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Lin Fan took some time to ease the pacing of his heart. He couldn't rush about this. No, he absolutely couldn't. No matter what, he would have to discuss this properly first.

Soon after, Lin Fan squatted down somewhere in the distance along with the Thunder Trainer King and the others sneakily and began discussing.

"I've got no idea how this living being made his way inside here. However, no matter what, we must absolutely not let this chance pa.s.s by!" The Scarlet Rainbow Demon said.

"s.n.a.t.c.h! We must s.n.a.t.c.h him! There must be some way he's using to get through the refining powers of the Utmost Being, Cruel!"

"That's right. This is the Inner World of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race. If we take care to not make any loud actions, he wouldn't be able to sense us at all. However, what should we do so that this living being can trust us?"

"What do you guys make of this? Those ten old fogeys don't seem like good guys. Should we f*ck them up?" Lin Fan was pretty excited in his heart right now. The ten old fogeys had such high cultivation states! Not only that, they had so many Shengyang Pills at their disposal as well! If he could seize the chance and grab all of them, he would definitely soar into the Heaven for sure!

"Master, can you please give me one of them. I want to give him a good training. Please, it's a divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being! I've yet to train up someone so powerful just yet!"

"No problem." At this moment, those ten old fogeys seemed like fish on a cutting board that were ready to be sliced up.

"I feel that we should take the chance to exploit these old fogeys properly. If we can get their skills, that'll be the best. By then, if we were to cultivate them and devour all of them up, we would be able to take in the essences within and have them fuse into our bodies to make up for our shortcomings. We'll truly have struck gold at that time!" The Spirit of Biggra said.

The moment the Spirit of Biggra said these words, the Skill G.o.ds within the Paradise began to cheer excitedly. Each of them nodded their heads in agreement as though they were raring for it to happen.

"Yup, that's a decent plan. That might do." Lin Fan agreed without hesitating as well. In this place, everything that he obtained was definitely going to be a trade that was profitable without any bit of loss for sure.

Even if he were discovered by the Utmost Being, Cruel, so what? At the very most, wouldn't he just die, duh? Since he had already pa.s.sed the beings of the Succubus race a single drop of his blood to escape with, he could easily revive at any moment.

However, all the credit still had to go to the system, no matter what.

Because of the system's storage, even if he were killed, the items within him wouldn't pop out into the world. Coupled with Rebirth through Blood, this was definitely going against the natural orders of the world.

These two parties of people, each harboring their own evil intents, met with one another once more.

"Hey, little buddy! We're all beings of the thousands of races. We must stand together against the Ancient race! How about you unlock our shackles and we'll kill our way out of this place together?" The Scarlet Rainbow Demon asked.

"Right! All for the sake of the beings of the thousands of races, for love, for peace! In order to overthrow the Ancient race, we're willing to sacrifice anything!" The Yudou Ghost Emperor continued.

"Little buddy, a single look at you is enough to tell that you're a righteous individual. It's a form of affinity for us to be able to meet in a place like this!" The Aeon Fire G.o.d Emperor added on.

Each of them spoke as if it were the truth of their hearts.

Lin Fan was filled with helplessness right now. Seemed like there're truly people who could give up their whole dignities just to scam other people! This was especially the case for these old fogeys. Every single word was spoken as though it was a gospel of truth. A single careless mistake and one might find themselves taken in by them!

It had been a long time since these old fogeys have been imprisoned here. They had had enough of this. However, they never ever had the chance to get out of this place. Since the chance was here, no matter how slim it might be, they didn't want to let it go at all.

"Alright, I can help you guys get out. However, you've got to let all of your True Skill seeds out of your body. I'll choose from them." Lin Fan replied.

"Eh?" All of those old fogeys were stunned. To think that this young living being would be so straightforward with his words and talk about the benefits straight up!

However, at this moment, how would any of the old fogeys dare to reject this proposition? It was imperative that they got him in their hands first to scam him.

"Little buddy, take a look and choose however you'd like. Whichever one you prefer, take it and learn! If you like all of them, you can have all of them!"

Instantly, countless True Skill seeds burst forth from their bodies, floating around the heads of everyone present.

