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Xiao family.

"Young master, you have returned. The master of the house is waiting for you inside." Seeing the young master return, the housekeeper immediately stepped forth and greeted him.

Although there had been many bad rumors recently, since he had been the housekeeper of the Xiao family for decades, he still believed in the young master. Thus, he decided to ignore all the rumors.

The entire way back, Xiaoze’s head was lowered as if he was struggling with something. When he heard the housekeeper’s words, he gave a nod and proceeded inside.

At the start of the first lesson, Xiaoze had been very disappointed. The verbal lesson was nothing more than a self-wallowing propaganda. It had seemed that he was a bit crazy to seek discipleship from a D cla.s.s teacher. This would definitely affect his future path in martial arts.

But since he was a level six postcelestial, there was no one left capable of teaching him within the Sky Heaven School. So his future endeavors all relied on him.

Xiaoze had thought of entering a sect, but he was stuck on which sect he should enter.

That teacher which he despised had spent many hours in the morning’s lesson, which had caused many ideas to emerge within Xiaoze. It was as if his mind had been broadened and he had gained a glimmer of insight to his past studies.

Xiaoze’s abilities and intelligence were originally very high to begin with, and the story Lin Fan had told this morning had further increased it.

With an increased intelligence, he naturally began to doubt what he had learned in the past. He was also able to realize the places that were lacking. But since Xiaoze had just started taking Lin Fan’s lessons, even with an increase intelligence, he still needed time to process it.

Within the antechamber of the house...

The head of the Xiao family, Xiaozhan Feng, sat there expressionlessly, but there was a trace of anger on his face. The tea on the side table had long become cold.

He had just heard the rumor that his own son had sought discipleship from a D cla.s.s teacher. This made Xiaozhan Feng furious, A son of the Xiao family, a genius of the Sky Heaven School, yet he had fallen low enough to seek discipleship from a D cla.s.s teacher. Was he trying to destroy the face of the entire Xiao family?

"Father, you called for me?"Xiaoze came into the antechamber. Seeing the expression on his father’s face, he knew that the fact he had sought discipleship from a D cla.s.s teacher had probably been discovered.

Yesterday’s incident had already enraged his father. Xiaoze knew if he didn’t have a good explanation for today’s incident, this situation wouldn’t be resolved.

"This morning, your teacher came over and said you entered D cla.s.s… is this true?"Xiaozhan Feng asked quietly as if he were a sleeping lion that would explode any minute.

"Yes," Xiaoze nodded.

At this moment, the calm Xiaozhan Feng suddenly slammed on the side table, the teacups on top spilling all over the floor, "Did you lose your mind? Not staying in A cla.s.s and running to D cla.s.s instead… do you know just how many people are laughing at our family. The entire face of the Xiao family has been destroyed by you. Do you have any idea what you have done? Explain, why did you become his disciple?" Xiaozhan Feng snapped. If he didn’t receive a satisfactory explanation, he decided he would go to the school and find this D cla.s.s teacher and see just what kind of method did he use to make his son leave A cla.s.s and go to the D cla.s.s.

Xiaoze was silent for a moment. Why did he seek out the discipleship? Xiaoze had thought about this question before, but every time he thought about it, he would recall the sensation of the Ruler of Love upon his b.u.t.tocks.

As if he had sought discipleship just so he could experience that sensation again.

But naturally, Xiaoze would never say that "Father, that D cla.s.s teacher is very powerful. Currently, none of the A cla.s.s teachers can provide me any more help within the Sky Heaven School, but this D cla.s.s teacher defeated me with one move. I believe if I stay by his side, I can perhaps obtain more knowledge."

The words Xiaoze had just said were in truth contrary to his own conscience.

Xiaozhan Feng looked at Xiaoze, who seemed serious, and also slowly regained his composure. He knew how strong Xiaoze was, a level six postcelestial. The skills he cultivated were also pa.s.sed down by the ancestors of the Xiao family. If it came down to strength, even a level seven postcelestial needed to go all out against him.

"Really?"Xiaozhan Feng asked.

"Yes, father. This morning I attended one of his lessons, and now many questions have emerged within my mind. I seem to have gained some special insight to the previous martial skills I have cultivated. If father has no other matters, I would like to return to my room and process my thoughts for a while." Xiaoze said.

Xiaozhan Feng saw that Xiaoze looked really serious, so he eventually gave a dismissive wave and let him leave. He then immersed himself deep within his thoughts, was it perhaps true?

