Hais! The Motherf*cking Human King could be considered as the new age idol of the entire Ancient Saint World. To think that we would have such luck to meet with him even once today. If we were to let the world know of this in the future, it would be a prideful event for us indeed."

At this moment, Ye Tao was really emotional as well. This was the first time he had realized how witty he was.

Everyone in the surroundings nodded their heads silently as well. They felt that the words of their Junior Brother Ye made sense. Therefore, this would be how they would approach the situation later on.

Within the Secret Grounds…

Lin Fan's path forward was one filled with oppression.

This secret ground that was filled with the connate Metal Element was something that the Ancient race couldn't control at all. After all, there was a natural defense mechanism of the chaotic current void at the entrance. That thing did not show any form of favoritism to anyone, shredding anyone who couldn't withstand its might into pieces if they had dared to enter.

"Living being, this isn't a place you should be at. Hurry up and leave." Suddenly, a furious voice rang from a bunch of Metal Spirits within that Sea of Metal. Each one of them shone with a brilliant golden glow and an edged aura, slicing through everything. It was as though even the void could be cut cleanly by them.

The Metal Spirits here possessed an extraordinary strength. However, just like every other living being, they had a leader as well.

At the back of a bunch of Metal Spirits, an extremely strong Metal Spirit draped in metal armor stood there, wielding a longsword with an extremely sharp aura, ready to slice through everything.

"What a strong living being! Amongst the Five Elements, the living beings that were born from the connate Metal Element are probably the strongest ones. They're practically seeking battles!" The moment Lin Fan approached the Sea of Metal, he could sense a sharp aura edging out towards him.

If it were anyone with a lower cultivation state, they might have already been turned into a beehive by now. However, Lin Fan could practically just ignore these sharp aura negligibly. They didn't do any damage to him at all.

Lin Fan strode out and grabbed with his palm. With a loud explosion, the void broke over as he grabbed at these Metal Spirits.

The Metal Spirits growled in anger. However, under Lin Fan's grab, they couldn't resist at all and were converted into pure connate Metal Element.

Based on Lin Fan's strength right now, these spirits were akin to mere ants. There wasn't even a single way they could fight back at all.

In the Ancient Saint World, there weren't many people who required the connate Five Elements for their cultivation. Even if some skills were to require them, they would only require a little of it.

However, to Lin Fan, the breakthrough of the Demon City was imperative. Therefore, the amount of connate Five Elements he required was as vast as the seas. If he didn't take in all of them, it wouldn't be enough to satiate him.

And, just as Lin Fan had cleared this bunch of Metal Spirits, an extremely shrill sound rang out from behind him.

The sound transformed into a relentless sharp sword that bolted out at Lin Fan.

"d.a.m.ned living being! How dare you ma.s.sacre my people?"

In the depths of this Sea of Metal, there was a palace that stood upright. From there, a 10,000 feet tall golden colored giant howled out.

Divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state.

For any of the connate Five Elements, this was considered to be an extremely strong living being.

"I'm just borrowing you guys for a need of mine." Lin Fan did not hesitate as he sent out a palm strike immediately, causing the entire place to tremble under it.

The Demon City revolved with the Big Ancient Demon's descent into the world. Opening his gigantic mouth, a boundless amount of energy rippled out into the entire place.

His single breath could swallow mountains and rivers as that endless amount of energy surged out.

With that, the entire secret grounds began to vibrate intensely.

"All of you shall come and turn into a part of Your Majesty here!" The Big Ancient Demon's eyes shone with a bright glint as he started swallowing continuously.

Based on Lin Fan's current cultivation state, killing these connate Elemental Spirits was as easy as killing an ant, nothing challenging at all.

"Connate Metal Element shall live and breathe relentlessly! The Dao of endless fighting of Metal!"


At this moment, the golden giant couldn't take it any longer as he rushed over with his sword raised. That gigantic body surged through the entire secret ground with a bright shimmering blade that was relentless.

However, by the time it came to the face of the Big Ancient Demon, he was grabbed in his hands and tossed straight into its mouth.


The sound of Metal being crunched sounded out as the golden giant was converted into a dense, long Metal river that was eventually fused into the Demon City.

"This place no longer needs to exist." Lin Fan opened his palm. His fingers began to extend out while the place started shrinking down. Eventually, it turned into a spot of light that was captured into Lin Fan's palms.

This was the way of crushing everything with absolute strength.

The ma.s.ses outside did not know what was going on at all. However, they realized in shock that the entire secret grounds seemed to have disappeared before their very faces!

At this moment, they caught sight of a lone figure walking out slowly.

One after another, they let out a look of horror.

That incredibly strong secret ground that possessed the connate Element of Metal… It was gone, just like that!


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