All of these True Skill seeds bore different colors and sizes. They were all unusually strong, with the figures of their respective Skill G.o.ds standing above their seeds.

"So strong." The moment these True Skill seeds appeared, Lin Fan found himself blinded by them.

However, weren't these old fogeys too much? To think that each of them would have learned such a large amount of skills! Not only that, they had even trained these skills up to an extreme extent!

"Little buddy, I've got a 'Heaven Encompa.s.sing Palm Strike' that's really overbearing here! You can check it out!"

"I've got a really strong skill here too! The moment you deploy it, you'll become completely unperceivable and invincible within the world!"

"Alright, stop bragging now. Even if it's invincible within the world, didn't you still get captured by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?" Lin Fan replied with straight up disdain. After that, he started looking at these True Skill seeds one by one and touched them with his fingers.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering True Skill seed 'Heaven Encompa.s.sing Palm Strike'. The Essence Spirit of the Scarlet Rainbow Demon is hidden within. Learn?'


Lin Fan chuckled coldly in his heart. He had known from the start that these old fogeys wouldn't bear any good intents in their actions. However, unknown to them, Yours Truly is someone with a system! There wasn't a need to slowly figure out the intricacies of these True Skill seeds or devour them before learning them on his own.

Lin Fan believed that as long as one's consciousness were embedded in these True Skill seeds, the Essence Spirit within them would naturally devour the Essence Spirits of the victims the moment they swallowed these True Skill seeds. By then, their bodies would be s.n.a.t.c.hed and forcefully reborn with the other party's consciousness.

However, in case of an old bird such as Lin Fan, there was no way he was going to get tricked so easily with this. Furthermore, he had this heaven defying system in his hands.

Playing with Yours Truly? These guys were still way too young for that.

"Aiyo! What a dilemma this is! Which one should I learn?" Lin Fan touched every single True Skill seed and had the system learn them. However, he made sure to maintain that troubled look on his face at all times.

"Little buddy, you can just infuse your consciousness within! I'll impart it over to you and you can learn it in an instance! Therefore, there's no trouble even if you were to learn every single True Skill seeds there is in this place!" The Scarlet Rainbow Demon chimed.

"Why are you hurrying me? I say, what are you hurrying me for? Let me take a look myself and choose the one most suitable for me!" Lin Fan was the Big Daddy right now. All of these old fogeys had to depend on him no matter what.

"Alright, little buddy, alright! Whatever makes you happy!" Noticing that Lin Fan was somewhat displeased, the Scarlet Rainbow Demon replied with a smiling face immediately.

However, his heart was burning with rage.

'd.a.m.ned fella! Once I s.n.a.t.c.h you over, I'll definitely have you suffer a life worse than death!' The Scarlet Rainbow Demon had trodden over all the ancient times. Even though he had made this mistake here, he was still someone with a supreme and unparalleled might! How could he be lectured by a young one as such!

'Heavenly Fire Secret.'

'Universe Destructing Fist.'

'The skills of these old fogeys are all one more overbearing than the other. Not bad, not bad!' Lin Fan was laughing in his heart. Each time he learned them, the Skill G.o.ds in his Paradise would erupt in cheers and pounce forth towards them.

"This Universe Destructing Fist belongs to the same cla.s.s as me but it sings a different tune in terms of style! If I were to take his talents and boost myself, I would be able to level up once more!" The Doomsday Calamity Spirit laughed wildly.

"This Heavenly Fire Secret can help me to materialize my true body! I've got to absorb it!" The Fire of the Five Elements cried out as a surge of flames flew over, caging the Heavenly Fire Secret within it. Instantly, it was absorbed. In the blink of an eye, the Fire of the Five Elements jerked as a man draped in flaming red robes floated gently in the Paradise.

Lin Fan was elated right now. All of the Skill G.o.ds in his Paradise were exhilarated. Devouring these skills of such powerful beings was immensely beneficial for them!

However, all of these old fogeys were getting more hurried than ever.

Why in the world was this fella just watching and not learning at all? This was really nerve-wracking!

"Little buddy, are you done choosing?"

"What are you chasing me for? What are you getting anxious about? Can't you tell that I'm making my choice here?" Lin Fan replied impatiently.

"Oh, don't worry! No haste, little buddy! Take your time!"

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