The next day…

Lin Fan once again told his students of another story, and after raising their abilities, he then quickly exited from the school. Lin Fan had been unable to sleep last night and spent the entire night thinking.

What if this"lesser celestial medicinal pill" was real? What if there really was a person who would actually trade"lesser celestial pills" for black gold coins?

The world was big and full of wonders. There were all kinds of people, how could he use his thoughts to measure another person’s thoughts.

This was absolutely wrong.

If these"lesser celestial medicinal pills" were real and he bought one and consumed it, he would instantly rise to the lesser celestial stage. Then, when he returned to the sect, he would be treated as a treasure.

To do or not to do, he had spent the entire night debating.

‘It doesn’t matter if other people don’t do it, I, Lin Fan will do it.’

There were still two days left before the auction. The first strike was the best, striking late would be bad. If he waited till the auction and then went to steal it, then it would be too late.

Something that important, it was impossible that only one person would come to bid. Everyone would definitely come, and even if his brick was overpowered, he still couldn’t knock out an entire crowd.

So he must steal them beforehand.

Lin Fan came to Heaven and Earth commerce market and snuck in while pretending to be a typical customer.

Currently, there were many people within the Heaven and Earth commerce market. There were all kinds items out on display for people to choose.

The auction for the "lesser celestial medicinal pills" attracted many sects, and during this idle time, these sect disciples naturally would come over to check the commodities and see if there was anything else they came to like.

Lin Fan glanced around while looking for suspicious areas. If this"lesser celestial medicinal pill" was real, it definitely would be hidden in some secret place because of it being priceless.

Just where could it be hidden?

Lin Fan found an area then entered stealth mode and began randomly searching the marketplace. After looking for a very long time, Lin Fan was about to give up.

Just where the h.e.l.l was it hidden?

But at this moment, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. He then saw a very prideful looking middle-aged man under the cover of the crowd, heading towards the inner chambers.

Lin Fan’s heart leaped with joy. The person was likely someone of a very high position. Without it another thought, he immediately followed him. Perhaps he may be able to find the "lesser celestial medicinal pills"by following this person.

Lin Fan hid within the corners of the chamber and was shocked to the point where he could hardly breathe. The person in front of him was someone that made him deeply scared

The Yan Emperor.

Lin Fan was initially thinking of smacking the brick over his head. But then the air suddenly fluctuated, scaring him to the point where he huddled down motionlessly into the corner.

At the same time, Lin Fan was thankful he didn’t attack, otherwise it would be tragic.

As the two people talked on, Lin Fan’s heart was rather unsettled. He didn’t think he would meet such a shady situation.

These"lesser celestial pills" actually belong to the Yan Emperor.

Only after the Yan Emperor finished giving his orders and left did Lin Fan feel relieved. Then, the middle-aged man hid the "lesser celestial pills" in a secret place. Of course, it wasn’t really a secret for Lin Fan because he had seen the whole thing from beginning to end.

When the middle-aged man left looking rather satisfied, Lin Fan immediately opened the "secret"area and a beautiful case appeared from within. Without another word, he took out the pills from the inside.

"Ding… discovered upper heaven cla.s.s medicinal pills,"Violent Blood pill".

"Violent Blood pill: can temporarily boost user’s cultivation base. After the effect ends, the user will explode and die."

"This is a medicinal pill that has never appeared before in this realm."

"After ingestion experience + 2000000."

As expected, there was no lesser celestial pill, it was all a lie. Lin Fan just didn’t understand one thing, what was the Yan Emperor trying to do? Why was he trying to do this?

Lin Fan couldn’t comprehend the entire situation.

It was a plot, there was definitely some big sinister plot. Suddenly, Lin Fan felt a huge burden upon himself. As a person of justice and love, he couldn’t just let it be when he saw something this sinister.

A voice sounded from within Lin Fan’s heart.

"Save the people."

This was a sacred and difficult task, but Lin Fan wasn’t afraid. Even if no one understood, he had to stop this auction. He couldn’t let everyone fall for the Yan Emperor's plot.

Lin Fan mustered up his courage, then swallowed all the medicinal pills. He then pulled down his pants and took a dump into the case. After cleaning his b.u.t.t, he pulled up his pants and then placed the case back in its original place.

Next would be Lin Fan’s path of saving the people. Although the path would be difficult and very harsh, and maybe no one would understand him, Lin Fan was still not afraid.

He was a person filled with love and justice after all.

"If I don’t enter h.e.l.l, who will?"

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